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My 1st Threesome on video

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"My 1st Threesome on video" written by Dick Amateur

Postby admin_pornrev » Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:53 am

My 1st Threesome on video

by Dick » Wed May 13, 2009 10:58 pm

Hello readers,

Well, I had only been in Asia for a couple of days. The moment I arrived I rang my Boss girl number 1, my camera girl, and latest and greatest love.

We had been in contact via sms messages for the last 5 months, so I thought we were a sure thing.

She even txt "see you very soon, kiss", just before I boarded the plane.

But as soon as i got to her city, I called her, and she told me she couldn't meet me till after the weekend. OH BOY ! I thought, what's going on here, has she found another love ?

Like really it's downright selfish of me to think she could stay loyal to me, during 5 months of being apart, when their is so many rich tourists around.

I always try to keep my expectation's down, but I thought WE were a sure thing, now she wants to see me after the weekend ?

So not to be fazed, although I was a little.
I just headed straight to another bar and another favourite girl.

After all, I had at least about 10 different favourite girlfriends in this city.

I felt like George Clooney, when he says "Well, I'm dating several women" ha ha ha
I just played it honest with all the girl's, made it clear that i was just having fun, while looking for a prospective permanent monogamous relationship.

So after being put on the back-burner by my number 1 girl, marriage prospect even, I went to see "Sexy lips", I called her, she was a very tiny little mega-spunk, who claimed she loved me. And she did too.

But she also was like me, a dedicated "butterfly" she flew from flower to flower, in fact she was such a serious multiple partner type, she had a butterfly tattooed on her neck.

We meet and laughed and joked, with her and her friends and the "Mumasan", the Mumasan's are like 2nd mothers to these girls, they look after them, no bar could work without them.

This particular Mumasan was 1 of my best friends, actually I even told her, the truth, she was more like a mother to me than my real mother.

I would always buy "sexy lips" and some of her friends and of course Mumasan a few drinks, actually when we got together it usually became a serious drinking session, a few times I got poor old Muma too drunk, she wasn't a spring chicken any-more, actually she was in her sixty's, I had to make sure I did not get her too drunk, cos she would get so sick she would miss work, and have to see the doctor.

One day Muma showed me a photo of when she was a young bar-girl, she had been in the business all her life. And when I saw how absolutely beautiful she once was, my eyes filled with tears, I don't know why, I guess, it just struck me, how much history she had, and yes we are ALL mortal, we all have our "moment in the sun" and then no one is spared from old age or early death.

Ohhh, what a terrible start, to my 1st threesome sex story, umm, sorry.

But my mind is flowing so I will continue

Anyway, Even at sixty plus, Muma was hot, as far as I'm concerned. I liked Mumasan so much that I wanted to have sex with her, but she always politely said no, she is too old to fuck.

Oh God now I have maybe totally grossed you all out, ha ha ha, ok picture the sexiest sixty plus woman you could possibly imagine. Could you bonk her ? ? ?

Ok enough grandma porn, Blaahhh ! ! !

So anyway needless to say after we all got drunk, I took "sexy lips" back to my hotel room and fucked her brains out. It was my 1st fuck in 5 months, since I was last in Asia. Hmmm, and not the last by any means.

I fucked another 80 women over the next 2 months !

Anyway, that was great, I wanted my Boss girl to be the 1st but life is full of twists and turns.

The next day I saw my head job princess, at the other end of town.

She loved me too and wanted my baby's. We had great sex, she came 3 times, me only twice, he he. We went out that night for dinner and entertainment, and for the 1st time we stayed the night together, she snored, dam, only complaint, everything else about her was perfect,

Next day she said she wanted to stay the whole 2 months with me, and I didn't even have to pay her.

I said Yes, but I wanted to pay her, and tried to explain my sexy movie plans with her, and wanted her to meet the "Boss" later that day.

Unfortunately she got very jealous, and walked out of the room. Dam, I loved this girl. But I was determined to for-full my porn mission.
( Later she cooled off, and although she wouldn't do movies, and refused to meet any of my other girlfriends, we still had many special moments together, and maybe, I often think, she is the girl I should marry )

Anyway day 3 and I meet up with my Boss, She brought a friend along, a BIG titted sex crazed nympho, she grew up with my Boss girl, in the country. I had fucked this girl before and she was good, but she didn't work in bars, any-more, she was "retired". After I fucked her I found out she had a serious boyfriend, a German gentleman, who lived in Asia for over 15 years. I don't like fucking peoples partners, behind their back, I'm seriously against it.

Only ever done it on a few complicated occasions like this time.

Anyway the Boss was very quite and her BIG titted friend was a little drunk ( found out later she's always drunk ), and loud and talkative. We went to a restaurant for lunch, Big tits downed 3 bacardy breezers, after the meal, and was really "shinning". "Lets go to a go go", she almost shouted

So off we went, to a daytime strippers go go. Big Titty's knew all the girls, she was a seasoned stripper before she meet the very nice German man, In fact he knew she "banged like a dunny door in a typhoon", and pretended it didn't happen. Still I don't like to be in the middle of those types of situations, If the partner says, "sure, fuck my girls brains out i dont care a hoot", then fine, great, fun fun, but when its still secret, and partners are lying to each other, well, that's not my scene.

Anyway Big Titty's is getting up on the stage with the dancers and shaking her quite acceptable booty. Me ? I'm trying to shore thing's up with my Boss girl.

Before long as we get quite drunk, Big Titty's has lined up a young little spunky buns, and says, well screams, lets go back to my room for a four-some ! Ok YIPPEE !!!

All I could think about was fucking my girl, well was pretty excited about the other 2 also, but the Boss, was my favourite, she was always quiet, but now she was so quiet, almost distant, as if we had never meet before. Of course later I found out she had a new love, but still after this day we were together everyday for the next 2 months that I stayed in Asia.

We went home and had wild sex, the 4 of us, amazing, Big Titty's was pretty hot, sucked and fucked like a pro ( umm well she was, one time, he he ) She really missed my cock, she loved it because she says her boyfriends dick is very small, she dropped my dick right down her neck, and sucked so hard, I'm sure she made it bigger.

I will never forget the ending for as long as i live. slamming it into my Boss girl, while a girl on either side of me sucked my nipples, tickled my balls, and rubbed boss girls pretty tittys.

I pulled out, ripped off the condom and sprayed my Boss girl all over her pretty tittys and tummy with my hot cum. YEEEE HAAAA !!!!!!!

The next day we meet up again, this time to do a movie, Me and the Boss and her best friend Big Titty's, went to a restaurant, then off to the night-time go go's. After we went to a few, I was starting to get annoyed with Big Titty's cos she was always so drunk, AND I didn't want to fuck her, cos of her man of course, it just wasn't right.

I wanted to just do movies with the Boss girl alone on the camera, no one else, but I couldn't offend my favourite girls best friend.

Later that night I told her as politely as I could, that I just can't do it to her man, fucking her i mean, she got very sad, and even a bit crazy, after all, she had drunk at least 10 breezers.

But she reluctantly agreed, and that was the last night she ever came out with me and the Boss girl. I didn't mean it like that, she could still hang out sometimes, just no fucking.

But she took it really hard, and within a week found an Indian Man, with a HUGE shlong, who could fuck her 7 times a night, so all's well that ends well, I guess.

Anyway back to my 1st threesome on vid, We eventually found the "little spunky buns" who joined in our 4 some the day before.

Then we found another Hottie, A Chang Mai girl, pale skin, curly hair, very hot and totally uninhibited. Bee was her name, we made porn movies with her about another 5 times, over 2 months, she always brought along different HOT girlfriends every-time. She was great !

So the 5 of us went back to my Hotel room, drunk as skunks.

One of the trailers of this encounter, is already on the site.

Look for Dick's 1st threesome on video, on the last home page. Or simply click here =>

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I must admit, I have seen better porn, BUT I have seen much worse amateur porn also, It's ok, let me know what you think. Hope you get a laugh out of it at least.

We were so drunk, the camera girls, never stopped talking the whole way though it, which is a bummer, They never made that mistake again, well actually we lost the "loud mouth", Big titty's, after that. And my Boss girls is very quiet without her.

But it is an original I guess, no scripts, not much of a plan, we just let it flow, or grate, whatever, ha ha.

Hope you find it ok.

Actually Bee is a natural, she is good to watch, and spunky buns, has that special something, actually we never found her again, everytime we went to her bar after this movie, she was ALWAYS taken. The best girls always go quick.

Bee sucked and fucked as good as the best of them, and drank my cum as I sprayed it all over spunky buns titty's.

If you enjoy it 1% as much as I enjoyed making it, well then it was all worthwhile. Mission accomplished.

Ok, Bye for now, friends.


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