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Pattaya Girls , Thailand, "The Land of Smiles"

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Pattaya Girls , Thailand, "The Land of Smiles"

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Pattaya Girls


Thai girls are among the most beautiful in all of Southeast Asia and Pattaya girls are the cream of the crop in Thailand. Pattaya girls are known the world over for their beauty, passion, sexiness, and all around fun loving qualities. Finding and meeting girls in Pattaya is an unforgettable experience. Once you’ve experienced a night with one of these dream girls, there’s no tuning back.

Many a traveler has fallen in love with the vibrant atmosphere that can only be found in Pattaya. Visiting this vibrant beachfront town can be a life changing experience. Thousands of visitors have fallen in love with girls in Pattaya and most visitors continue to come back year after year. Some have gone one step further and have married their Pattaya girlfriend and wound up living here for ever.

What you need to know about Pattaya girls before you go.

Most first time visitors use the phrase “Pattaya girls” to refer to bar girls. If this is your first time to Thailand, and you’re not sure what a bar girl is or your wondering how exactly to approach a bar girl from Pattaya, you’re in for a treat. A bar girl is simply a young lady that is employed in a bar to serve drinks, be a hostess, chat it up with the patrons, and attract business into the bar. But, they’re also on a mission to have sex with you.

They are extremely friendly and you don’t have to worry about what pick-up line to use. They will be the ones picking you up. You see, things are totally reversed in Pattaya. The girls want to pick you up! It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re fat and ugly, short or tall, you will have rock-star status among the bar girls of Pattaya.

Where do Pattaya girls come from?

Most of the working girls in Pattaya come from the northeastern region of Thailand, known as Issan. Much of the culture of Issan is intertwined with Laos, who its close neighbor. Some of the girls in Pattaya speak Lao as well as Thai.

Issan is one of the poorest regions of Thailand and the main source of income is rice farming. The ladies of Pattaya come from poor families and are largely uneducated. Most of them are daughters of rice farmers.

They learn to walk with paddy mud squishing between their toes. They learn to count by counting Baht. The majority are raised by their grandmothers who teach them to cook and to make clothes.

There is no social welfare system in Thailand. Everyone has to work for the rice and pork they get. Thai children are raised with the idea that they are going to have to support the family should the need arise.

Unemployment is high Issan, and the need arises sooner more often than later. The oldest daughter assumes this responsibility.

By the time the girls come to Pattaya many of them already have a child or two and an ex-husband. The financial pressure is tremendous to provide support to their immediate family, as well as the extended family back home. Consequently, and lot of the Issan girls come to Pattaya with the expectation of finding a foreigner (farang) to marry.

Pattaya girls and family life

It’s important to understand that the family unit is the most important thing in the life of all Thai people. Family is everything, 24/7, 365 days of the year. While independence is the goal of Western children, staying with and caring for the parents is the most important thing for a Thai. If the children don’t take care of the older payments, there is no other system in place that will help them.

Pattaya girls are individuals

This month's Pattaya Girl is named Wow. She's 23 years old and originally from Chiang Mai.

The bar girls in Pattaya are not owned by the bar nor are they obligated to even work there. They are free to quit at any time and can move on to other employment or a different bar whenever they please.

There are many do-gooders who look down upon the Pattaya girls and see them as common whores. That is a misconception. Thailand is a Buddhist country and prostitution is not condemned by Buddha. Anyone who has spent a lot of time with these Pattaya ladies can attest to their stature. Leave your Western views about prostitution at home. They do not apply in Thailand.

The girls that entertain in Pattaya are no different than any other girl. They are, above all individuals, each with their own personality, likes and dislikes, and hang-ups. They are just working at a job. As you will quickly find out most of them thoroughly enjoy what they are doing.

The most skilled girls working in Pattaya can speak several languages. Many are fluent in English. All of them are good listeners. Each one is different.

How to get the Pattaya girls to go with you

It’s been estimated that there are as many as 30,000 girls in Pattaya. Pattaya girls come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the girls of Pattaya are absolutely gorgeous and it shouldn’t take you long to find one you like.

Getting a Pattaya girl to leave the bar with you is a pretty straightforward process. First you must understand that the bar girls working in Pattaya do not have to go with you. They are completely free to go, or not go, with whomever they please. Don’t get worried because most of them are eager to go with.

Pattaya girls will agree to go with you either a “short time” or for a “long time”. Most of the girls of Pattaya consider a short time to be no more than two hours. Some of the bars specialize in short times and actually have rooms right on the premises that you and your newfound girlfriend can use. Even if you’re in a short-time bar you may still want to take her back to your hotel where conditions may be better.

A “long time” is obviously an overnight affair. The girl will not leave until morning. Some will want to leave as soon as they get up, but most will want to stay with you as long as possible, leaving around noon or so.
You may find that you only like short-times. Or you may prefer long-times. As we said before, this is like an adult fantasy land, and you may wind up having a short time in the afternoon and a long time for the nighttime. Anything is possible with the girls of walking street.

Pattaya girls and the bar fine

Bars in and around the walking street all have numerous girls working in them. Their job is to make you feel at home, relaxed, and enjoying the experience. The more you enjoy your Thai bar hostess, the more money you are likely to spend. You’ll be spending money on drinks for yourself, lady drinks for her, and maybe a drink or more for the barmaid and other girls that catch your eye.

Most of the girls and Pattaya are not paid a wage. They work on commission basis. Their main source of income comes from the lady drinks. The profit from a lady drink is split between the bar and the girl. The girl’s percentage of the cut depends upon her deal with the particular bar.

In Pattaya your girl’s drink will most likely be a soft drink or it will contain very little alcohol. As long as your hostess is making you feel comfortable, and you’re enjoying your time with her, both she and the bar will make money.

So, it’s easy to see that if a good hostess were to leave before the end of her shift, the bar would not make as much money as they would have had she not left early. Leave it to the Thais to come up with a perfect solution to the dilemma, the bar fine. Simply put, the bar fine compensates the bar owner for the loss of his talented bar girl for the evening. Most of the time, the girl will also get a cut of the bar fine.

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