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My 1st O/seas adventure, The Philippines

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My 1st O/seas adventure, The Philippines

Postby admin_pornrev » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:06 am

Hello hello, my friends,

Dick Amateur here, I hope you like my pen name, it makes me laugh, I hope it makes you laugh too !

This is the story of how I ended up on the path I am on now. I have always been an “adventurer”, but now I’m a “Global Travel Adventurer”, and I have never been happier, to me I feel my life now has meaning and purpose.

I am just “bursting outa myself” to tell people my stories. I fact I drive my friends “crazy”, because I have so much that I want to talk about. I wear my friends out. They like to listen, but after a few hours they become “exhausted”.

So now I have this site I can “talk to the world”, if you want to read my endless stories, you can, at your own pace, and “switch me off”, when you need a break, ha ha ha, and continue reading, whenever you like, at your leisure.


It all started when I was forced off my farm, I couldn’t make any money out of it for many years, mostly because a lot of very ignorant Government, spy types, seriously didn’t like me, they just didn’t “get me”, and while many have stolen, many of my ideas and concepts, many have also tried to flush me down the toilet.

I received unemployment benefits, because every time I got close to succeeding with a farming project, I would get sabotaged. So after many years of this endless cycle, of starting a farm project, and then getting destroyed. I got really annoyed, a bit crazy even, and started trying to expose some of the less ethical undercover operatives responsible, which I guess is a bad move and I can thank God, and the more open minded people making the big decision’s in these agency’s for saving my life...thus far.

I lived in extreme poverty, and after a series of very harsh financial penalties from the people at centrelink. I was forced off my farm, once and for all, out of the scenario, censured from making it clear to people who the local informers were. Whose mission in this area was and still is, essentially, I believe. to run a small community of people out of a valley, they legally own. To make way for a Dam, possibly even a Hydro-electric power plant. Seeing as this valley is a very high rainfall area and is also very closely located to the fast growing Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

This valley is geographically perfect for such a project. And something the Gold Coast badly needs. Really, if such a thing has to be, they should just compensate the owners of this land and move in as they can well do if they wish. But instead they play games with peoples lives. I guess it's human nature at work, they want it CHEEP.

If I am correct, you will hear about this Dam project in the future on the news. This could even become a multi-national company owned project, an assumption of mine that received criticism at 1st. But now we already have multi-national owned dams in Australia. Enormous amounts of water and resources held solely for the use of wasteful, multi-national owned Mega-farms, not for the use of any small farmers living in the same area. And certainly not for any real benefit to the people of Australia.

This then, if I am correct, is an example of what a few other brave souls have written about before. This is an example of undercover Government agents, playing dirty tricks, serving the wishes of Multi-national company's, instead of serving the best interests of the country. This is treason.

Anyway the end result of this situation for me, is it kind of "messed" me up. And if it wasn’t for the assistance of my “evil” mother, allowing me to live in a house in the City, that she had swindled from the family fortune (that's another story), well maybe I would have done something extreme.

Well actually a few years later I had one last ditch attempt to farm papaya, on anther block of land that I owned. A block that I had already been "chased off", 25 years prior; another long story, that I'd prefer to forget, full of mystery and intrigue. After my 1st attempts to lobby politicians as an idealistic 24 year old.

The main "culprit" to my demise on that block had recently died in a horrendous car crash, so I felt I could return. He was a man who once told me, when he was very drunk, in the early years of our association, before I learnt to stay away from him; that, when he was in the Navy, he was part of a team that built a joint Government ("other" Governments were the main instigators of this project) Top Secret Military Base in the middle of isolated Jungle in New Guinea. He said they came in with helicopters, knocked the top of a mountain, build a base, camouflaged it, and now KNOW BODY would EVER know it was there.

Maybe that's why he is dead, shooting his mouth off, I dunno. I don't go looking for these types of people, they always find me and burst into my life, oh GOD how I wish they would stay away from me. Why can't they just let me live my last few years in peace, instead of always forcing me to bite their big toe as they stomp on me. Yes quite a few people have waisted large parts of their life trying to destroy me, most only slowed me down, and of course most, while probably receiving generous pay packets, seemed to suffer enormous "Bad Karma" for their despicable actions.

The papaya farm went well for a few years, naturally a "new" gang of very suspicious, Government connected goons got on my tale there also. But before they could do any serious damage, Australia’s drought’s, due to climate change, dried up all my dams, and I watched my business dry up, wither, and blow away in the wind.

I then turned my mother’s suburban backyard into a very profitable little plant nursery, a nice little part time business, but alas the drought got so bad, the City of Brisbane had to have “water restrictions”. Only 130 litres a day per person. Draconian measures for a so called advanced nation, and that completely wiped out, me, and every other backyard plant business in the area.

I don’t blame the government for this at all. Queensland, Australia, has, I feel, had a good government for many years. Well as best as they are “allowed” to be. It’s just that we have all been “railroaded” buy the multinationals, they have completely overwhelmed us all, people and Government alike. They have taken over our thoughts, with the control of the media, and Government agencies.

The multinationals have spent Billions and made many many Billions, overdeveloping the State. And this has left our tax payer funded infrastructure seriously lacking, now we don’t have the services needed to support this MASSIVE building expansion and population resettlement growth.

Our roads are bad, our hospitals, schools, water, electricity supply, etc etc cannot keep up. And instead of forcing these Mega-companies, who suck Mega-profits out of the community, to contribute to infrastructure upgrades. "They" have forced us to “privatise”, sell the people’s asset’s to these same Mega-corporation’s. So that they, can now own and run, all these vital utility’s, at a profit.

Were once our society provided all of these services funded by the people’s taxes, and profit was not the issue, because they were taxpayer funded “essential” services. Now profit has been put before the essential needs of the people. And the people will suffer because of this.

Anyway, I hope I’m not boring you. These are important issues, but I cannot do anything about this alone, the people have to be “aware’ of all of this to make a positive change. And to give people “awareness” is now virtually impossible, when we have a multinational owned media, a “propaganda machine”, that bowl’s over any who stand in their way.

The world will probably have to decay into a much worse state of affairs, before the greedy power people of the world start to make truly “humanitarian” decisions, instead “of profit 1st” decisions.

Anyway all of these negative factor’s brought me to where I am now, better off, personally. My heart bleeds for the world. But the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer has helped me with this, “God grant me the COURAGE to ACCEPT what I cannot change”!


Anyway, let’s get away from politics’. Living in the city gave me the opportunity to try to find a female partner in life. So I went to the only places (essentially) in our society, were a man can meet a woman, the pubs and clubs. Meeting and becoming, one of the many Australians, whose minds are soaked in Alcohol, was a pitiful way to live. And sorry to say this, but all the women I met, were “losers”, well, so were all of us men too.

Drunk, with life’s falling apart, because were we drunk. But why do Australian people get together and just get blind rotten drunk and fight??? Because the women rarely have sex anymore, and relationships rarely last. Because the women were "tricked" into taking Birth Control Pills, and even the sex drive of men has dropped, due to pollutants, mostly, again, estrogens and xeno-estrogens, now in the food chain.

Some confused "modern" people try to separate sex from love. But the highest form of love on earth IS sexual love, of course, I can prove that more in another story. Without sex drive, what is love? Heaven might be different, but on Planet Earth, how can love be love without sex? That's why love has turned into "just a word", empty and devoured of true meaning. used by people who don't know love. Used by people, who only really only know "like" and "hate".

People get now get rotten drunk or "stoned" during what should be, "courting rituals", because the love is GONE.

But anyway I started getting DESPERATE for a woman in my life, and SETTLED for this very hot spunk, I meet by a chance encounter, she rarely ever went to the pub’s and club’s so I thought I was onto a GOOD THING.

She had 3 children, and “played it” as if she was some kind of “Virginal High Priestess”. I fell for it, “hook line and sinker” went straight down the neck of this poor little fish; me. Ha ha.

As time went on and our relationship grew, she still would never have sex with me, (she had had her "tubes" clamped. You know? Sterilised by a Doctor, COMPLETELY infertile). I tried hard to be a gentleman, and never forced the issue. BUT as we got to know each other better, I had to listen to more and more of her “hard luck stories”, she told me she was “too proud” to accept the “single mother’s pension” The basic right of every single mother in Australia.

And time and time again, she kept asking me for “loans”. And I being “hopelessly” in love with her just kept giving.

It got so bad, that, it degenerated into her fronting me with a hard luck story, pleading and nagging, and even arguing until she got my money. And then she would just disappear, for a few weeks even, until the next time she needed money. It was always very “heart wrenching” reasons why she needed the money; to pay for rent, because she got robbed, to buy food for the kids, to buy a car so she could drive to work. The “mishaps” just went on and on.

After about 1 year, I rang her one time, and a man answered. He could hardly speak, he was “stoned on heroin”, when I realised this I went to the pub, for the 1st time in a year and got blind rotten drunk. As I struggled to ride a bicycle back home. I pulled up on the beach, looked out to sea, as I have always loved to do, and cried my eyes out. I balled like a baby. All self pity, pathetic, yes, I know.

Well our association went on for another year, by now I knew something was seriously wrong, but I was so in love that I really wanted to help her out of that scene. She would always deny that she had a habit, and would get extremely angry, whenever I tried to bring up the subject of hard drugs.

The demands for money continued, and often, regardless of her threats to leave me, I would give her nothing. BUT sometimes I would give her money, and I guess that is why she kept coming back.

I started to demand sex; I was crazy about this girl. But never ever, got any more than a quick kiss and a hug.

After 2 years she walked into my house, going through withdrawal symptoms, the 1st time I had ever seen such a thing. For the 1st time she wasn’t the powerful confident person she had always been, she was as weak as water, (well, water is NOT weak, but she was REALLY weak, ok) and she broke down crying, saying she had spent every last dollar (a considerable amount) I had ever given her on heroin and amphetamines, and please just give her some money for a “hit” and later she would go to rehab. I gave, stupid me hey.

But then I started to get, for the 1st time “some” honesty from her. And, by reading between the lines as well, I discovered, that.

She was a prostitute, making $70,000 a year, had about 5 other men just like me, who never got sex, just got “played”, for money, thinking they were potential marriage prospects. She had a long term boyfriend, also an addict, and her “pimp”. She DID get the single mothers pension as well, she had a takeaway food shop, and also her and her boyfriend sold drugs, and GUNS, both highly illegal in Australia.

And every last dollar they made went up their arm. And their kids lived in RAGS! Not even enough money spare to buy their kids clothes.

Well this association still continued for another year, 3 years now in all, and still never any sex. She would fuck any decrepit stupid cunt that rang her up via her whore advertisements in the papers, but she would never fuck me.

One of her excuses to not have sex was she liked me too much to fuck me, which could have had some truth in it, because sterilised women can get REALLY messed up. Why I still even wanted to fuck her, I just can’t understand now. I was “addicted” to her. Was still hopelessly in love with her, and had this stupid notion that I could still “clean her up”.

At one stage I got very angry with her and her pimp boyfriend. I tracked down were they lived on the other side of the city, with phone home numbers, she always keep that secret, but I can be like a bloodhound if I have too, that shocked them. I started demanding my money back over a period of a few weeks and didn’t care what kind of gun toting bad asses I was dealing with. I had taken on assholes before, and usually kicked their butts. They rang me with all kind of threats, one day it reached a peak, and they said they would be straight over with 4 or 5 big men, who I had seen with them before, to kill me. I just screamed back at them “bring it on, I’m ready for you”, and I was too, but still wasn’t looking forward to spraying 5 big assholes with petrol and setting them on fire, (ha ha).

Anyway, instead of them coming, a corrupt cop, rang me, and told me to leave them alone. I recorded the conversation, then rang back the police station, he claimed to work in, just to be sure he WAS a cop. I spoke to other cops 1st, and by the time he got on the line, I had realised he was such a “smarty pants” and un-defeatable power person, that he had “tweaked” his work mates, into thinking I was the problem. So I was beat, couldn’t get any money back from them, and again lucky to not have been framed for God knows what. The tape recording would have been my only defence. And the tape wasn’t very good, he was smart enough to be very guarded in his speech.

Chapter 3. SAVED BY A MATE

By this time I was in a seriously bad emotional state.

And (now we finally get to the sex travel), I had a friend who had been travelling to the Philippines for his 3 week break, every year for 5 years.

He could clearly see what an emotional mess I was in, well, all my friends could clearly see it.

He had issues too, his face would contort, and he would say with teeth clenched, “I hate white bitches”, I used to think at the time, well I don’t like them much, but “hate”, mate, that’s a bit extreme, ha ha. And then he would tell me all about the tragic things his past Australian girlfriends had done too him. It was a sorry tale. And now I know Millions of westerner men are in the same situation.

I had 1st met this man in primary school, at about 11 years old, he was in my younger brother’s class. “Essentially” he is a really nice guy, with “issues”, and a serious drinking problem.

We have “history” together, and the many friendships that I have, that go back this far, are, and always will be my most treasured friendships. My REAL friendships.

He was about to marry a Filipino woman, and demanded that I go to the pines with him.

Well this excursion changed my life, forever, for the better.

He bought the tickets for me, 7 months prior.

I got my passport.

He pulled a heap of billy’s, bongs, of pot, marijuana, and off we went to the airport, with him reeking of pot.

We got on the plane, and he talked the whole way, blah blah blah. Buy the time we got off the plane, 15 hours later, the other passengers near to us, were rubbing their ears, true, he really HURT, every ones ears, ha ha.

But he meant well. That’s the main thing I have to say about him.


We arrived in Cebu, on New Year’s Eve, he was right; it was a great time to arrive. The pinno’s really know how to enjoy the new year. They are allowed to have firecrackers in that country, and New Years Eve is their “firecracker night”, they do it to scare away evil spirits and bring in a good new year.

1st they ALL go to church, every last one of them, everything is closed, except for church, then after at midnight, they let off more crackers than you could ever imagine. It sounds like world war 3; after, the streets are left with about 30 centimetres deep, of bits of firecracker paper, the leftovers of this assault on everybody's hearing.

Some of the crackers they had were amazing; I grew up with firecrackers in Australia, before they were banned. But had never seen crackers like this, some were the size of a matchbox, but went off like 3 double bungers tied together, BOOM, like small bombs, it was great.

Before the big event, my friend took his “wife to be” straight into his hotel room, for some serious “hello, I missed you so much, fucking”. So I finally got a rest from his endless chatter, and against the wishes of the owners of the resort were we stayed. I went wandering off, around the village of Talisay.

Oh yea I forgot to tell you this, as we drove into Cebu, I could smell this kind of “sweet’ smell, it was still a “stench” but kind of sweet. My mind kept telling me I had smelled this before, somewhere, sometime, but I just couldn’t place it.

Finally I realised it came from my memories on the farm, it was shit, human shit. Buried in 2 million backyards, most have no sewage or septic systems.

My friend pointed out to me some of the worst slums in Cebu, as we drove to the resort. Yes they looked oppressive, but to me it was how close each little shack was to each other, as for the shacks, well at least they had tin roofs and walls, their shacks were luxury, compared to how I had to live for 25 years in Australia, on my farm, (plastic tarp roof with no walls) AND, at least they had a “social life” ha ha.

Actually I found out later they have a brilliant social life, in Cebu they usually have ample water, and the miserable few dollars they make is spent on soap and shampoo and clothes. They lived in slums, but dressed as good as any Australians, and were always “sparkling” clean, in fact, cleaner personal hygiene than many Australians, and their lifestyle? Well just one big “pow-wow”, hanging out together all day long, constant flirting, amazing social cohesion, respect, love and trust. Smiling happy faces.

In fact if they didn’t KNOW that they have some of the worst living conditions in the world, and didn’t HEAR on TV, how “apparently” the west lives in much better circumstances. They would LONG for nothing. They would be COMPLETELY content.


Anyway back to my wandering through the village of Talisay, I found it amazing; everyone was so friendly to me. I stood out like dog’s balls, being the only white guy, (that's the problem, there is only one rat bag in every few thousand people in the Philippines, but us foreigner's stand out like a flashing beacon to all the cons and crooks in the place). Everyone would smile and greet me with a big “Hello” and followed by “Happy New Year”.

After about half an hour of wandering, and nearly getting lost a few times in this maze of tiny streets and tiny little 2 story 1 room shacks, (example: one room on top of another room, that's a house. Then joined onto that, another room on top of a room, that's "another"house) side by side by side, miles and miles, acres and acres of them with tiny little roads and paths linking them up.

I started to feel safer and stopped and sat on a kind of park bench chair. People were beside me chatting away to each other, most could only speak very small amounts of English. After about 15 minutes, a man approached me, a school teacher, his English was nearly perfect, after another 15 minutes of conversation, he offered to buy me a beer, I said “no mate, my shout”, and gave him some money to buy him and myself a beer.

Before long he offered me girls and pot. I said yes to the girls immediately, and then thought, well, what the hell, its New Years, have a smoke too! I gave him about $15 and he went off, and in about 5 minutes came back with some very poor quality smoke rolled into about 10 small joints, These joints were rolled in newspaper mind you, with print, ink, on them, not rolled in cigarette papers. Ok I thought, when in Rome...Then he was ready to take me in his brother’s taxi, to find some girls.

Hey I’m not a “complete”, idiot, so I knew by now my mate had finished his “hello fucking” and took my new friend back to the resort to tell my mate, that I was going for a drive, with some TOTAL strangers.

I found my mate and his wife to be, and we all sat together and watched the sun set over the water, and blew one of these joints together. Very nice.

Then my mate was convinced I was safe, so off I went with my new friend to find some girls. After about half an hour drive we found out, (or I guess they already knew) all the girl bars were closed, due to New Years Eve. I saw for the first and only time,the famous “Silver Dollar Bar”, closed; but could see in the darkness, its big timber double doors. Have to go 1 day.

Then he took me to a kind of Asian Ghetto, as soon as we turned down this very busy alleyway, I could see that “everything” goes on in this alley. Rap music blasted from “beat boxes”. And people could see a white guy (me) in this taxi and started swarming it; one man opened the door and tried to get in, mouth jabbering in “Cebuano” language, trying to sell anything and everything to us, while our taxi was still slowly moving through this alley.

My friend promptly pushed him out and locked the door.

We then pulled up to this “pimp” and after some more “Cebuano”, he yelled one word and 30 working girls lined up in front of the Taxi. All sticking their chest’s out and looking as sexy as they could. “Who do you want”? My new friend said.

“Wow” I said, “they are ALL so beautiful”, even though a few (just a few) were very bloody average.

I picked this little sweetie with a hot body, and a curly perm and colour in her hair. I guess I still wasn’t used to the features of these beauties, and went for the one who looked the most like a westerner. I handed over the 1000 peso note (less than $20, at the time) to the pimp, and, like a magician, he dropped it, and when he picked it up it "magically", turned into a 500 peso note. What could I do? (Over time I meet a few people with this amazing “sleight of hand” skill) So I took back my now 500 peso note and handed him another 1000 peso note. Ha ha ha. :lol:

Ok, off we went, back to the resort, the girl was very hot, and after my new friend pushed the man out of the car, I was starting to trust him, and actually I was starting to get a real buzz from him. Or maybe it was just the marijuana, still stoned from the joint earlier, ha ha. :lol: I was thinking to myself. “WOW my new friend is just the NICEST man”! Here I am, about to fuck a hot babe all night, for less than $20, and HE made it all happen. :D

The girl started talking, and within moments I was catching her up, lying about this and lying about that; pity, she wanted to marry me within 5 minutes, so was trying to impress me. Oh well, I thought, as long as she is good in bed I don’t mind. But marriage? Could never marry a liar, sorry.

We got back to my room, and I sent my new friend off to buy some booze, he came back soon with about 3 different bottles of spirit’s. The Philippines has some of the best beer and spirits in the world. Good ol San Migel.

By now I decided that I liked my new friend, and was tipping him heavily, and this made him even more attentive.

He then said he would leave us alone for a few hours, and would come back at midnight, New Years Eve, when the fireworks started.

Well this woman, started to “play it” like many hookers in the west. She REALLY got talking, blah blah blah, and with the strong accent, I could hardly understand a word.

After a while, I made a move on her and she pulled away, and kept blabbering, she plated my hair, and told me how she wanted to take me to church later to meet all her friends. Oh boy, after the junkie, in Australia, this was the very last thing I needed. I started reaching for the spirits and sculling it down, while she just talked at a rapid pace.

After about 2 hours of this, I handed her the taxi fare and said, “hey look no offence, but go, ok, I want to be alone”. She immediately panicked, and kind of clumsily ripped all her clothes off, revealing a very tight, strong, well maintained body. She told me she exercised every day and it showed, she looked magnificent. But I had had enough, “go”! I insisted. So she went.

By then, it was New Years Eve, the firecrackers started, and here I was alone in my room, half drunk, and feeling very sorry for myself, “Man oh man, I thought, I can’t even get a root in Asia”!

Later my new friend appeared and we went out and caught up with my Mate and his wife to be.

Buy now my new friend was started to get very “clingy”. Later I realised I had given him too much money, and it was sending him nutty.

After a while I gave him taxi fare so he could get home and another tip ( yes too much again ). He insisted he wanted to see me later that morning, and I insisted, not before 11 am, because I wanted to sleep in and get over the “jet lag” from our 15 hour flight.

Anyway 8 am he started banging on my door, I thought if I ignored him he would go away, but he didn’t, bang bang for at LEAST an hour non stop, till I got up and insisted firmly, LATER DUDE.

Then he got the shits. And maybe worried that the money fountain was drying up. By about 3 that afternoon, I got up and walked out into Talisay again, and bought some Jackfruit, 1st time I had tried it, YUM.

I was buzzing just meeting and talking to the locals, when my new friend found me. He wanted to hang out, but I was so annoyed that he disturbed my sleep, so I kept insisting, “later” not now.

He then made a “guts effort” to walk me to this shack about 30 meters away. I wouldn’t go, and started walking back to the resort. Within a few minutes my mate and his wife to be, came screaming down the alleyway on a motorbike, freaking out. This "shack" my new friend was trying to take me too was the local Police Station. He was trying to bust me for the pot HE sold me the night before, and was so sure he would get me into this little cop shop, he had already called my mates wife to be, to come on down and pay the bribe. WOW !

Lesson. NEVER EVER EVER, buy or take drugs while overseas, not even the healing herb marijuana. NEVER ! ! ! NEVER EVER EVER. Believe me, even if you have a pot addiction, once you know what you’re doing in Asia, you just don’t need the shit. I PROMISE YOU ! I’ve seen it many times, addictions just fall away, because you will have so much fun in Asia, you will have no interest in smoking pot. DON’T DO IT. Fuck hot women instead !

This “new friend” of mine, later even turned up at our resort hotel, and argued with the owner, an ex-Mayer of Talisay, for half an hour, about why I should go to prison, or pay the bribe, for the pot HE sold me. Luckily my mate knew the owner of the resort really well, from visiting for 3 weeks every year for 5 years. Otherwise, thing’s would have been very different.

Oh yea, my mate, like said before, loves pot, a very heavy pot smoker in Australia. Goes to the Philippines every year and stops. A bit edgy and cranky for a day or two, then smiling like the rest of us foreigner's.

It's all the love and fucking.

I really do think people abuse drugs because of lack of love, sex and a poor quality of life. Working like slaves to make fat cats rich.


Anyway, after the big drama, my mate and I sat by the pool and downed a few beer’s. My mate was determined to find me a good girl, and sent his wife to be off to find me someone. Meanwhile the resort staff felt sorry for me too and called another girl up, but didn’t tell us.

The woman the resort staff called, approached us, drop dead beautiful. We asked her if she was a friend of my mates wife to be, and she said “yes”, we asked her when my mates wife to be would come back, and she said “she didn’t know”, so we bought her a drink, and after about an hour my mates wife to be arrived only to tell us she had never seen this girl before in her life, ha ha.

Rose was her name, and by now I thought she was ok, so we all went out together, and my mates wife to be took us to the bar to meet the girl I was supposed to be with.

Once in this bar, the “Saint Moritz” I meet the girl I was supposed to be with, she was even hotter. Joy was her name. We tried to steal some kisses, but Rose caught us, I could see it made her sad. Anyway, Joy and I made a date for the next evening.

Rose was, though, a very nice girl, very quite, and very sweet, later that night we had incredible sex, exquisite deeply moving romantic sex. YIPPEE !!! I had finally broken the sex drought. I finally lifted what seemed like a curse, on my love life. I will never forget Rose. The next day she asked me for about $15 for her baby. And was very grateful for it also. I made it clear to her I was off on another date that night with Joy, the girl I was supposed to meet. She seemed ok with it.

But after she found out Joy and I fell in love, she apparently turned up to the Saint Moritz with a gang of angry men, looking for Joy, oh boy, nice to be popular I guess. They never found Joy, because we were virtually joined at the hip for the rest of my holiday.


Joy was unbelievable. Up to that date, she was the nicest girlfriend I ever had. She was only 19, I was 42 at the time. To me I felt this was the only problem, it just wasn’t fair, for a young super spunk like her to get stuck with an old fart like me. Everything seemed fine until I would see our reflection in a shop window, and then I would see this stunning beauty holding hands with this middle-aged old creep, me, ha ha. But Asians have no problem with this, they feel the younger men are not ready for a serious relationship, and us old fogies are settled and mature, and of course financially secure.

We were deeply in love, fucking her was not fucking at all; we made love, tender affectionate love.

It was really special with her, her pussy was TINY, never seen a pussy so small, ever, even now. And yet if I put enough KY lubricant on she would stretch over my cock, and felt as tight as the tightest grip my own hand could manage, but hey, nothing like my hand, really. Her pussy was warm and sweet smelling, and sweet tasting, and moist, and ELECTRIC.

Joy was JOY. Joy was HEAVEN. I will never, never, never, ever, forget her. (I guess now, in 2009, 6 years later, I would walk straight past Rose on the street and not recognise her, I've had hundreds of lovers in Asia now, but I could NEVER forget Joy, not ever).

After our 3 weeks together. I came back 5 months later and stayed with her for another 2 months. We travelled extensively together. She was a great travelling companion and guide. Joy was smart, (spoke 3 languages, almost fluent, and bits and pieces of 3 other languages). Joy was adventures, yet quite and peaceful, really easy to get along with, and she taught me the dangers to watch out for in the Philippines.

We went to Bantayan Island, off the northern tip of Cebu Island. We went to the internationally acclaimed scuba divers paradise of Moalboal, on western side of Cebu Island.

We travelled the Island of Negros, the Island that once had the world’s sugar cane monopoly, before sugar cane was mechanised. On that island I only saw one other white man briefly in a shop from a distance. Tourists rarely went to the parts of Negros were we travelled, and the locals would stare at me, not blatantly of course, always when my back was turned. If I turned around fast I would catch them staring, and they would politely turn away. Whenever sitting close to them on buses and boats etc., they would try to steal glances of my eyes, without my noticing. They were fascinated with my green eyes, because everyone in the Philippines usually has dark brown or sometimes even black eyes.

If I ever sat waiting at a bus stop or boat terminal in Negros, crowds of children, would rush up to me and sit in front of me and stare, they had just never seen anyone like me before. I would pull funny faces at them and make them laugh, and give them fruit. Its much better to give out fruit than money, because often they would just have to give the money to their parents anyway.

In the City of Cebu groups of child beggars roam the streets looking for westerners, and most of the money they receive would go to “pimp” types. There was this busy street crossing I will never forget. Right in the middle of this big wide, very busy crossing was a traffic Island were pedestrians would have to stop, before they could continue negotiating crossing this road. On this Traffic Island lived this poor little kid about 9 years old.

When I say “lived” I mean just that, the poor little feller lived there. But I didn’t realise at the time. I crossed that road a few times, and this poor little kid, dressed in rags and filthy dirty from the street grime, that seemed to smear everything a grey black colour, from the HUGE amount of traffic. Would look at me with these sad eyes and hold his hand out, hoping I would give him money. At 1st I never hesitated to give him a little change, but I found myself crossing this street often and after hearing the story’s about how “pimps” got most of the money, the 2nd last time I meet him I refused. He looked sooo sad that I said no.

One time when I was leaving town in a taxi with Joy, we drove passed this corner at about 5 am in the morning, and their he was sleeping on this Traffic Island. I was shocked. It was so noisy from the traffic and he was curled up sleeping on the grey black filthy concrete. It was a triangular traffic Island about the size of an average room of a house, and he was huddled in one corner, virtually on the curb, with cars and trucks missing him by about 1 and a half feet, only 45 centremeters. I was shocked! I mentioned it to Joy and for her it was nothing, and she told me right then, that he lived their... OHHH FUCK!!! I felt like such an ASSHOLE for denying him just a little change. I got sooo chocked up from realising this. I just couldn’t stop crying for about half an hour. One of those things that hit me so hard I have to block it from my mind, cos every time I thought about it, I would break down. FUCK!!! That POOR little kid!!!

Just before I left the Philippines I made a point of going back to that Traffic Island, it was about 9am and quite a few people were crossing this road by then, that Island was shoulder to shoulder with people non stop, and this little kid was still sleeping in that same corner. People and feet everywhere except for where he slept. I tried to wake him to give him a pile of money, again fighting off the tears. And you know what? That kid was so tired, I just couldn’t wake him up. I was shaking him even, was starting to think he was dead. Another pinno Man, jumped in to assist me, and grabbed this poor little kid and shook the shit out of him, only then did he wake up. FUCK!!!!

( Even now, 5 years later, trying to write this, and trying to open a part of my mind, and remember the details, a part of my mind that I HAD to shut off, cos it just breaks me down, I'm crying right now thinking about it. Hey I'm not a wimp! If you had any kind of a heart and experienced that, you would be crying too. FUCK MAN!!! We gotta try our best to put an end to poverty, REAL poverty, you have ever seen poverty till you see some of these 3rd world City's. Really! NO MORE!!! We gotta dwell on the subject and come up with solutions, ASAP! You know 1 answer? What I'm talking about in other posts about mega-desalinated water, and greening up Australia's MASSIVE desert interior, and reversing climate change... We bring them over here, if they want to come, and give them a chance to live in "kibbutz style" farming communes, but not slave camps; some people cant help themselves and always make these kind of places oppressive; no way never, make them places of freedom, take the greed out of the equasion, remove the need for dominate types to profit from other peoples work, and then one doesn't have to work like a slave to survive, YES WE CAN DO!!!)

Then I handed him the money, still trying not to break down and look like a fool. He was so grateful and smiled brightly. But mostly he was in shock, from what I did. HOLY SHIT!!! What an emotional experience. It really bothers me when I think about it, why couldn’t the Government put this little kid in a home and send him to school? That’s just how it is in some of these big Asian City’s. TRAGIC!!!

The countryside is much better for orphans, (he had no parents). In the country the pino's have no need for old people’s homes or orphanages, or unemployment benefits, because there is always someone in the village who will look after any person in need. They are poor but they stick by each other. They have unity that puts most of us to shame, but the cities, well it really is a concrete jungle.

Joy and I also went to the absolutely stunning surfer’s paradise of Siargao Island and stayed at “Cloud Nine”, a place with Hawaii like surf, and hung out with the very friendly local surfing community there. In the local village at Cloud Nine was 1 orphan and he was the most spoilt kid in the village, everyone made such a fuss over him.

Siarao was Heaven on earth. The place was covered in coconut trees, and I paid a boy to pick me a green one everyday, and would find a nice spot to sit back and drink the yummy coconut milk. The water was warm and teeming with fish, many were coloured tropical fish. Looking into the rock pools was like looking into a tropical aquarium.

On the beach every sea shell was ALIVE and walking around.

While surfing the fish would be jumping out of the water everywhere.

I’m not a brilliant surfer, so I would stay back and let the boy’s get their waves; but this place, get this, the locals, would say to me, “Hey Joe, this one is YOUR wave, go for it” ! I always had all the waves I could handle.

My eyes are getting watery just thinking about it. I wanted to buy a farm there, and stay for the rest of my days. The women there were the most beautiful pinno’s I had ever seen. And land, although if a foreigner bought, it had to be 51% Filipino ownership, ( smart of them hey? No multinational monopoly’s in the Philippines ) a person could buy 1 hector, beach front land for only $30,000.

But to cut this story short, life has its twists and turns, and to my great dismay, I lost my Philippine beauty. And I have never returned, right up to now, 5 years later. Because it would be too sad, I would just think about her. And I have now vowed to be a butterfly, a bachelor, because I can’t handle breakups. So I flutter from beautiful flower to flower. Enjoying the moment. And making sexy movies. Of course I hope to marry 1 day and have many children, but no rush; I’m going to enjoy the journey, while I get to my destination. There is over a Billion Asian people, half of them are women, and most of them are beautiful, with hearts of gold. Get out there and meet them my friend, I swear, your life will be forever richer in spirit from the experience.

The end... for now :D

Fuck don’t fight,


Click on the link to see some photos of Siargao Island => ... hilippines

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Videos of Negros Island => ... piv-image&
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