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Thailands Sexy Nightlife

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Thailands Sexy Nightlife :

FROM: ... -generally

General information , very important for the newbie and others.
Thailands sexy nightlife will not disappoint. It is one of the hottest destinations in the world, if not the hottest. Note : Most night/sex venues are now required to officially close at 1am. A number of exceptions have developed nowadays , viz : Disco's 2am/5am. There can be exceptions at other venues too. A town like Chiangmai officially shuts down its sex venues at 12 m/n , but some disco's stay open to 2/5am. Pattaya's GoGo Bars stop around 1am , but some beer bars go to 3/5am , disco's the same.

UPDATES : Most of this kind of general info remains constant , year in year out.
However , I change it when and where necessary ...... Thomas

The info below covers :

Venues - Go-Go Bars; Beer Bars; Freelance Bars ; Disco’s; Massage Parlours; Whore Houses; ‘Other’ Venues. In pages later on , detailed information, such as addresses, prices etc is given for each respective town/city.
Other Nightlife Info - Background to the Ladies; Having a Thai Girlfriend; Butterfly is best; Age you; Age her; Ladies Medical Check Ups; Big Head versus Little Head; Cost of the Ladies.
Nightlife Language - Ladies Drinks; Bar Fines; The Bill; Katoeys; Many other Nightlife Expressions/words.
The following is a general guide/info about , sex massage parlours , bars including gogo bars , and having sex with mature aged girls , women , escorts , hookers , including street hookers. Read for a general impression/education , then read in later pages on this website for more specific/detailed information.
The currency quoted on this website is the Thai Baht. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

Sex Venues :

There are a great variety of venues in which you can meet the ladies of the night. More than the Philippines , for example. Details are given under the respective towns/cities. Here is a broad summary of the major ones you will come across:
1.Go Go Bars for sexy young prostitutes:

Popular cause the young ladies dance around in skimpy bikini’s ,or in the nude. Although with government intervention , nude is the exception more than the rule nowadays. These ladies command a higher price maybe because they show most of their body , punters get excited and thus the management/girls can extract more from these same punters. Personally I think there are just as good or better bodies and certainly better 'attitudes' elsewhere (eg Freelancers) for less.
You pay for their ‘floor show’ of sorts, with higher drinks prices, including ‘ladies drinks’ which you are encouraged to buy. Nobody complains , cause the scantily clad ladies get all and sundry excited , especially newbies : ) The dancers normally have regular medical check ups. Lots of punters are skeptical about the validity of these check ups , hence condoms every time. You pay a ‘bar fine’ (explained further on) to take the lady away from the go-go bar and an agree fee to the lady for ‘services rendered’ , whether it be for a short time (ST) or all night/long time (LT).
2.Beer Bars for modest priced Hookers:

Ideal for those who do not like the noise at Go-Go Bars and who prefer a more laid back atmosphere. Unlike in Freelance Bars (info below) ladies in Beer Bars are in the employ of the bar . Prices for everything are cheaper than Go-Go Bars. There is no ‘dancing’ or ‘show’ in these establishments and the ladies are usually a little bit more mature. You just sit around chatting with the fully dressed ladies , possibly playing cards or whatever. These ladies also have regular medical check ups. Pattaya is home of the Beer Bar. Even so, Beer Bars are to be found just about everywhere in Thailand. Exception : Dont know of any in Hatyai for example (lack of caucasion male tourist/whorists ?).
3.Frelance Bars for variety of Hookers:

These bars suit those who do not like paying bar fines and ladies drinks as in Go-Go‘s or Beer Bars. The ladies are not in the employ of the bar, they just hang around. They do not have regular medical check ups and are untraceable after they leave your room and thus a higher security risk, although this factor does not seem to deter mongers. The most famous freelance bars in Thailand , are "Beer Garden " and "Thermae" (both in Bangkok) . More on that later.
4.Disco's for interesting Hookers:

Vary in ‘class’. Some can be very expensive to drink at and procure a lady for the night, others are more than reasonable. There are disco’s where there is a mixture of good girls and ‘ladies of the night’ (Freelancers). All this will be revealed, including addresses, further on , under respective cities and towns.
5.Sex Massage Parlours for beautiful prostitutes:

Sex massage parlours come in handy after a long trip. Nothing like getting all soaped up by a beautiful young lady who slithers up and down your body culminating in sexual delirium.Some of these ladies are more beautiful than the Go-Go ladies. Best bet for a 'looker' ... Massage Parlours. Addresses and recommendations further on in this website (Nightlife-Other notes).
6. Other Sex Venues:

There are a myriad of other venues/ways of meeting the lady of your choice. Some are a variation of the above , higher class or lower class, others quite different yet again. You'll never get around to visiting all of them.
For sexy girls , hot women , escorts etc some prefer one venue over another. For sure , there is no short supply of sex in any of the above mentioned venues. Thailand is sex heaven when it comes to quantity (choice) and variety of sex outlets.
All of this info belongs to :

Other sexy nightlife Information :

Background to the Ladies:

They are mostly from poor villages.
They bus in to Bangkok to earn money so that their parents and themselves can survive . Most of them send a significant amount of their earnings back home to their parents. Keep this in mind when your having sex with the girls and women of Thailand. Treat them well.
In a place like Bangkok , indentured ladies are usually reserved for the Thai clientele. Foreigners will not normally come across them. You will bump into them in the smaller towns of Thailand where there are few , if any , ladies specifically servicing foreigners. The ladies working in foreign/farang tourist areas are familiar with foreigners and know their particular requirements. The indentured ladies are timid , shy and a little scared of the white caribou (farang) and thus are less suitable companions. Cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiangmai to a lesser extent , have more than sufficient numbers of farang experienced and orientated ladies.

Having a Thai ‘Girlfriend‘:

This is no problem, as the girls prefer a steady relationship and thus steady income, so that they can pay the rent and send some home to mum and dad . How much you pay a ‘girlfriend’ is dependent upon a number of factors. I suppose she would have to get every day around half of what you paid her for the first day you met her at a Go-Go Bar or wherever. That is, if you gave her Baht2000 for all night company the first time you met her , you would have to think of giving her Baht1000 each and every day , over and above meals and the occasional gift you might buy her. It certainly is "up to you" , how much you pay her. If not enough , she will soon make an excuse to return to her usual venue.
But if you were going to keep her for a long period you might only give her Baht500 approx. per day, which is still good , worked out on a monthly basis. The minimum average monthly wage in Bangkok is around Baht 7/10,000. Go-Go dancing girls earn on an average Baht 12/15,000 per month. But if youve got a 'star' GoGo girl she can earn double that , or more. If your giving a lady Baht 500 per day she is earning at the rate of Baht 15,000 per month. If she works for an establishment where bar fines are applicable you will have to come to some arrangement with the Manager (mama-san/papa-san) because the establishment will be losing ladies drinks sales and potential bar fines whilst she is away.
This is where the freelancer is so much cheaper. If you picked up a cutie at a regular Disco for example , or any of the other Freelance places listed in this publication , there are no bar fines or ladies drinks to worry about and half the all night fee, to halve again. Imagine, Baht500 per day for 24 hour companionship with a sexy lady. Not bad. But what you pay her , has to be assessed by you (not me : ). Use the my figs as a rough guide only.
Most importantly make sure you agree on the ‘terms‘ before the relationship sets in. No good of talking about it at the end of the ‘romance‘. Your bill then might surprise you beyond belief. Open ended arrangements with these ladies is not recommended. Best to slip the daily payment into her purse every day. First time make sure she sees it and from then on just slip it in, thus avoiding talking money every day. I do not have much experience with going steady with Thai ladies of the night. You will have to play it by ear, but make sure everything is made clear beforehand. I don’t like it when they say "up to you". She might have a much bigger figure in mind than you and then the relationship turns sour and maybe even nasty right at the end. Something you want to avoid. Sometimes the ‘up to you’ approach is saying ‘I’m not a prostitute and if I do not set a price the relationship might last longer and thus I will have a consistent income’. Other times she is just gambling that she might get more money if she leaves it 'up to you'. Anyway, when all is said and done - it really is up to you : ).
Some experienced guys do not believe in talking about 'how much' up front. They just give the girl what they think she is worth after they are finished with her , and ignore complaints , if any. Experienced guys can get away with this approach , cause they know the real price and the girl knows he knows : ) Not recommended for faint hearted newbies : )

Butterfly is best :

From a Thai ladies point of view, a ‘butterfly’ is a person who fraternises with more than one lady at the same time. Especially, more than one lady at her place of work ( Go-Go Bar or wherever) . If you take a second lady out from your first ladies place of employment you are considered a butterfly, yet if the first girl goes with another guy when your not around , she is not a butterfly. Work that out. Note : This applies more at GoGo Bars and specific Beer Bars. Freelance girls do not normally suffer from the butterfly syndrome.
Do not look for logic from the ‘Ladies of the Night ‘, it will not be forthcoming. Taking more than one lady out from the same establishment, eg Go-Go Bar or Beer Bar will cause a ‘loss of face‘. Thais just hate to lose face. Fortunately, there are heaps of go-go bars and beer bars, so the butterfly problem can be avoided to some extent. As mentioned before , this problem is not so great with Freelance ladies, and thus another reason to consider them, even though they are a slightly higher security risk (theft from room). However, a freelancer would consider you a butterfly if you went steady with her for a while then returned to her freelance place of abode and take another lady right from under her nose. The first one would ‘lose face’ in front of the others.
Best thing is not to go steady with any of them. Butterfly all the way down the line. Your the buyer and therefore should be able to dictate the’ terms of engagement’. Dont let butterfly syndrome spoil your vacation , I dont , cause I keep moving forward : )
As I said before , its mainly in the go-go bars and to a lesser extent in the beer bar outlets where you will come across the butterfly peculiarity. The way I see it , it’s a problem for them but not for me.
One way around it, especially in go-go bars ,is my ‘tilac tactic’. ( Copyright pending : ) It goes something like this. I walk into a go-go and immediately begin my inspection duties , walking around , cruising , checking all the ladies out. Naturally, a hungry young lady will approach me, hoping to ‘claim’ me and thus later accuse me of being a butterfly. Always the one wanting to do the choosing , I tell the hungry young lady that I’m looking for my tilac (pronounced tee-luk ...... meaning ‘sweetheart’ ) and keep on my feet, scouring the multitude for my honey. If I spy a honey I ask the Manager (mama-san) to bring her forward or motion the young lady myself. Refer back to Cultural Notes for the correct way of motioning someone in Asia. Then I buy the young woman a ladies drink and if the vibes are not good, ask her has she seen my tilac. With no name and only a vague description of ‘tilac’, the girl in my presence gives up, I thank her for her company and move on.
I can repeat this same tactic at the same place time and again, because they all know I’m looking for a specific lady , my ‘tilac’ . I keep this up until I find a stunner who I can relate to and thus take out of the place and back to my hotel.
You’ve got plenty of go-go bars to play this game in. The ‘tilac tactic’ leaves the door open at all the places, until of course you make your first ‘bar fine’/purchase and then the game becomes tougher. Presuming ,say in Bangkok, you have got about one hundred go-go places to select from, employing a total of say 3/4000 young ladies , plus all the beer bars and freelance joints, the ball is truly in your court. Otherwise just say your not interested (in anyone who approaches you) , your the buyer after all.
To avoid being caught in your room with another woman, you might like to ‘road test’ the ladies in a short time hotel, and keep your personal hotel a secret so that they can not front up whilst your having an assignation with another gal. Short time Hotels are explained further on under the Bangkok sex Hotel notes.Another way, and possibly cheaper, is sling the hotel desk or security a 100 baht note to tell any lady who calls for you that your out and wont be back until ......... a time convenient for you. Note : I dont bother with ST Hotels any more. After all , I am the buyer : )
The ladies tell white lies, so you can too. After all, you do not want her to ‘lose face’ . We can both play the ‘lose face’ game : )
Your paying if your with a sexy hooker girl , hot pay for play woman , escort , massage parlour girl , or street hooker etc , so do not worry too much about the butterfly problem. Your the king , you've got the money , and money rules when they play for pay.

Age is no barrier for you :

In respect of you , the customer , age definitely is no barrier, in fact it can be a plus as the Thai ladies have an image of older men as being more polite, kind hearted ($) and seeking longer term relationships. That is, the girls think there is less likelihood of the older man butterflying and thus losing face. Of course plenty of oldies are butterflies, but the image is there , and so the older person can score just as much as the young person. So long as your ATM doesn’t run dry , your in with a chance : ) Note : Previous statement not absolutely true. In Thailand amongst Disco Freelancers for example , there is a clear prejudice against 'old guys' (50's/60's). Beer Bar girls , Freelance Girls (other than Lookers at a Disco) , Massage girls (they have no choice) are your best bet if your getting on in age.

Age is a barrier with her :

The legal age for paid sex in Thailand is eighteen years of age. Significant numbers of foreigners are arrested and imprisoned for breaking this law. Prison term is three years, but double that and even life for girls younger again (ie 15 yrs and even younger). For more details check website : (Thailand and Philippines are listed on that website).
Some foreigners are set up, and become part of a ’scam’ ,and fail to pay the huge bribe to extricate themselves. To make sure your on the right side of the law , stick to girls twenty years of age and upwards. Have a good look at the girl and her ID and if in doubt, keep well clear.
The Thai year is 543 years ahead of ours. So, if in 2008 (when it’s 2551 in the Thai Calendar) her ID says she was born in 2533 then she is 18 years of age. Sometimes the ID’s are false , so that the girl can start earning before she is eighteen. That will not help an offendor in court. Keep well clear of doubtful cases. For those Caribou’s who like to eat fresh green grass I recommend sticking to girls who are obviously not teenage anymore.

Girls Medical checks :

Girls working for an establishment , have regular medical checkups but I wouldn’t rely on that being the case for all girls and anyway the check ups can be rather cursory at times and thus useless in checking for STD’s. As you know, HIV does not show up for months, so you have to take care when associating with ladies of the night.
Some customers insist on not using condoms and accordingly pay more to compensate the girl for her greater risk. Who knows what these bare back riders have got. In addition, there are the Freelance girls who do not have regular check ups at all. Copping an STD of the Asian variety will spoil your vacation and catching HIV will spoil your life. Use your big head and put a condom on your little head , every time.
Big Head versus Little Head :

Its hard to control your little head , and thus finances ,when you have consumed alcohol and are staring at a pretty girl who will go home with you for a modest sum.
You will have a fair idea of what is a modest price after reading this website . Use our information , and use the legal monthly minimum wage of 7/10,000 baht as a guide. Especially if you think the lady of your choice is asking too much. Its a bad sign if she is asking for big money. For sure she is more impressed with herself than you , and will , despite that beautiful body, most probably turn out to be an unsatisfactory companion.
There are exceptions of course, and I found one on my second last trip. A freelancer, not working the bars etc. Spotted away from the sex scene. She was asking for ridiculous money. I had plans of making her a steady for a very long time, as she was one of the top five ladies I had ever met, so I paid her the exorbitant asking price , ever the optimist , thinking I would win her over to girl friend status.
Unbeknowns to me she had a sugar daddy in the background, but she soon dumped him and moved in with me. I went to her Province and met the in-laws etc and so a one year romance ensued which cost me on a daily basis less than a Thermae ’ boiler’ would have. Sometimes you have to pay the big bucks to get inside the door (vagina ? : ). Its something I do not do often , but on this occasion it paid off. I was able to extricate myself from that relationship , but for sure the young lady lost face with her parents and friends when I split. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
Fortunately she does not do the falang (foreigner) beat and thus I have not bumped into her again. I’m a hit and run man. I prefer to join the library than buy the book. The advantages of this system far outweighs the disadvantages.
Make sure you take in all this general information in regarding sexy mature girls , women , escorts , hookers etc. It will stand you in good stead when you land in Thailand. Sex Massage Parlours are important too , takes notes on that (Other Nightlife Notes this website) before you depart for Thailand.

Cost of the Ladies :

So you are wondering how much do these ’Sweet Painted Ladies’ of Thailand cost ?
It varies from Baht 500 short time (1/2hours) for a a lower class Freelancer or Beer Bar girl to Baht 3/4000 for all night with a top girl. It can cost even double that or more if you go to places like the Pegasus Club in Bangkok. Average prices are given further on for each type of establishment. Off the top of my head, a Patpong go-go girl would cost on average Baht 2/3000 for all night , or more. A NEP go-go girl on average Baht2/3000 all night. But most of the GoGo girls prefer Bt1500 ST (Short Time). They earn more money that way. A Beer Bar girl 1/1500 and a Freelancer, eg Thermae, should cost 1/1500 all night. They can cost less and they can cost more, that’s just a rough guideline. Finer details given further on. The actual cost depends on a lot of unpredictable subjective factors.
When you are comparing what the Thai ladies are asking for and what a western woman would ask for , keep in mind the legal basic wage in Bangkok is around Baht7/10,000 per month. For conversion to your local currency contact : Another yardstick is the all up the monthly salary (commission on ladies drinks; retainer and payments by customers) of go-go girls which is around Baht 10,000 or more per month (Baht20,000 or more if top babe). So, when you give them Baht2000 your giving them a considerable sum of money. Admittedly Bangkok is not cheap to live in , and they have to support their families back home. Even so, Baht2000 for a few hours is big money for a Thai , whether she is a GoGo or not.
Make a compromise between what they are asking and what you think they should get is the best. But make sure this is all sorted out before hand, before you commit yourself and pay the bar fine. Do not leave it till after the deed has been done, as your fun time might be spoiled with arguments later about ’how much’.
Avoid paying crazy prices cause, as I said before , if a lady is asking a crazy price she most probably is not interested in going with you in the first place and thus will be lousy ‘company’. In addition , if you do pay crazy prices you are inflating prices for those who follow after you and for yourself , on future trips.
The currency quoted on this website is the Thai Baht. For conversion to your local currency contact :
Nightlife Language/Expressions :

Needed when having sex with any woman , sexy girl , escort or hooker , working inside or outside of establishments like GoGo Bars , Sex Massage Parlours , Disco's , trading her sex for your money (Thailand) :
In life there are always barriers , language and otherwise , but money will overcome any barrier with a sexy hooker girl , pay for play woman , escort , 24/7 hooker , sex massage employee girl and others. You've got the ace card up your sleeve .... money.
Here is an explanation of words/expressions that you will most probably hear from fellow night owls, or the ladies of the night , when in Thailand .
Farang - This is a Thai word, commonly pronounced - Fa’ lang (Fu - laang , but not : Foo - laang) . That is the r is pronounced as an L. As you most probably know by now , it means Foreigner, ie, you. It’s not meant to be taken in a derogatory sense. You will hear it often.
LOS - Meaning , Land of Smiles.
Smiling is a genuine part of the Thai Culture. Sweetness and over politeness comes with it too. Thais try their best to avoid confrontation , and the ever present smile is an effective weapon in this regard.
Exception to the smiley Thai - the hardened working girl , who you can usually avoid by following the ’terms of engagement’ as explained on this site.
Overnight Joiner Fee

This is the fee some Hotels charge when you have an overnight guest (lady) in your room. Phuket/Patong is particularly notorious for charging this fee. A significant number of Hotels in Thailand are tolerant of overnight guests and do not charge any extra in this respect. I have taken pains in the Hotels Sections of this website , to seek out and only list Hotels that accept overnight guests and do not charge extra for such.
Management Policy can change, so before you put any money down at the Reception Desk its best to confirm that there is no extra charge for overnight guests.
Tuk Tuk

This is pronounced - 'took took' ,and means a motorbike taxi on three wheels. You will most probably hear them before you see them , and won’t forget them after you have ridden on one. You sit behind the driver on a bench seat (two wheels under you) whilst the noisy tuk tuk swings and wobbles all about the place. Normally cheaper than regular taxi’s, but not always the case. Ask how much the fare is before embarking. Too late to negotiate the price when you have already reached your destination.
Go-Go Bars
This is where the girls gyrate around on a stage wearing next to nothing, or nothing at all (the exception nowadays) , whilst the customers sip a beer and try and make their choice for the night. Usually the girls employed at these places are younger and trimmer than those at Beer Bars or Freelance joints , but this is not always so (good bodies at Beer Bars too). Also drink prices are higher because of the nudity and the floor show they sometimes put on. With the governments on going 'clean up' drive nowadays , nudity and 'lewd' acts are becoming a rareity.
Beer Bar

Is a beer, with the bar attached to it : ). Seriously, its a Go-Go Bar minus the dancers. There are two types of beer bars. In the first , the girls chat to you , maybe play cards or whatever with you whilst you have a drink. If you like one of them you can buy her a ‘Ladies Drink’ (explained below) and/or pay a ‘Bar Fine’ (explained below) to the management to take her away from the bar for a few hours or a night of pleasure. Supposedly they have regular health checks.
In the second type of Beer Bar , sometimes referred to as a Freelance Bar, the girls are not in the employ of the owner of the bar. They come and go as they wish. Their aim is to attract the attention of a potential customer and encourage him to take her back to his hotel for an assignation. There is no ‘bar fine’ involved with these girls. They do not have regular health checks and are beholden to nobody, hence difficult to trace in the unlikely event that they steal something from your room.
Freelance Joints & Freelancers : A Freelance place is where the ladies are not in the employ of management, as in the second Beer Bar example above. In addition to Beer Bars, there are Freelance Disco’s, Public Parks and Street hangouts. Information on all of these is given on this website.
In respect of these particular ladies , there is no mama/papa-san (explained below) involved. No ladies drinks or bar fines either. These ladies are a mixed bunch from the young and innocent to hardened ‘boilers‘. The establishment that allows these girls on their premises makes money from selling drinks and not from 'selling' ladies.
Entering a Freelancer haunt is certainly a lucky dip. You could go to the same one for three nights in a row and see nothing special , then on the fourth night come across a gem.
Theft from your room is a greater risk with these untraceable girls.

The Bill

At a Go-Go Bar, Beer Bar or wherever, this refers to the little pieces of paper they keep popping in a cup placed in front of you. Its the bill for your drinks , including ladies drinks if any. Keep your eye on these bits of paper to make sure there are no misunderstandings as to how many drinks you have had and the cost of such drinks. Best to check them as they are popped in ,and not later , when it will be too late.

Otherwise known as Massage Parlours. This is where the ladies sit behind something like a shop window with numbers pinned to themselves. You select by number without talking to them. Best to ask the mama-san or papa-san if the one you are interested in does your favourite ’manouvres’ before you make a decision and put some money down. This ‘fishbowl’ arrangement is more common in Sex Massage Parlours and Provincial lady houses.

San is pronounced: saan . These people are the intermediary between you and the girls in the go-go’s , massage parlours and whore houses etc. You tell them which one you want and hand him/her the cash. If any problems you discuss it with them. Don’t worry, the papa-sans in massage parlours and lady houses , are usually regular guys , not gays. They get to ‘road test’ the new ladies before the customer : )

YD : = Your Drink : )

LD/Ladies Drinks

Not applicable in Freelance joints and Disco’s but applicable just about everywhere else where the girl is in the employ of an establishment, eg , go-go and beer bars.
This is when you spot a chick in a place that is not a freelance joint and you are seriously interested in , and buy her a drink. The girl gets approximately 33% of the cost of the Ladies Drink as a commission. It helps to pay her rent. The ladies drink might cost more than your drink , but gives you an opportunity to talk to the girl and see if there is any chemistry between the two of you. If no chemistry, employ the ’tilac’ strategy explained to you before (see ‘Butterfly’ before in Other Nightlife info notes, Page ........) and move on. Or just simply move on (your the buyer). There are plenty more fish and all are eager to be caught.
If however, the chemistry is right, you enter ‘bar fine’ territory.
Bar fine (BF)

This is the fine/fee you pay to take the lady of your choice (who is not a Freelancer) away from the bar. Whilst at the bar , management can make money from your drinks and from ladies drinks. Away from the bar the cash flow dries up , hence the ‘fine’. All of the bar fine goes to the owner of the establishment, none to the girl. It’s best before you pay the bar fine to establish if the girl will go with you for a short time or long time and how much she wants.
Short Time (ST)

This is usually two hours (can be less) and is meant to be one shot but not necessarily so, especially if she is good at exciting you. After which, the girl will return to her place of employment and try and catch another fish. The girl sets the short time fee and keeps all of it. Its best to sort out the ST fee before you pay the bar fine.
See further on for details about average short time fees for various establishments. If the girl of your choice is asking too much move on. There are plenty of venues and thus girls, to try. Addresses provided further on in this website. In the case of Bangkok, you can always end up at ‘desperado’s dungeon‘ - "Thermae" and try the ‘lucky dip’ there. Freelance joints including Freelance Disco’s are a good place , if you have no luck at other venues. Personally , I am a fan of Disco's .... not for the music , but for the better looking dames available there. Sex Massage Parlours being the exception ... eye candy central , those places. Read Other Nightlife notes on this website for the eye candy ones.
LT/Long Time (or All Night) : Means for the rest of the evening until 7/9am the next morning or later, depending on how sleepy the girl is. Same bar fine as short time but pretty girls who are in demand are not inclined to stay with you all night , as they can make more money short time. If your hooked on a beauty , then you might consider road testing her short time first , to see if she is worth the long time price that beauties command. Average long time prices for the various establishments further on in this website. Once again the girls keep all the money.
"Up to You"

Sometimes when you ask the young lady how much she wants for short time or all night/long time she replies "up to you". A person is then tempted to decide on how much after the deed. This is not advisable , especially for a newbie. Firm up the price beforehand , is the best advice I can give = no misunderstandings/arguments later on : )
Some girls think that if they say ‘up to you’ they are less of a prostitute and will have a longer term relationship and thus steadier income. Others are hoping they will earn more by leaving it ‘up to you‘.

Smoke, smoke that cigarette. No, its nothing to do with cigarettes, its a unique Thai phrase referring to the legendary fellatio. Some ladies smoke with a cigarette holder (condom), some are much bolder and smoke without (a condom). Your trusty, the ATM will fix any problems in that regard. Clarify beforehand ... BBBJ , ie , bare back blow job , if that is your requirement. Otherwise they might come the 'raw prawn' with you and say , "oh no , smoke with no condom , that costs extra" , that is , extra over and above what you agreed to beforehand.
There are specialist bars in Bangkok and Pattaya where you can be ‘milked’ whilst sitting at the bar , or alternatively, you can retire to a special room. Details further on in this website. Personally I am turned off by blow job machines , girls sucking 10-30 different cocks in a day. Must be a good chance of herpes , methinks.
LON = Lady of the night (ie she likes to be paid for sexual favours : ) This is an innovative whorist expression that you will no doubt see being used on other websites as time goes by. Copyright Pending : )
Get to know all of the above expressions before landing in Thailand looking for sex with mature girls , hot women , escorts , hookers , or anyone else who will open their legs for a fee , including those employed at Sex Massage Parlours (lookers). The more knowledge the better , not forgetting carnal knowledge is always the best knowledge to have.
All of this info belongs to :
Lady Boys/Katoeys - ( "Surgically enhanced". ) Last but not least are the infamous Lady Boys or Katoeys.
The following are my personal definitions of these two categories of 'faggots'.
Lady boys are similar to our transvestites in the West. They can look and dress like a lady but have a penis. Katoeys on the other hand have spent money on cosmetic surgery, including breast implants and in some cases penis removal and thus are harder to identify.
Katoeys have been known to fool Thai beauty contest judges. There was the case of a Katoey winning the annual Ratchaburi beauty contest. After the crowning he was exposed by fellow miffed contestants. Otherwise he-she would have gotten away with it. Thats how realistic katoeys can be , fooled the Thai Judges ! So , no wonder they can fool us foreigners too : )
Guidelines on how to identify them , is given at the end of the NEP Go-Go Bar Notes.
We do not give much info on the above mentioned types cause this website is all about sex with regular and pay for play sexy girls , women , escorts , hookers and the like. Please do not send in questions about katoeys , find a katoey website for that.
Further on , you will be supplied with specific names, addresses and prices of Thailand’s nightlife venues.
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