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Sex in Angeles City. Philippines.

Postby admin_pornrev » Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:36 am

...SEX with HOOKERS , Women , Girls (20yrs and over) ..... any which way ....... every day : )

Angeles City

Sex - Hookers Women


GUIDE only :

Use the information below as a broad guide only.
It will be helpful in getting you started.
In recent years I have , and continue to , visit Angeles twice a year , and then update info below , where necessary.

UPDATES : Reviewed March 2013
"Reviewed" means info re-read and adjusted where necessary.


Simply put , Angeles is the "Supermarket of sex". There's nothing anywhere like it in the Philippines and nothing like it , in my opinion , anywhere inThailand. Better supermarket than the famous Walking Street (Thailand) , for example , which is more exciting to walk down , but the shelves in Fields Ave , Angeles , and the streets leading off it , are packed to the rafters , with naturally eager girls. More so than the 'shelves' of Pattaya (Thailand). Angeles offers so much choice , and more friendly/sexy girls (personal opinion). Natural attitudes/performances Philippines , not commercial attitudes and tip orientated performances , as in Thailand. Yet more Mongers prefer Thailand. So what to do ? Try both : )
Walk down Fields Ave (the aisle of the supermarket) , Angeles City , take girls from the bars , to your left or right (supermarket shelves) , maybe 2/3,000 girls to choose from. And you dont have to pay an arm and a leg to saviour them either. And remember , you get a better exchange rate in Phils too. Read on .....

Generally : Angeles , as stated before, is primarily a go-go bar/show place town, but there is some other nightlife activity too. Even so, come prepared to fulfill your 'meat inspection' duties. (Boobs, Legs, backside, face & so on). There is a lot of fresh and tender 'meat' to be tasted. You can have them : 'rare' (young 18yrs and over) , 'medium'(just right) or 'well done' (boilers .. in Angeles side/back streets) . It's up to you. Full on whoring at its debauched best and nothing much in between. Daytime is spent by the pool , recharging the batteries for the next evenings onslaught. 1pm on Perimeter Road Bars open to say 12 midnight , some a bit later. Most Fields places best 8pm on , to 3/4am (or beyond). So you can start in Perimeter Rd and then transfer to Fields Ave action , later on.
Manila has most probably more sex venues , but spread out. Angeles , you can walk from one to the other , and there's heaps. Many more foreigner orientated sexy dance places in Angeles , than Manila , many more. And cheaper , more friendly too.
CAUTION : If your new to the Philippines , take care when in Angeles. Its very popular with mongers for a good reason , and its popular with the bad types too. If you use commonsense , you should be right. Perimeter Road bars .... intially , until you get experience , best to check them out during daylight or early evening hours. The further along this road and the darker it gets , bit risky , especially if you look a soft target , viz on your own. Details below (Perimeter Rd bars).

When to go : Answer : In short , best time (my opinion) .... Any of the months ... November to March.
Exception : December ... few days before Xmas day and few days after New Year. During this festive season significant number of girls , especially the successful ones, ie , pretty ones , take the opportunity to return home to their village and their all important family , loaded with cash donated by guys like you and me : ) Also Easter , Halloween/All Souls day , are to be avoided if possible. Might be some nice ones absent a few days before or after the latter two also.
So , mid January , all of Feb and March would ideally be the most exciting time to be there , but depends on so many factors. Use the previous info as a guide only. In reality , you can go any month of the year and have a great time. Myself , I follow Thommo's advice and avoid middle of the year (wet season/off season) ........... T : )
Worst time : Possibly June and July when its wet , low season , and possibly the same successful girls mentioned above , might be absent , having a mid year break. Wet season can extend to September , and beyond if your unlucky. Seasons world wide are changing , as you know.
Feb to April its dry and hot. Showers and air con take care of the heat.

The bad news first .....
Scams/Personal Security :
Scams :
Note : On my very first trip to Phils I was scammed in various ways (Manila , not Angeles) , nothing big.
However , I have never been scammed in Angeles City. The following should be read by innocent/gullible types :
Be wary of scams usually involving underage girls and almost always scams ex Street Hookers. Viz : legal age babe enters your room with you , she texts an underage girl , who arrives knocking at your door. On entering , she asks if she can take a shower. Whilst nude in the shower another knock on the door .. police this time and it will cost you substantial money to extract yourself from this type of situation. Many scams , many variations. Spoiling the reputation of Angeles somewhat. Best to keep away from street girls , stick to the bars/clubs. Also be wary of transvestite types , hanging around the streets. Nothing good will come of them.
The abovementioned probs are the exception , no the norm. Just be alert. Deal with girls at their work place , not on the streets ( unknowns who can drug/steal and disappear ... untraceable). Card games , or anything else , offered by trike drivers etc (the exception) , avoid ... set up.
If in doubt about a girls age , give her a miss. ID's sometimes can belong to an older girl , relation etc , or just simply a fake so the girl can start earning earlier in life. The Courts will not sympathise with you. Do not let any suspiciously young looking girls into your room or it could cost you P100,000 in police bribes. Could be less , and yes , could be more , depending on your bargaining skills. Maybe no money/bribe accepted , and you stay in jail. Exceptions , I am talking about exceptional cases , not the norm.
I reckon if you look like you know what your doing , ie not totally drunk and not acting foolishly , you'll be right. In 39yrs no one has ever pulled any stunt like that on me , ever. But then I look fearsome : )
It's simple : keep away from suspiciously young looking girls and never let them in your room , it could be a set up and cost you lots of anquish and money. Keep away from small unpopular bars. In desperation for money , they might scam you into taking an underage one back to your room , or scam you in some other way. In general , Angeles is safe , if you use common sense. Street pickpockets etc do exist , but once again they have never approached me. Dont let people who approach you in the street , eg Fields Ave , get close to you , keep your distance. Pickpocket possibility (exception) , especially small kids.

Personal Security :
Take normal precautions , viz , do not walk around early hours of morning in empty streets. Stay with other pedestrians , get home before streets empty out. Only take a nights anticipated cash with you. Avoid unnecessary 'bling' , expensive looking bracelets etc. The Philippine people are desperately poor compared to us , do not tempt them. In many years of going to and fro Philippines I have never been robbed , but then I am 'street wise' , and practise what I preach : )

Go-Go Bars - Show Places :

MAP : Check : On arrival ask at places like Kokomo's Travel Office , or your Hotel , for the free "Walking Map Angeles". Handy to get your bearings , before going out.
SEX with - sexy girls and young hookers - ANGELES
Butterfly Problem - Sex area is relatively small and compact. Its not hard to bump into the same girl , somewhere somehow. The girlie places are everywhere , and quite often , most conveniently located next to each other. So be patient and choose wisely cause it might be difficult to a take a second girl out from the same bar without being branded a 'butterfly' by the first girl. Although with the passage of time (years) and sophistication , this is not a major factor nowadays. Experienced girls do not care so much , unless you look like Brad Pitt , its the younger newer girls who have to learn the hard way .... that is , we come to Phils to shag as many girls as we can , not to fall in love and only shag one girl. See previous notes on this subject, mainly in Thailand sector. Filipino's can suffer from 'loss of face' , but its not as big a deal as it is in Thailand. One thing in your favour, whilst in Angeles, there are plenty of bars to butterfly in and seemingly thousands of willing girls to choose from.
Even so , if you see a second girl you want in same bar , take her , money talks. Your there to have fun , not to worry about 'loss of face' or 'butterfly problem'. The girls will gladly take a 2nd , 3rd , 100th guy from same place , so why not you take a 2nd or 3rd girl from the same place ? : ) Its no problem in reality .. all in their mind sometimes , but not yours hopefully : )
The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to : You get a better exchange rate in Phils , as compared to the stronger Thai currency.
All of this info was hard earned , and belongs to
1. Fields Avenue , GoGo Bars/Show Places = Sexy Young Ladies ...

Free "Walking Map Angeles" , is a good reference. Available many places (hotels , travel agents etc)
Evening bars (Perimeter bars , is mentioned down below as early afternoon , early evening bars).
This (Fields Ave) is where prices can be a little higher , and you have a better chance of finding 'lookers'. A lot of them open till the early hours of the morning (3/4 am) , later than Thailand for example. A small number are open 24/7. I can not imagine a Looker working early hours of morning , hungry not so popular girls will work those hours , but no need for a Looker. Suggest if your hunting for Lookers , dont arrive too early or too late. Lets say 8pm to 10pm would be good time for full choice. Exceptions always prevail. I know a place where Lookers start work 4/6pm and go home (barfine or not) 12 midnight : )

Average Prices - Your Drink P90/140 normally (can be less at some places , happy hours etc) ; Ladies Drink P150 and up (can be less or more at some places , eg P250 or even more at the big bars/show places). Make sure girl is ordering a "single" drink and not a 'double' (= double price ... San Mig Light beer is considered a double , at some places : ) ; Bar Fine .. Field Avenue area : Nowadays its P1500/1800 bar fine on average. Some places P2000/2500. Never going down : ) Small number of bars/show places exceed this , especially if one of their special girls (Spotlight girl) is involved. Spotlight girl can command a P3000 , bar fine. The Bar Fine is an all inclusive cost for the girl. That is , no need to tip her next morning. But some do , eg P200/500. Girl gets half of the bar fine when she returns to the bar next day. Show places usually cost more than non show places. They've got a hundred or more girls to pay , hence higher overheads = higher prices. Plus , they are more likely to employ Lookers (subjective .... lookers can be found in small bars too , sometimes : )
Even though the barfine is an all inclusive price , and the girls get half of it , the girls appreciate a tip the next morning of course. But only if she made a sincere effort to make you happy , otherwise no tip .. its not obligatory , its always "up to you" and based on whether you had a good night with the girl or not. P200 or P3/500 tip is customary. She keeps all of the tip. Dont forget she also gets around one third from the ladies drinks you bought for her. Do not tip starfish/robots , but you wont find many of them anyway , especially when your dealing with the naturally sexy Phil girls : ) If the girl is not showing much interest during 'Ladies Drink' interview do not bar fine , cause she will most likely turn out unsatisfactory and maybe even do a runner (leave your room) after only one pop. Nothing much you can do about that , and of course the girl knows it. However , if no sex , then you can return to her place of employment and ask for full refund , and get it.
Angeles sometimes , has a significant number of Cherry Girls/Virgins on stage. Make sure your not pumping a lot of Ladies Drinks into a youngun who has no intention of being barfined , or if barfined is going to tell you back at the room she is a virgin. Confirm before paying barfine that the girl is not a cherry/virgin. Drunk as you may be , do not force the issue in the room , with cherry girls. The odd foreigner is spending many years in jail following a complaint of rape. Yes hookers who complain of rape have just as good a chance of winning the court case as any other girl. It's highly unlikely a Phil (or Thai for that matter) girl will lose a rape case.
Usual precautions with the girls, as explained in Thai notes and Manila notes. Note - Philippine girls , escorts and hookers , do not insist on condoms. Consequently STD's are rife in Angeles and elsewhere. Use condoms , so you can ride again another day. I am no Doctor , but guys tell me 2000 mg of Zithromax , in one hit , will do the trick. I would take it after a meal. With the passage of time , even Zithromax might not work. Check website : ....... for professional advice. On return home from trip get Doctor to conduct test , to ensure nothing unpleasant is swimming around inside of you. Must admit I dont do that : ) Make sure your not allergic to anitibiotics before taking same. Readily available at any Angeles Pharmacy without prescription. Not necessarily so in other cities , where you might need a prescription (doubtful). Google it for directions , side effects etc. Better .... just use condoms : ). Before you do anything , check professional website :
Popular Places - If you asked five guys to list the top five bars , each list would most probably be different from the other. New places pop up and knock out the established top ones for a while and then might even disappear. Established popular ones might have a change of Management, and business dives. It's a plus for the Philippines. No two trips of yours will be the same. Girls move on , disappear within a 6/12months time frame , normally. Replaced by fresh talent. Always exceptions , especially with the fugly ones (who have got nowhere to go) ... "Oh its you again" says the fugly as you step in the door : )
Personally , I think currently , the following are good value big show places , not in any order , and all in Fields Ave , convenient to my recommended accommodation : 1. Dollhouse , popular , but drinks service might be slow ; 2. Atlantis , next door 3 . Golden Nile. Top girls can be expensive 4. Crystal Palace .... usually a good provider There are a number of others too , such as Insomnia and nearby Camelot. Plus a hundred or more gogo bars (Fields and Perimeter Rds combined). Popularity changes , just pop your head inside a show place/bar , and if you like what you see , enter have one drink , exit if not for you , onto the next interesting place. Big places ( employing 100 or more girls) sometimes have bigger prices , especially the Show Bars (four listed above) where the girls put on a titillating show of sorts. You will know a show bar when you poke your head in the door ... it's usually big inside , exception , eg Tropix in Real St. Anyway , one drink will not break you.
If you want to barfine a Spotlight girl at a Show Place , they will most probably cost double the normal bar fine that is , P3000 , to take away from the bar. Even if she promises long time LT , she might do a runner , and head back to the bar to see if she can secure another P3000 bar fine. As she climbs off you she says "It's Show Time" , and out the door she goes : ) Joking of course. Word has it , these girls make enough out of their higher salary and ladies drinks commissions , that they are fussy with who they go with. And they expect a tip , P300/500 should suffice. Back at show place , and before paying bar fine , watch for attitude , some of them think they should be pandered and treated like a movie star : ) Tell waitress which girl on stage you are interested in , ask if she is Spotlight , or not ... she will laser beam her , girl comes off stage , order a P150 Ladies Drink to test run her (beware of other drinks P300/P450). If the vibes/karma is not there , thank her for her time , and try again with another. If she is not nice to you inside the bar/show place , she will be less nice outside it (your hotel) , you can be sure of that. Most of them are a girl friendly experience though.
YOU decide if she is special/spotlight. Waitresses in the same places are sometimes bar fineable. It's always a possibility you can meet any of the girls next day and shag her before she starts work for P1000 all up , no need for tip on top of that. Your cellphone number is handy in this regard. Preferably do not let mama -san see you slip your phone number to girl of your choice. And do not let a mama-san or waitress decide who is going to be your companion. Chances are person recommending (waitress/mamasan) gets a commission from girl she recommended. Or is a close friend , relation , whatever , to that girl.
Remember , the negatives I have just described are the exception , not the norm. Once you are aware of the negatives you can relax and enjoy the hot pussy and girl friend experience (not Thailand , Philippines , yes) , these sexy young girls and hookers can offer you : )

2. Perimeter Road , Raunchy/Sexy Go Go Bars :

Recommended as better fun bars , for me anyway : ).
Open roughly 12noon to 12 midnight. Some open earlier and close later.
Caution : To newbies/Inexperienced guys ..... Not recommended to walk around the darkened Perimeter Road bar area early hours of morning on your own. Safest is ... arrive during daylight hours and leave during daylight hours , until you get experience. Heaps of Perimeter Road pussy available during those hours , and best girls yet to be barfined/taken. Robberies and even murders have occurred in Perimeter Road , late at night/early hours of morning , foreigners being the target of course. Not a lot , but does happen (incl. everywhere else in the world : ) Myself , I take a risk and monger in Perimeter Road bars to all hours BUT I do not walk from bar to bar , I know which bars I am interested in , get dropped off at front door , get picked up at front door. Sometimes I do walk from bar to bar IF there seems to be something interesting close by. Do not be paranoid , but do not be foolish either.
Perimeter Rd is something of an extension of Fields Avenue. So , walking from and along Fields Avenue etc , once you have hit Pony Tails bar , your in Perimeter Road bar area proper. You can mix using trike to next bar/s or walking , so long as its day time.
There can be quite a distance between first bunch of small bars and next bunch. More than walking distance , for someone on a holiday. Often a trike (motorbike) taxi is necessary to get from one bunch to another. P50 max for that , eg 1km approx. Perimeter Bars open around 12 midday / 1pm , closing around 10pm/12 midnight , some later. Get your chick say , 2pm-5pm , otherwise best ones might be taken. If say by nightfall you have not secured your 'poon' for the night , head off to Fields Ave which rages from sundown onwards to say 3/4am. Bigger selection there , but bigger prices too. Some small bars with lower prices are to the left and right of big places. For my money Fields are generally more exciting , but I have found exceptions in small Perimeter Rd bars too : )
Less commercial , less pricey at Perimeter Bars , but more risky re personal safety , getting from one to another. I find I have to enter them , have one beer , to sus them out. At end of one beer I know if its value for me , ie , worth staying. Some places I do not even finish the cheap beer , move on , saves getting drunk : )
Prices (Perimeter) : Bar Fine nowadays : P1200/1500 , Ladies Drink (Perimeter) P100/150 on average (P300 for a 'double'). Girl gets half of the bar fine when she returns to the bar next day. Your drink is around P50/70. Some guys , in front of mama-san , confirm girl is staying all night = if she doesnt , you can go back to Mama-san and negotiate a resolution of the problem. If you have already had sex with her at least once , next to impossible to get a refund , even though she didnt stay all night and provide 2/3 jumps. I do not do this , I take a gamble , and it works out in my favour 99% of time. Anyway , make sure girl has the right attitude before bar fining her. Sometimes hard to assess (attitude) , a minority of them are tricky : )
Lookers a bit harder to find in Perimeter bars. Quality down a bit sometimes , but more relaxed atmosphere , and the girls are just as sexy or more sexy than the Fields Ave women. I have more fun in Perimeter Road bars.

More info on young Women and Escorts etc in Angeles :

Sex at : Disco's - Bars - Massage Parlour

There is not a lot to offer, but that doesnt matter, cause I'm confident the Show Places and GoGo's will keep you busy.
MAP : Check : , or get a copy of the free Angeles Walking Map (Hotel Front Desks , Travel Agents , have them).

1. Disco's for Sex with Hookers :

High Society is a relatively new comer and the 'in' place right now. It's a white building , located in Fields towards McArthur Hwy on same side , just past Golden Nile. I have been there , think it opens its doors crazy time , 12 midnight ? Google it , answer will be there. Worth a try. Preferred over Sky Trax nowadays.
As Sky Trax has been established longer , I have more info on it , but give it a miss for the time being. Try "High Society" , which is the 'flavour' right now.
Sky Trax disco on Friday and Sat nights popular. Modest entrance fee = your first drink free. Mix of regular girls ,some with boyfriend , and hookers. Be careful , do not hit on some Filipino guys girl friend. Location : Walking along left hand side of Fields Ave , towards Perimeter Rd (and eg Clarkton Hotel) , you start to leave behind the big show places , and bars become scattered. Before Margarita Station , you'll find Sky Trax , on same side. Its about a 3/5 min walk from big show place Atlantis. Ask any hooker standing outside any bar , if your not sure. Everyone knows it.
I've often been going to enter Sky Trax but never have. Reports of mostly regular girls and significant number in the company of filipino males , does not inspire me. Hookers are there too. Maybe difficult for a newbie to discern between one and the other. Filipino guys do not like foreigners approaching their sister/niece or girlfriend. Cause Sky Trax is right in the middle of prostitute joints. Big problem if filipino guy thinks you have approached his companion/s as a prostitute. Take care.
Doubt if I will ever check the joint out. Very old guys like me have trouble scoring at young disco joints anyway , plus we dont like the loud music : ) High Society is a more safer venue for us foreigners : )

2. A. Santos Street (Blow Row) for Blow Jobs :

This street is noted for its Blow Job Bars. About three or so low cost bars close to each other , nowadays. A small number of girls in each place , say 5/7 girls , some less , some more. P700/800 , 2 hrs , BJ and full sex. Average looking girls , no beauty queens working in A Santos St. You can sex them in your Hotel , if you like , 2hrs P700/800. LT/All night , hotel , is possible too , enquire with mama-san , think its only P1200 all night. Suggest at night time you do not proceed beyond the bars in A. Santos St. You will be walking on your own , and trannies sometimes park on the corner of side streets. Temptation for them to rob you (exception) . And the same transvestites are patrolling this street too. They are inclined to scam you , given the chance : ) Not to worry about it , just avoid.
Location (of Blow Row) : Exiting Kokomo's on the corner of Fields & A.Santos Sts , turn left into A.Santos St (Blow Row). BJ Bars located say 40mtrs down on right hand side. Names : in order of popularity ...... Black Pearl , Gobblers , Heaven.
Street Hookers : Some plying their trade in this street too. They will offer a discount price , to undercut bar/s. discount price Be wary of these 'unknowns' (street hookers) ... theft / STD's always a possibility. Never take an underage looking one , you could be set up for a P100,000 Police bribe. Beware of transvestite/lady boy types too , they are interested in robbing foreigners.

Raymond St : Parallel to A.Santos and a block away is similar to A. Santos in respect of services rendered , and 'sleaze' factor. Have a look at the free Angeles Walking Map for its location.

3. Sex Massage with Young providers :

Following info might be outdated by now. Massage is not an interest of mine. Angeles is not a place for a sex massage. Thailand best place for that.
Pal of mine advises me there is one called "Underwater Karaoke & Massage Parlour" in Fields Avenue, P300 for one and a half hours (no sex). Don't expect anything like Thailand though : ) Others I have heard about : Palace Massage in Don Juico Avenue , and You & I Massage on First Avenue. There is another one called Roman Massage for P1000-1500 (includes sex). Do not expect much of a massage scene in Angeles (or anywhere else in Phils for that matter). Go to Thailand for that : ) Ask Trike Drivers to take you to Massage joints , they will know all of them , and unfortunately inflate the price , cause MP might have to give them a commission.

4. Margarita Station and Kokomo's for Hooker pick ups :

(see Restaurant Section)
Update (Margarita's) : Forget this place for Freelancers. Extremely limited potential.
This is what I wrote before the update ............
Margarita : "This place is known to be a Freelance (FL) hooker spot and a place where you can meet other 'practitioners' (whoremongers) , including those resident in Angeles. However the Freelancers who hang around playing pool etc in this place are usually older than the Go-Go/Show girls. And from personal observation there are not many of them.
Kokomo's : Out the front of the Restaurant FL's walk by. At Koko's you can sit at a 15/20 metre long strip bar overlooking Fields drinking beer and "psst psst" one that you fancy. Note : Unfortunately not all the pretty girls passing by are hookers , and might not take kindly to your "psst psst" : )
If you see a nice one , smile , if she smiles back , continue smiling and wave her in. You never know your luck. A hooker will come in instantly , non hooker will think about it. You might have to get up off your arse and go talk to her on the street , if she is a good girl , and smiling at you. Pass your cellphone number and see what happens further on down the track : ) She might not like being picked up in front of others , especially regular filipinos standing around. Cellphone number will work 9 out of 10 times.
All of this is Copyright info belonging to

5. Freelancer Hookers for hot sex ? :

I am now talking about the ones who roam up and down the streets :
Danger : Note , it is not advisable to take these girls nowadays. Some are working scams in cahoots with the Police which will cost you a lot of money to get out of. Not worth the risk of being locked up in a prison for soliciting an under age girl , whatever. If the girl is bad and in cahoots with Police , they will come up with any story necessary to extract money from you , eg rape/attempted rape. Rare , but possible.
Curious , like playing with fire ? ..... The FL's I am talking about are located in ..... Raymond Street ; Real Street ; and Fields Ave. The least of your problems with these girls ... STD's and the likelihood of theft from your room increases when you are dealing with these ladies. One of FL's pluses - budget rates , viz no bar fines or Ladies Drinks : ST (Short Time) P300/500/700. Lowest price pretty ugly : ) (pretty terrible girl : ) .LT (Long Time) : 500/700/1000. Normally they are not attractive , and can be older etc. Budget sex at its best/worst , provided you don't catch something (STD , or worse , HIV) and your valuables are not left lying around in your room. And in some cases eg P300 , you might have to throw a blanket over her face : ) Note - The one of your choice might not be allowed into your Hotel if 1. They have no ID 2. They are known to be 'trouble'.
Be wary of scams usually involving underage freelance girls , as indicated in info before. Stick with the bars/show places. Avoid unusually good looking young girls ex the street/s and don't let any in your room , if they come knocking. It could be a set up. Whilst they are outside your room all is well. Although nothing is certain , girl and police might claim she was inside your room , nude etc. Telling lies is one of the filipinos fortes. Also being sexy too : )
Favourite spot .... Phillies Sports Bar , on the corner of Fields and Raymond Sts. Sit at bar overlooking the footpath. Girls walking along Raymond St to Fields and girls walking along Fields close to you , might give you the eye , and take it from there. Do not expect quality girls working the streets. Same precautions re Freelancers , as discussed above.
Street scene ? ignore it , no need for that , better inside the venues : )

6. Filipino (guys) places :
Fields Avenue and Perimeter Road bars are exclusively foreigner type bars.
If you wander away from the foreigner red light district , take note :
Be wary of entering Filipino/pinoy (male) populated night spots. At places where the local boys have the numbers on their side, and are drunk you could be at risk. Leave them to themselves, as they normally do us. They do not willingly encroach on our relatively expensive sex venues , so best not to enroach on their cheapy venues. Do not be freaked out about this , just be aware of it. Also its mostly a waste of time entering the small number of Korean style bars. Management instructs the girls to concentrate on the big spending koreans.

Other Info :

Vitamin .V. ... Viagra , Cialis etc. I dont use the stuff , following info second hand :
Some say ones bought on street (P200 box of 4 tabs ?) can be duds. If that is the case , that means they could be a danger to your health.
If I was buying the stuff I would purchase from legit Pharmacies , eg Mansons (Angeles) supposedly sells without prescription. Some will sell without script , some not. Try a few till ya get the right one. Most probably pay a little more , but hey , your playing with your heart/health w' street stuff. Might be full of the vendors saliva for all you know : )
Update : Recently a foreigner who partook of the above mentioned stimulant , presumably off the street (?) , died sitting at the bar.

Subic (Barrio Baretto)
Venues for SEX with young women , hookers and anyone sellin sex :
I do not update Subic/Barrio Baretto anymore , have abandoned this 'side trip'.
But many others have not , growing in popularity , but still very small compared to Fields Ave/Perimeter 'scene'.
Enquire at Front Desk , and or eg Kokomo's Travel Office , how you can do a day trip there. They told me Subic Van is P500 and leaves AC , 1pm and 2pm , takes 2hrs , P150. Leaves Subic for AC 11am and 12noon every day.
If me , keep room , survey Subic/Barrio Baretto) scene for one night first.

SUGGEST .... you read the Forum where visitors field reports reside nowadays , for any info on Subic.
Now we give our eyes a rest from "meat inspections", and scuttle down to Cebu to see what it has got to offer. Certainly not wall to wall sex , like Angeles City. You can rest from your 'inspectors duties', to a certain extent when in Cebu City , but in reality there is never any rest for the purist whorist. Only when you get to WH (Whorist Heaven) can you have a rest from bar fines , STD's : ) , and ladies drinks. But there is never any rest from sex itself , that's why we call it Whorist Heaven : )
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