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My 1st BLACK THAI Lover

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My 1st BLACK THAI Lover

Postby admin_pornrev » Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:44 pm

My 1st BLACK THAI Lover
by Dick » Wed May 13, 2009 7:49 pm


This is the story of how I meet my 1st Black Thai woman, and fucked her, and filmed the show, so I will never forget what a fantastic experience it was.

I can watch it when I'm 75 years in the old peoples home and say, AHHH, what a great life I've had, I didn't live in vain, I had adventures unlimited.

I was laying on a crowded beach in Asia, hawker's constantly pestered me, "no thanks, no thanks, no thanks' I would repeat like a broken record. But hey at least it was all "on tap", seafood, cooked on the spot. Drinks, chilled coconut juice in the shell, alcohol, arts and crafts, clever little battery powered junk type stuff, well it was junk, but interesting junk. Massages on the beach... Amazing... Speed boats, Jet ski's, para-sailing, etc etc etc.

Two in the afternoon and the sun was warm to hot, the sea calm, paradise. If I looked towards the very busy road, packed with taxi's and buses, filled with tourists from all over the world, crawling though the traffic. I could clearly see the beach-front walkway, packed with hundreds more tourists happily strolling along, and bench seats packed with "working girls", hundreds of them, hungry to catch a foreigners gaze for more than two seconds, to look any longer than two seconds into those, hundereds of "bedroom eye's", would get a very "up front", "Hello sexy man, were you go"? Then often followed by, "I go with you huh"?

Anyway I looked up towards the walkway, just to get an idea of what the time might be from line of the shadows. And there I saw, like a dream come true, (and it was, ha ha), this beautiful BLACK Thai girl, like I mean, she was BLACK, Most Asians I saw were milky white, or brown, sometimes black, but, NEVER, this black.
And she was looking straight at me.

Immediately, I thought, "times up" you have been on the beach long enough, hehehe :D

So I started packing up my things, and getting dressed.
Buy this time she had moved, and sat with countless other girls, trying to catch eyes with the tourists.

I walked up to the nearest available seat to her and tried to catch her eye again, She was still maybe twenty meters away, and every time I tried to catch her attention, twenty other women would look first, so I had to quickly avoid the two second "eye link up" thing, with all these other woman, or else they would have pestered the life out of me.

It took awhile, the black beauty seemed unaware of my interest, and all these other girls were staring instead, I would look, they would try to catch my eye, then I'd have to quickly look away, again and again. Eventually the other girls must have got the shits with me, maybe thinking, if I'm that shy well they can't help me, haha.

Finally the Black spunk looked at me, and "bang", in ten seconds, she was sitting right beside me. "I go with you huh?" she said. and a price, cheap as chips, $15... "Yes yes absolutely" I said "Lets go"!

As we walked and talked a little, I thought "What the hell, go for broke, ask her If she'd like to do a movie, and offer her much more". WHAM! Didn't hesitate, "YES" she said, then an astounding, "I've made sexy movies before" came from her in broken English.

As soon as she said that, I called up my darling "Boss girl", my number one, my camera girl, and favourite. Ok, Boss girl was on her way. So we walked and talked some more, she told me she had just returned from overseas, yep, the best girls, travel the world. This stunner didn't stay on the street long before she was off travelling again. Same as the bars, when you find a Mega-babe you have to act fast, because they just don't last.

After this interlude, I never saw this Asian Sex Goddess again.

We got to my Hotel, only fifteen minutes walk. Boss girl still hadn't arrived. So we sat in a bar just next door. I bought a Jim beam and coke, and she asked me for about, 20 cents, or 1/5th of an Australian Dollar, to buy 3 cigarettes from a store nearby, they sell cigarettes separate there. No problem, I asked if she wanted a drink but she said no, just 3 smokes, ok, very easy to keep happy. We chatted some more and got along well, she was happy and smiling and joking around.

BUT, get this, she asked in all seriousness, if I was the "Mafia". You know, wanting to do porn, and all. Geez I laughed, "No Honey" I said, "don't worry, were the good guys"!

Oh I laughed and laughed !

Before I could even finish my drink, my darling Boss girl arrived. A little more "small talk" and into the hotel and up to my room.

As soon as we got into my room she was naked and in the shower, after she came out, totally uninhibited, didn't even put a towel around herself. The window was wide open. (and attracting a lot of interest too! From all of my sex party's. 30 rooms could see into my window, and they ALL wanted to see in also, but couldn't, curtain always drawn, untill now, hehe.

Cool as a cucumber she chatted with my girl, teaching her hot tips about how to film good movies, she was a wealth of information, Before we even mentioned the "performer release" form, she asked were it was, and offered to sign it. She really WANTED to make a movie, she knew what it was all about, a chance at stardom, a chance to "make it", a chance at fame and fortune.

Ok rolling, God she was so HOT, her skin was that jet BLACK, blacker than BLACK, SHINY BLACK. WOW ! ! !

I was bursting out of myself. First few minutes she started sucking my cock. BUT the camera failed, it filmed, but something went wrong with the colour, (you will see this when you watch the full video, only a few minutes)

Ok round 2 and the cam is working, she starts to suck me good, in moments I was hard again, then she DEEP THROATED me with ease, Wow only ever had that a few times before. She was a natural, smiling at the cam, telling my cam girl what to do. And "slurping" my cock down her neck.

After some excellent sucking I laid her down, and licked her pretty pussy, she moaned, just like a star. Then I stuck my dick in her, LOVELY. Her pussy was very shallow and at first, with my inexperience, it was difficult to get my stroke right. But after some slow strokes we starting fucking, hard and fast, she moaned and begged for more, then I got her into doggy style and fucked her some more with my finger tickling her tight little ass hole. It was around that time she told my girl I could fuck her ass, but I didn't understand the language, and my girl forgot to translate.

DAM, I'd never done anal, and wanted to try, oh well about one month later I got my dream, with a Chang Mai girl, milky skin, and curly hair. It was ok, I must admit. BUT, she did a small SHIT on me, ha ha. Four other women were watching. We all laughed, it was funny, that kind of ohhhh, ewwwwuuuu, puke, spew, funny; and I've keep it in the video, for a laugh, That video coming later, as well as about 35 more videos, never seen before, amateur porn adventures in Asia. (NOW it's 2013 and we have MUCH more original amateur porn for YOU, the upload facility on the site is working, but I'm still struggling to find the time to edit and upload, I will get there my friends ;) PLUS PornRevolution now has it's "Bro site" up and running => <= Now it's only $22 a month for members access to BOTH sites. Two sites for the price of one!)

Anyway, back to my dark chocolate yummy bunny. I was getting VERY turned on, we were getting a bit noisy and my Boss girl cam girl was getting all the right angles and close up's (Well, not too bad for a beginner, she was a natural on a video camera) and she was getting horny too.

After 20 minutes, my Black Thai Lover had enough, many girls got a little sore with me after 20 minutes of vigorous fucking, but this girl was different, she decided it was time for me to cum, and she was such a sexpert, my body couldn't say no. She started sucking me again hard and fast and all the way down her neck, looking me right in the eye's and saying, "cum on my face baby".

Well woosh ! How could I resist? In just a short time of her sucking, my white jizz splattered all over her very BLACK and beautiful face.

Done, she wrapped me up, I was totally satisfied, mind you. And she got paid, in one third of the usual time. WOW !

She was more than satisfied with the money I gave her, but when I gave her an extra $30, tip, for a job well done, she was "over the moon", kissing and hugging me and... Bowing to me... Bowing is important in many parts of Asia, it's a sign of deep respect, I always do it back just as much as they do.

And then she went, just like that. My Boss girl and I, saw her in a really posh restaurant about 2 days later, with, I guess, a very rich man.

Then we NEVER saw her again, we hung around that town for another 5 weeks and NEVER saw her again. Off overseas to spoil another foreigner man, is my guess... LUCKY SOD ! ! !

Just like that, a brief encounter, that will always leave me grateful to the "powers that be" that made this chance coincidence happen. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

Hope to show you soon, people. Very sorry, we have had a heck of a lot of problems trying to upload High Definition Video, the files are massive, to get the picture clarity.

But have faith in us, we will win eventually. And it will be ALL on this website for your viewing pleasure. Check our photo's section, in the next couple of days we will give you a few photo's of this encounter.

UPDATE Finally Guys n Gals, a few photos for you here =>

A 10 minute video trailer of my first Black Thai Lover here => <= on our fully customised, purpose built, PornRevolution Video Player. Click on the "Quality" button on the bottom right corner for Full 1080p High Definition :D

Bye for now,

Fuck dont Fight :D
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Re: My 1st BLACK THAI Lover

Postby admin_pornrev » Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:47 pm

Re: My 1st BLACK THAI Lover
by SpearDbeardedClam » Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:58 am
Hey Dick,

I just saw the pic's your "1st BLACK Thai lover" in "Sexy Photo's"

Wow! Not bad feller.

I guess every white man has a "black girl" fantasy.

Yes have to agree she is pretty HOT!

She "wrapped you up" in 20 minutes huh?

I think she would "wrap me up" in 1 minute 30 seconds, ha ha ha

Can't wait to see the full video.

So she "deep throated" that LOG of your's huh? OMG!

Common Dick, tell me, I'm sure you have measured it,.Just how long is that weapon anyway?

Can't wait to get over to Thailand and find girls like that.

And Toom, you're right, wow, she is truly beautiful.

Hey does Mantak talk about how to prolong sex, for all of us 2 minute wonders?

Cant wait to get the book's.

Bye for now.

The Clam

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Re: My 1st BLACK THAI Lover

Postby admin_pornrev » Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:49 pm

Re: My 1st BLACK THAI Lover
by Dick » Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:48 pm

Hello again, Mr Clam, Sir,

Yes old Mate, the black Thai girl was a joy to meet and fuck,

You will have to really look around to find a Thai Girl, that black, but they are out there.

Yes Mantak has exercises to help you to prolong sex, or shorten it for the “few” who find they take too long.

I don’t want too tell to many of his secrets, cos a little bit of knowledge can be a bad thing.

You just have to read his book, but ok, I will give you two good tip’s to prolong sex.

It’s all about training yourself, to stop just before you are about to cum, at 1st this can seem very hard to do but it gets easier with practice, the more often you do it, that is, stopping just before you cum, the longer you will be able to fuck as time goes by.

It’s a good sexercise, exercise, to try to do it at least 3 or 4 times every time you are enjoying sex, just as you are about to cum, stop, wait, then continue, this alone will prolong your sex.

But as I said after time you will find you can enjoy sex for longer and longer before you have to stop.

Also the 100 count, if you find you always go that bit too long before you stop, and still cum anyway, try the 100 count, it’s the best way to get rid of the sexy thoughts that are making you ejaculate.

I’ve always found by the time I get to 10 or 20, I have it under control again, the urge to cum subsides, and I can resume enjoying sex. You will find if you count for too long you could even lose your erection.

So it’s a balance of trying to stay at that level of remaining hard and not going so far that you cum, the more you practice this the better you will get at it, until it becomes “second nature”, and then you start having prolonged sex without even thinking about it, and cuming exactly when you want.

How big is my cock? This is bordering on “gay” Mr. Clam, Sir... Ha ha.

But ok, last time I measured, it was 8 and 1 quarter inches, or 21 centimetres, exactly.

It goes up and down in length depending on how often I do my “dick stretches”. If I don’t do a “stretch” for awhile it tends to shrink.

I feel while it is NOT a monster, it is “JUST” acceptable enough in length to make me a potential porn star.

Anything under 8 inches, doesn’t make for good porn, I feel anyway.

Ok Mr Clam, nice to chat again.

All the best,


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