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Dick talks about how Sex Tourists are MAKING POVERTY HISTORY

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Dick talks about how Sex Tourists are MAKING POVERTY HISTORY

Postby admin_pornrev » Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:11 am

FROM Dick Amateur. written on the 4th December 2011

I have been saying this for years!

I am sorry, I don't mean to offend the well meaning people who think Sex tourism is exploitation, but please hear me out.

All this CRAP about sex tourists exploiting people in poorer country's is New World Order BULLSHIT!

How is it any different to big company's hiring Indian or Philippine call centre operators???

How is it any different to big company's setting up factory's in poorer country's and paying their workers $25 a week? Then wasting HUGE amounts of fossil fuels to ship these goods to wealthy country's only to sell at HUGE mark-ups.

I'll tell you how it's different...... These women make A LOT MORE MONEY than any person in a poor country could ever make in a Multinational owned factory or call centre.

I really think the CIA is one of the organisations behind this attack on sex tourists...... Because that's their job.... protecting their own company's.... Just as ASIO, Australia's Intelligence Agency, protects BHP steel.

The USA porn business is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it's in trouble.... many people around the world are sick of watching USA porn...... many people are sick of all the weird New World Order agendas they promote...... The rest of the world is catching up to the USA and are producing some really first rate porn.

I believe the CIA and other fanatical, ruthless, unethical organisations are trying to stop other country's producing porn as well as ban prostitution Globally.

The Globalists just "talk" about "Making Poverty History"...... They won't do anything about ending ALL poverty in the world, especially now with this "manufactured", this FAKE... "Invented", Hoax, Global Economy Crises they have unleashed upon the people of the world.

The ass holes who run the world are incredibly stupid, selfish, and greedy and don't give a fuck about the little people.

The wealthy country's of the west are SCARED that money is leaving their shores in the hands of Sex Tourists (Perhaps lonely westerner men is a better word) Hard working Sex Tourists ARE making poverty history, with their hard earned money....... and, of those many MILLIONS of mostly mid-aged and older westerner men travelling the world to look for sexy Lady friends, many, if they can afford it, chose to "sell up" and live permanently over-seas.

A normal healthy man, at any age, is a LOVING creature. The reason for man's existence is LOVE. It's the reason for EVERYTHING they do. They work, pay taxes and jump though all of the other "Hoops" their Government demand... all for LOVE... IF a man cannot find love in his own country, he will leave, simple as that

The highest form of LOVE, is SEXUAL LOVE... As much as many will try to argue to the contrary and reduce the word LOVE to something rather weak, shallow and pathetic. Those people not talking about SEXUAL LOVE, really should scale back the description of their feelings towards others, to "LIKE", to avoid overstating. These same people try to throw the word "SEX" into some kind of a description of filth, when really they are denouncing the reason for our existence...... All of this confusion in our modern western thinking, is mostly coming about because of the confused minds of Eunuchs, people rendered infertile.

Lonely westerner men, wouldn't even be leaving their own country's if their own women weren't sterile and sexless from taking The Birth Control Pill............ Most women in the poorer country's can't even afford to take that stupid Birth Control shit the drug company's make so much money from ( The Birth Control Pill is the Drug Company's BIGGEST earner, so they are NEVER going to admit that it RUINS women) So because the fertility of women in poorer country's is still intact, they have NO PROBLEMS with sex anyway. They are fucking HOT for it!.

Consider Thailand...... One of the worlds biggest Sex Tourist destinations............ Regardless of what the multi-national owned media is telling you, MOST women in the bars of Thailand LOVE their work.

Most come from very poor farming communities, and they DO have a choice... work in the rice paddy's or in multi-national owned factories for $25 a week, OR work in the bars for BIG Bucks (Well the "Baht" is their currency, BIG BAHT haha).

The Thai Lady's are COMMITTED to their family's, the money they make go's straight home to Mum and Dad and Brothers and Sisters, helping them to become Middle Class High Tech farmers....... Helping their younger Brothers and Sisters go to college and get an education, so they don't have to work in the bars.

NOTHING IS PULLING THE POOR OUT OF POVERTY FASTER THAN SEX TOURISM............ If the Globalists succeed in stopping it............ Well more men in the west will be MISERABLE and DYSFUNCTIONAL and more westerner men will be going berserk and shooting their ex wives, who dumped them and took all their money and turned their children against them.

AND the women of the poorer country's and their family's will be CURSED to live a life of poverty FOREVER MORE!!!!.

Think about it my friends.


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