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Boracay, Philippines: Paradise on Earth

PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:57 am
by admin_pornrev
Don't forget to check out the links to STACKS of photos and videos of Boracay near the bottom of this page

This is the second article on this site from Memoy Gueco and more to come. Her other article can be found here -> Foie Gras, an Expensive Delicacy from the Diseased Liver of Tortured Duck viewtopic.php?f=5&t=263

I am very grateful that Memoy gave me permission to print her fine work.

I am also very happy to promote Memoy. If you are looking for a good writer, look no further. But don't take advantage of her, or I will kick you butt.

I found Memoy on one of those rip-off writers websites that promise to pay aspiring writers for their work, and then, after sign up, they give nothing.

Well at least that rip-off writers website doesn't demand money from writers... Some of these writers websites will even do that to people. "Trick" people onto paying them money. VERY wrong. Writers websites that demand money to help people "make it" in the world of literature should be charged with a criminal offence. They are preying on the hopes and dreams of creative people.

Well this article doesn't say anything about sex, but just use your imagination. Boracay is a PARADISE on Earth.

All the love and sex you could possibly handle is waiting for you, at Boracay.

Boracay has been voted the BEST BEACH IN THE WORLD... Consider that... So many gorgeous beaches in the world, yet many say this beach is the BEST.

Boracay, Philippines: Paradise on Earth
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Home of the Best Resorts in the World

If you are a beach lover and would go all over the world to try out the best of them, then Boracay, Philippines should be on top of your list. Anybody who has been to Boracay would surely have only good things to say about it. No doubt, it is the Philippines' trophy beach that can compete with any other famous beach in the world.

Though it started out raw with very few accommodations and resorts for tourists, things have changed today. Boracay is not only home to the whitest, most pristine and most beautiful beaches in the world but also various hotels, resorts, restaurants and stores. Most if not all are now accepting international credit cards for the convenience of the visitors. No wonder more and more tourists and even Filipinos from all parts of the countries are visiting Boracay and keep coming back to it. Many visitors are become too in love with Boracay that numerous individuals, foreign and locals alike, have decided to buy properties in Boracay and make it either their permanent home or a vacation spot.

Boracay is actually a small island with white sands on its beaches. It is now the favorite venue for many types of events that showcases many local showbiz celebrities. This is a favorite choice to visit during holidays. Whether foreign tourists or local ones, the enjoyment in spending time in Boracay is just too apparent. One of the most common comments is that Boracay is simply a paradise on earth and that you should visit Boracay if you want to forget the rest of the world and just have a good time.

To get to Boracay, you need to either take a short ferry ride or a plane ride. Depending on where you will dock or land, you will need a short ride to get to the resort of your choice. Despite its becoming open to the public only less than 30 years ago, it also boasts of more than 300 hotels and resorts today. From these numerous choices, you can easily get the package you can afford depending on your budget. You can get something as low as $20 a night to hundreds of dollars a night for the five star hotels.
The activities that await visitors in Boracay are just too many that you would either need to stay long or to come and visit again. Aside from enjoying the white sand beaches, you can also go kite-boarding, diving,

wakeboarding, snorkling, banana-boating, hang-gliding, and many other water activities. You can rest in your choice of spa after a day of fun and at night, you simply cannot count the number of parties and events that will follow. This daily routine is something you can easily get addicted to that you will surely find Boracay to be a place you would want to be to get perpetual fun. Give it a visit or you are really missing a lot.

Published by MEMOY

Stacks of pics of Boracay here => ... t&y=Search

Stacks of videos of Boracay => ... y&ei=utf-8

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