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My 1st Adventure in Thailand

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My 1st Adventure in Thailand

Postby admin_pornrev » Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:28 pm

Hello readers,

This is a just a few things that happened to me on my 1st trip to Thailand. “Amazing Thailand”, “The Land of Smiles”, WOW! What a Place! I LOVE everything about it. People make a great holiday, more than the scenery, I feel.

But the Thai scenery is breathtaking also.

The tropical climate, well, I have always loved the tropic’s, starting right back when I was a teenager and 1st went to Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.

As you know many animals “Hibernate” in winter, the life force seems to slow down, and in extremely cold climates, grinds to a halt.

I 1st came to realise, in Cairns, that the people seemed to, well generalising here, enjoy better health. One thing I can say without doubt is the tropic’s raises people’s sex drive.

The Taoist’s believe a man should “conserve” his sperm in winter; it is the best time to go through a stint of celibacy. They believe that the “chi” energy lost from just one ejaculation, in winter, is the same energy lost from 50 ejaculations in summer. Something to think about hey.

Anyway, after a 4 year break from travel and a “battle with the bottle”. I had given up on life, after I lost Joy, and became a serious alcoholic, only for six months, but it nearly killed me, and took another six months of “pacing” around in the house and basically “climbing the walls” trying to withdrawer from the stuff... Actually even 1 year later, I was still fighting the cravings, for that “demon drink”.

Anyway I finally decided that I wasn’t going to go back to the Philippines, just would have brought up too many painful memories, of my lost love Joy.

So off I went to Thailand.

Mind you when I say I beat the booze, I would still have an occasional 1 or 2 cans of bourbon.

For six months after my serious drinking stoush, 1 or 2 cans wouldn’t even give me a buzz, they would just make me feel “normal”, but after a few years had passed, and my tolerance had dropped, 1 or 2 cans would get me “waisted”.

And waisted is what I needed to be to get on that plane, had only done about 4 long distance flights prior, and every flight I did seemed to scare me more. Had a really HARD landing at a stopover point in the Philippines on the way back the last time, everyone on board “freaked”.

It was in a shonky airport in Mindanao, a “so called” terrorist hotspot. And after a terrifying landing. We left the plane and sat in this, very basic, waiting room while they refuelled. The Aussie guy who I meet up with on the flight, sat beside me and said,

“Well 2 years ago a bomb, went off in this very waiting room and sixty people died”...... nice, that’s all I needed to hear.

So anyway here I am in Brisbane airport waiting to board the plane, to go to Thailand, and I’m half cut, on only 2 cans of Jim Beam; so I could stay calm though, what to me, back then was, a really BIG deal.

900km’s an hour though the sky, and no different to ships, the water won’t “sink” you, it’s when you hit a piece of hard ground; then your in trouble. Yeap, flying at 35,000 feet is fine, it’s when you hit the ground, that's what worried me the most.

Anyway my swaggering, and dizzy head got the attention of the airport security, and when I was waiting in a long line of people to board, a female dog handler, parked herself and dog right beside me. I got very self-conscious about this, as I had heard they were starting to refuse people the right to board if they were drunk. I guess I was over the legal limit to drive, but HEY guys I’m not flying the plane.

There were these heavy steel bollards, with ropes between them to direct the line of people, the same one’s those waring biker’s used to kill a foe right in Sydney airport not long ago. Were was the security then? Security was scared shitless, that’s what happened.

Anyway we would inch forward a few meters a time and this female “sniffer dog” handler just kept on following me. Inching along with me and parking her dog right beside me, it was really rude of her really, but what could a person do? We were in this line for 2 hours! It was terrible. At one stage I didn’t realise there was a break in the bollards, and went to lean back on what I thought was a bollard behind me, and almost fell over, right in front of this dog handler, I took about 3 steps to catch myself, and it looked terrible. She gave me a big frown, but thank God that’s all that happened. They didn’t whisk me off for questioning. Funny now when I look back at it, but would have been no joke if they interrogated me and refused me from boarding.

I don’t drink prior to boarding any more now. Actually I’m finally getting used to it. Have spent most of my life in the country, and just the whole “full on” scene of airports used to “rattle” me.
Airport security in the west is “over the top” these days. Have you seen those Airport TV shows? Were they grill little old ladies for accidental packing a banana? When I watch these shows, I never fall for their “propaganda”, trying to justify their abuse of authority. I’m usually sitting in my chair saying “leave em alone ya bastards”!

Really! Its hurting Australian Tourism, the worst part of the trip for me is always arriving home and having these “Apes” turning my bag’s inside out, and firing questions at me. When I returned from this trip, I forgot to declare a wooden sling-shot I had bought, to scare crows out of my garden.

They held me for 2 hours, interrogating me, twisting every word I said around, and trying to incriminate me, for carrying “weapons”. When I see these shows now and see someone, get angry at these “buffoons” I know they haven’t given the TV viewer the full story, they probably held them up for hours, and add “Jet lag” on top of this at its clear to see why people get angry with them.

Anyway I have never got angry with them “yet”.

But I’m close to saying to them, when they ask, why I am on a disability pension? I feel like saying, "because I been fucked around by heavy handed, power tripping, Government GOON’S like you, all my life, and now I’m a nervous wreck, and ONE of these days I’m going to get on that plane and I WONT be coming back"! ha ha, but true hey.

Anyway, the simple and clear fact to me is; IF, they are serious about stopping drugs, guns, and all the other contraband items that are EVERYWHERE, for sale, in this country, they have to SERIOUSLY search the MILLIONS of shipping containers coming into this country. The flood of hard drugs etc. In this country, is NOT here because desperate “little” people are stuffing a packet of contraband down their pants and flying in, these “little’ people are merely the “completion” to the ones who CONTROL the Global Drug and arms monopoly, like really, whose side are they on anyway.

So I eventually board this plane to Thailand, and they place me right beside the toilets, and the poor man in the seat beside me has bowel cancer. He was the nicest man, but because they had operated on him to try to remove the cancer, and he had to take pills that gave him diarrhoea, and he had to wear a nappy, and every hour, I could smell this bad stink. And then he would have to get up and go to the toilet. Whew!

But he was a really nice man. He had a huge frame, but just skin and bones, only in his early 40’s. He told me he was a champion Aussie Rules player, super fit, and then Wham! The big C got him.

He knew all about Thailand, and proceeded to “clue me up” on the place. Again he talked for the whole 9 hour flight, a little like my mate on my 1st trip to the Philippines, (see my post on my 1st O/seas adventure) but it was ok, he wasn’t LOUD, like my mate, and he was interesting, were my mate was mostly boring, just talked about local small town gossip, mostly “rumours” started by jealous small town people with nothing better to do in their life’s, in the backward city we both grew up in.

This man told me about his Thai girlfriend who nursed him for six months every year, feed him good Thai food, and basically treated him like a King.

He said the doc’s couldn’t fix him and he was probably going to die in a few years. He told me to stay away from the bar scene, and if I wanted to find a real good Thai woman, to go to a small town, and find some girl with a normal job, the bar girl’s will break your heart he said.

He told me to stay away from Sukhumvit, my planned 1st stop in Bangkok, and to go to straight to Th Khao San, a backpacker’s haven, with plenty of low cost accommodation. He said to take the bus, but he wasn’t sure were the bus station was, because he had never been to the recently completed Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

BUT, he said, if I would help him with his bags, at the airport, he would ask his girl for me.

So we got off the plane, and I shuffled along with him and helped him collect his bags. It’s an amazing airport, huge, and very well organised, and the Thai’s are smart enough to not harass the fuck out of their tourist’s, unlike the Australian airport’s. In next to no time, even though me and my cancer stricken new mate, were just shuffling along, we got out past customs and found his girlfriend, waiting for him, she was absolutely STUNNING. We asked if she knew were the bus depot was and she said no, so we said our goodbye’s and I was on my own left to navigate my way to the bus depot.

Along the way I saw this Swedish Hippy type fellow, putting together a bicycle and bike trailer, I love bicycles, environmental wonders, so just had to stop and talk, he was planning to ride this thing, trailer and all, though Bangkok. Wooo, better man than me, a dedicated cyclist.

I was travelling very heavy; I had my video camera equipment and a very heavy battery for the lighting. And somehow they broke one of the wheels of my extra large bag. It was ok at the airport on a trolley, but almost impossible to carry; and when I got off the bus at Khao San, I could only walk about 10 meters at a time. Then have to stop and rest. It was early morn, so I never had a chance to see the social action that happened there.

Instead I just got aggressively swarmed buy all these touts, They could smell the fear on me, they knew in an instant this was my 1st trip to Thailand, and pestered the hell out of me, And with this broken bag I just couldn’t get away from them. They were aggressive saying, stay here, go there, in a broken English that I couldn’t understand, let me help you with your bag and take you to this hotel and that hotel.

I got so pissed off, I though “Fuck it’, back to plan A, "TAXI"!, and got in a Taxi and said Sukhumvit please.

I had worked out a plan for Sukhumvit, had read the Lonely Planet Travel Guide, picked out a few possible Hotels to stay in, but in Khao San I was lost.

In the Taxi was where it 1st dawned on me just how much of a language barrier I was up against. In the Philippines, most can speak a little rough English at least. But in Thailand, most cannot speak a word of English. Had a lot of difficulty just pronouncing Sukhumvit in a way that the driver could understand. But eventually we were on our way to Soi 1 Sukhumvit, The Golden Palace Hotel, $30 a night.

When I arrived the little baggage boy, well he was a teenager, but very small, was so helpful with my “Dead weight” baggage, lots of smiles, but again, didn’t understand a word of English.

In no time at all I was in a room and unpacking, they had a high tech safe in the room, with a computer combination lock, so I felt secure, later I realised they are not secure at all.

Quick unpack, then off to check out Sukhumvit. WOW, it was amazing. Girls everywhere! The narrow footpaths were just lined with girls standing almost shoulder to shoulder on both sides, and just enough room for the passers-by to squeeze down the centre of the path, kilometres of girls, all saying, “hello sexy man” “I go with you huh?” .

I was in no rush to meet any girls yet, I just wanted to check the place out, after hours of walking, and seeing many massage shops, i thought fuck it, I’m going to get a massage. I walked into the next parlour I saw. Picked the hottest girl in the place and went out to the back room for a rub down.

She was a Mega-babe, and the massage was unbelievable. I’m a massage junky and discovered the Thai’s give the best massage’s I have ever had. So I started trying to charm this princess, and it worked too, but, after about an hour, I started to wonder when she was going to give my cock a good working over, so I asked, and she said they didn’t do that... WHAT! Well I was outa there, I said maybe see you again, but never did. There was just too much action going on.

Later I realised that because of PM Thaksin, all the fun was taken out of Thailand, but he had recently been ousted in a bloodless coup, and things were just starting to return to normal.

When approaching a potential massage parlour, it always pays to insist on “Chuc wow”, pully pully, before going inside. Pattaya was much better for sexy times, but Bangkok, Thaksin near chocked the life out of the place, while doing the bidding of the globalist’s and stealing 2.2 Billion $ US, from the people of Thailand’s. Maybe in the long run it was good that he got greedy and stole this money from the people, and got caught and ousted.

Because if he didn’t, he just might have succeeded in doing the globalist’s bidding, and stopping the fun, and destroying Thailand’s largest industry, the sex tourism boom.

And forcing many Millions of unsatisfied westerner men to look elsewhere, for some fun, or remain in their own countries to live a miserable sexless life. Sucking up the ass of the sexless, hormone imbalanced, sterilised, nasty, bitchy, vicious, Birth Control Pill popping, women of the western world. And forcing Thai women back into the rice paddies, and extreme poverty.

Well during the day I saw the “Aussie Bar” in Sukhumvit, and that night I went straight there. I don’t like hanging out with Aussies while in another country, to me that’s not a holiday, how can one enjoy the culture, going to a new country, just to hang out with more Aussies, if you didn’t grow up with them they will probably rip you off anyway.

But I always like to talk to a few, just to find out what the place is all about, I meet some nice men, all very much like me, absolutely sick to death of Aussie women. Actually this very ugly Aussie woman came in for a few drinks, and everyone their treated her like shit.

I felt sorry for her really, but there she was, overconfident as they always are, with her head up her ass, basically trying to say. “I got tits; you will never ever get near em but respect me anyway, cos I’m sooo sexy”. And none of the men would put up with it. She left before too long.

Then the Aussie boxing champ Jeff Fenich ( sorry Jeff I got a feeling I spelt your name wrong ), walked in with his son, I think he was trying to hide from Australia, because he had just gone through all that shoplifting scandal he was caught up in.

Have you ever meet, face to face, a famous person? I have a few times. The moment I saw him I said “Giday” because at 1st, I “thought” he was someone I knew quite well. Didn’t realise for a moment, that I had only seen him on TV all the time. He said “Giday” straight back. It’s was amazing to see the man up close, celeb’s always seem bigger on TV. He was a little shorter than me, but oh so solid. Built like a brick shit-house.

What an honour to speak a few words with him. I saw this other dude also, who I DID know from somewhere, but he wouldn’t admit it, he told me he was working in a mine in Lao’s, and was on his break, gee I would have liked his job. I reckon he must have done something wrong in Oz, and he was hiding.

I spent most of the time talking with this really tough train driver, who went to Sukhumvit and Pattaya for holidays every year, he was a good man, and a good laugh too, he taught me heaps about the sex trade in Thailand. I went there 2 nights in a row and that was it, I found out all I needed to know about the place.

I just couldn’t get into the women at 1st, I stopped to get a few massages, with good hand job's now, after learning the ropes. I went to one brothel, were they had a brilliant selection of girls, gee it was so hard to pick only 2, I really wanted them all. We went upstairs and they gave me a fantastic Thai soapy massage, just slipping and sliding, their HOT body’s all over me. And then the 3 of us fucked and sucked each other dry. But again it was the 1st good sex I had had in years, and I couldn’t cum, for some reason.

So I asked them both to lay back on the bed and play with themselves while I jacked off, and then I shot my load all over them. I really wanted to go back to that place but never did... Life’s twists and turns again.

I started picking up a few girls from the street, which is not a smart thing to do, they are everywhere, but it’s much safer picking up the girls in the bars, a little more expensive, but if they do wrong to a customer, they are held accountable.

This one day I walked down the street with my camera in a case around my neck, and the MOST attractive street hooker I ever saw, during the whole 9 days I spent in Sukhumvit. Said to me, “Hello you want to TRY me”, well I got an “instant” stiffy, and as I walked her back to my room, I had to hold my camera case over my dick, so no one could see my roaring horn.

May was her name, she pronounced it like “Mare”, a female horse, she was stunning, and a really good heart 19 year old young woman.

I made my 1st porn movie ever with her, it wasn’t very good, but I’m sure you will still enjoy drooling over her hot body, she had a hairy pussy, very rare in Thailand, most girls shave, I prefer shaved, but still this was interesting, different. He he he :lol:

I was seriously thinking of taking her to Pattaya with me to be my camera girl, but she just couldn’t speak any English. We had to draw pictures on a note pad to communicate. The “hello you want to TRY me”, was about the only English she could speak

I still have her phone number and we txt sometimes, her English has improved, would love to fuck her again 1 day. Love to fuck her many times.

Also while in Sukhumvit I went to a dentist, a hot female, with a drop dead gorgeous assistant. Got a filling and some quotes for some major work. So cheep!

But then I got myself into a pickle, was just sitting outside a 7/eleven, on about the 5th night in Sukhumvit and about 4 girls approached me. 2 of the girls, at least, were “illegal immigrants” from Cambodia and Vietnam, Thailand doesn’t worry about illegal’s all that much, they are everywhere. The Thai’s have a good heart, and they are merciful.

Generally they turn a blind eye to it, unless an illegal really comes to their attention.

The girl from Nam, did most of the talking, her English was perfect, she had gold jewellery all over her, and she was very funny, she really made me laugh, she wasn’t overly attractive and nighter were her friends. But her sense of humour got me.

She bought me a drink, from the 7/eleven, the seal wasn’t tampered with so I gratefully accepted. After about an hour she put the hard word on me so I said “Yea why not”, as long as I can fuck your friend too.

So we bought some beer and went home... Every person we meet, while walking back to my Hotel, well, she could make them laugh, in the bottle shop, I don’t know what she was saying, but everyone was laughing, at my hotel reception, everyone was laughing, maybe she was telling them what she planned to do to me.

She had been to my hotel before, she had swum in the pool, and she KNEW the receptionist. I strongly suspect the night receptionist at the Golden Palace Hotel, was in on her fiendish plan ( Don’t ever go there, Lonely Planet recommends them but I now, know better, beware friends )

We got into my room had a few drinks, laughed and joked, and they started giving me a massage,

The Nam girl went to the bathroom, and now I know what she did, they have a sleeping drug in a spray in Thailand, and this trick has been used by many Bangkok street hookers, she sprayed it on her nipples, walked out to me, getting a massage from the Cambodian girl, pulled her top down and stuck her rather large boobs into my face.

I can remember saying “Alright!” and sucking on her nipple, then it seemed like 2 minutes later I woke up in bed, but actually 10 hours had passed, that stuff knocked me out cold.

I woke up still very groggy, and thinking “Hey were did everybody go?” I looked across to a table and saw my mobile phone cover, minus the phone. And forced myself out of bed.

They had emptied my wallet; it sat near the empty phone cover. My bags had been opened and rifled though; luckily I had $2000 hidden in there that they didn’t find.

Most of my money was still intact, along with my $2,500 camera, in the safe, whew. My holiday could have ended right there and then.

I have to say in their favor, I had the best sleep I'd had in years, ha ha, I had sleep problems and at least they pulled the sheets over me and tucked me into bed. But I woke up naked, my jeans were still on before I went out. They must have had "a play" with my naked, corpse like body. The sex fiends !!!

What did they do to me? I will never know! I must admit it kinda turns me on a little, I DO have "rape" fantasy's, ( me being raped by women, that is, NOT me raping women, that turns me off, I like women who really "want it"... Bad he he he ) I enjoy millions of other sexual fantasy's, too! Having sexual fantasy's is very "healthy" I believe.

Unfortunately I have no idea, what they did to me... Maybe they stole my sperm and I have 2 children in Thailand now. Maybe they stole my sperm and sold it to a sperm bank and I have 50 kids in Thailand now. Wish they had of made a movie of it, I would have payed em for that, ha ha ha.

Maybe they injected me with a microchip? HEY! NOW THAT'S NOT FUNNY!!! :shock:

At least they didn't steal my kidneys.

They also stole a photo of me... strange.

I staggered out to hotel reception and reported the theft, the night manager pleaded ignorance, but I’m sure he was involved. He took me to the hospital for a drug test, lucky I am drug free because if they found even pot in my system, I would have been arrested; I think the night manager was hoping I had drugs in my system; maybe he would have got some kickbacks.

Then he took me too the police station to report the crime, I really wouldn’t know what he said to the cops. I just sat in the waiting room. Probably they were waiting for the drug test results.

The day manager said they would catch them because they would have had them on the hotel cameras. But after a few days they claimed they had no video.

By then I just SPEWED, went off at them. As soon as it happened the cleaners wanted to clean my room. but I insisted it was a crime scene. I left a note on the door saying keep out. But when I went out, they cleaned everything up anyway.

By now I was getting a feeling they were going through my safe so I started closing a hair inside the safe door, and yes they were opening my safe, but up till then they had taken nothing. I decided it was time to go and booked a bus to go to Pattaya.

I told them I was going and wanted a refund for the days I wasn’t going to use the room, they agreed, but at the last minute, as I was about to get on the bus, they refused. I got very angry and firm with them and they eventually payed up... Just as the bus was about to leave, as I went out the door. They wanted to know where I was going.

No good that place, The Golden Palace, I scoffed at them and told them nothing.

Bangkok is dangerous.

The night before I left Bangkok. I bought a weapon. Weapons are for sale everywhere around Thailand, I bought an extendable batten, a bit like the baton Jenifer Lopez pulled out on that boxer, and nearly "brained" him, in one of her movies. Only this one was better, it was an extendable tight spring, it could fit in my pocket, but just a flick and it was near a metre long, and being a long skinny tight spring, it could catch knives and swords and also bend around anything that could block it.

And with this new weapon I went looking for the thieves, not to use on the girls of course, but just in case they were in a gang, which I later found out they were.

I went looking for them in the same spot were I meet them. Everyone who I asked, said they saw nothing, but eventually I found an old taxi driver, who said, “Yes, I saw you, I knew what they were going to do to you, they do it all the time, I’m so sorry, there was nothing I could do, please don’t tell anyone I told you this, because their gang will KICK me”. Kicking in Thailand is an art form. Kicking in Thailand usually means a lot more than kicking in Australia.

I found 1 girl connected with them, I tried to politely speak to her but she started screaming at me to fuck off. Then I snapped, and angrily said “the police will me down here soon, and they’re fucken gonna get your sorry ass, bitch”!

Which they weren’t, the cops couldn’t give a fuck, I really think they were hoping to find drugs in my body, to get the big bucks, out of me, the ever prevalent bribe to let me go. I guess I look a bit like a druggie, with the long hair.

Anyway at least I put the willy’s up her cos 2 days later I saw her in Pattaya. Ha ha. She ran, and must have got the shock of her life seeing me, again, this time in Pattaya.

Later that night I walked into a bar and straight into 2 tough pommie junkies who went to Thailand to “dry out”. They were a sorry state, with noses constantly running, and the girls were so attentive, wiping their noses for them and saying “their their”... well... the Thai word for “their their”.

One was an ex champion motorbike racer, the best customer of the other, the super tough dealer. I told them my story and the dealer was so strung out he wanted to beat the shit out of them, actually he was in such a mess he wanted to beat the shit out of ANYONE, to realise the tensions.

I couldn’t rally their support, because, while they would have been invincible backup, they were loose cannons and I didn’t want to see any women get hurt. And anyway all of the gang except that one woman were in hiding, living it up on what would have been a small fortune to them.

So anyway, the next day I got on this Mini bus, and headed off to Pattaya, I wanted to Film the whole journey, But we stopped at China Town, and picked up this fat, ugly, feeble 30 year old Chinese man with this GORGEOUS darling, for his personal assistant. Within 15 minutes of him staring at me filming, he wanted to talk, his breath stunk from that halitosis parasite, you know? The parasite that brilliant Ozzy doctor found a cure for.

So here we go again, 2 and a half hour’s on this bus, and he’s going blah blah blah, but again, “kinda” interesting. He warned me about Thai people, saying Chinese people were the best, maybe he is right, I can’t say, but I had already decided that I really loved the Thai’s. Ok I had a few drama’s, but I haven’t told you much about the less interesting stuff, the daily interactions, I had with the Thai’s, I LOVE them, they are great people. I really like what I know about the Chinese too. I studied Tong Long Kung Fu with a few of them.

I grew and sold Chinese vegetables to Chinese restaurants on the Gold Coast. I LOVE Asians! I really do! They are fine people, polite, refined, intelligent, funny, and interesting.

I had respect for Asians going back 35 years when most of my friends hated them. I started studying Judo at 10 with a beautiful natured, calm, polite, softy, spoken, Japanese man, one of the GREAT teachers in my life, he really did talk softly but carried a big stick, he was invincible.

A fantastic role model for children and adults alike. It was there I fell in love with my 1st Japanese girl, another student, she was a dream.

One of my mates who still doesn’t like Asians told me recently, “they think they are better than us”. Well I don’t know about that, but I do feel they OFTEN are, sorry Australia, I will never forget my heritage, but 4000 years of civilisation and culture, beats 2000 years of beef, bacon, beer, salted pork, and biskets, any day, we have to “lift our game”.

So many westerners walk around Asia with their head up their ass, thinking they are better than Asian’s. They embarrass me.

Were big, that’s all, and anyway I’ve known many Asians who can throw “groups of us” around, as if we were just “rag dolls”, but still don’t make a big deal about it.

After 47 years in Australia I know how Ozzy’s can be, and what they are like to do business with, and I generally find it a welcome relief to interact with Asian’s, I can relax a little with them, lower the guard, just a little. I generally find Asians a breeze compared to many Australians. Not all of course, there is good and bad in every country I guess.

But this particular Chinese Man, was an ass-hole, he wanted to take me to China immediately, he said he could get me a good job in China. But after we parted and a week later, after going through a bit of effort to write him up and fax him a resume, email, he then told me I would have to pay him $10,000 for this job, a job were i would have only made $10,000 after six months.

I got really rude to him in txt after he tried to pull that stunt on me. He was already back in China by that time. Never upset an Ozzy, we have fists of steel, and if we can’t get to you, we will HURT you with our words, we can be the rudest most insulting cunts of people you ever met. And I hurt this man with my words; he won’t be so sure of himself the next time he tries to con an Ozzy.

Anyway the bus arrived in Pattaya; I missed out on filming the trip. The bus people tried to tell me every hotel was booked out, (never believe this) and tried to book us into their affiliate’s hotel.

And I unpacked and went walking along Pattaya Beach Road trying to find the Apex Hotel. A really nice Yankee man recommended it too me, and it turned out to be a great tip. But I had trouble finding it, the place has so many Hotels’ and everyone I asked had never heard of it. So I struggled down the road with my oversized bags, but I had a new bag now with wheels on it that worked.

I gave the old bag to the smiling teen porter at the Golden Palace Hotel, Sukhumvit, he was good, but the rest of them were no good... Don't go their! I'm warning you!!!

Finally, I got a tip, the Apex Hotel was on Second Pattaya Road, near Soi 10, kilometres away, and then a baht bus came by, and offered me a lift. Baht buses are every were in this town, for ten baht, or about 30cents they will take you anywhere you want to go,

They are brilliant, the best transport system I have ever seen.

Australia, needs something like this, more expensive of course, but with such efficient transport, Australian’s could start going out again, like the good old days before the all the breathalyser, road blocks, turned our cities into night time “ghost towns”, sure drunk driving has got to be stopped, but someone PLEASE, give us alternative transport.

Well, your right I guess, Ozzy’s are so sexually frustrated, and overworked, we would probably just punch each other’s heads in anyway.

Ok then, well loosen up Big Brother, and give us some sex, for God’s sake.

Get the women off that bloody Birth Control Pill, so they can get interested in sex again.

Instead of finding sex “dirty” and “disgusting” and “degrading” to women.

Getting rotten drunk is unacceptable, getting higher than a kite is unacceptable, violence is unacceptable. But sex, for God’s sake, it’s the most normal thing in the world, the only thing that can go wrong is it make’s baby’s, so what’s wrong with baby’s anyway?

Only women on the pill, and other sterilised people hate babies, Australia needs babies.

Or we will forever be 22 million dorks, wasting a massive continent, with our heads up our asses; until some country and invades us, and kicks our butts? Oh they can't kick our butts? Common wake up, we don't have the numbers or the brains!

Anyway I found the Apex Hotel Pattaya, and was helped to my room by this six foot tall Thai luggage porter, (sometimes Asians, do get BIG)

Nice as pie, we became great friends.

Unpacked, and rested until night time arrived.

Went out, UNBELIEVABLE, the place was packed with happy tourists, and sexy women. I walked into this go go, called Beaver, the Yankee recommended it too me, I guess I was a little weary after getting drugged and robbed, in Bangkok. And it showed, according to the Thai sweetie I meet up with in there. Who later became my constant companion.

Later she said she felt sorry for me, because I looked so sad. Owww, isn't that sweet?

It was a small "go go", as they call them there, "strip joints" is what we would call them, there is 1000’s of them.

As I walked in, the staff greeted me as they always do in these places, and showed me to a table,

It was dimly lit, had mirrored walls, chrome fixtures, loud rock music and all these little tables with girls dancing on them, in bikini tops and tiny skirts only about 15 centimetres long.

I sat on a chair with a girl dancing on the table above me. This little hottie came straight up to me; she became my dearest darling Lee, a woman I now love so much, I would marry this girl if she let me, but the Thai’s, I feel, are “generally” not gold diggers, they enjoy a good quality of life in Thailand, and are not as desperate as, say, the Philippino’s to marry themselves out of poverty. “Generally speaking” the Thai girls will only tell you they love you if they really DO love you..

She was immediately all over me, and grabbing my dick. I held her tight and played with her titty’s, they asked me what drink I wanted, Jim Beam Coke, is how they say it, do I want to buy the girl a drink? NO, I said, they weren’t going to con me that easily, ha ha.

She seemed a little disappointed, but still hung on to me and played with my now, semi erect cock, I got my 1st drink, and only then after about 5 minutes, did I have a good look up at the girl dancing on my table, there was so many distractions going on, it took 5 minutes before I could look around and start “taking in” the place.

Then, OMG, I saw it, not only were these girls in 15 centimetre short shirts, but they had no undies on, their cute little pussy’s were staring me right in the face, dancing away.
OHHHH WOW ! ! ! Then after about another five minutes. I noticed the girls would squat down to interested men, and for as little as $3 they were offering men a feel of their cute little Thai pussies. HOLY SHIT! I was IN there.

As soon as I finished my 1st drink I started buying my darling Lee drinks as well, and rubbing up pussies.

Every few songs the girls would swap tables, so after about an hour, I had felt up every pussy in the place, I didn’t realise it but as I got drunk, and rubbed up all these, beautiful gorgeous Thai pussy’s, getting touched up by every man in the bar. I also unwitting touched my eyes, and nearly caught “pink eye” a seriously bad eye disease, for the next few day’s I had to constantly buy bottled water and flush my eyes to avoid this disease taking a hold on me... I beat it, 2 days and I was ok.

By closing time my sweet little Lee asked me if I wanted “boom boom”, the Thai word for fucking. By now in my life I was determined to fuck as many girls as possible, one was never enough, what if she was a dud?

If I brought more than one home, I had a better chance of meeting the girls most suitable for me.

Often the girls didn’t like this at 1st, but usually went along with me. And they would ALWAYS find it more fun, once they did agree to this, they could have a laugh with their friends. And they never got fucked till they were sore, they could “share the wear” so to speak.

I said to Lee straight up, "three", "I want you and two others". She hesitated for a second, then said, "Who"? "Who do you want", I didn’t care as long as the girls were friends.

I had learnt by now it’s best to get groups of friends, so everyone is HAPPY. “You pick” I said “Who are your best friends”? She picked two. WOW! I was so excited, her friends were HOT, well, every girl in that bar was HOT. I was so turned on. Seeing these hot babes looking me up and down and saying, “Ok”.

But you know what? My dick failed me after the 2nd girl, it was only because of what girl number three was saying, she was talking in Thai, but I knew she was talking like a white girl, she had never seen a man fuck three girls in a row before, and I could see she even “wanted” me to fail, so the ‘magic” dick, (dicks are “magic” of course, they need “encouragement”) went soft.

I was really pissed off, this was my 1st foursome ever, and I failed, all because this woman was talking like a white girl. (I have BIG problems with a lot of what white girls say)

Much later I found out this woman took the pill; so there you go, she was still a nice woman, BUT its best to ask this question early in the relationship fellers, to avoid disappointment.

Once when I was young and virile, I could fuck a woman, no matter what kind of shit dribbled out of her mouth, but now I am older, there is at least a million different stupid things that white girls can say that will make the “magic” dick go soft.

White girls have this notion that they are sooo spunky, that they can just lay down like a log, and dribble any sort of crap, and if the “magic” dick goes soft, well it’s our entire fault, it’s got nothing to do with them, they think that “clearly” it’s ALL, our problem.

Yep I was really pissed, and was a bit rude, and going a bit “nutty”, but the girls were really good about my bad behaviour, and I calmed down; and tried with them again the next night, and they tried harder too, and this time SUCCESS, YEAAA HAAAA !!!

I fucked the three of them hard and fast, and they loved it also. After this about every 3rd night, I would fuck the three of them again.

The other nights I would go to different bars and find different girls to fuck.

Sometime’s when I would get them back, one of them would be tied up with another man and couldn’t make it (usually the woman who took the pill... of course) so they would find another girl for me, but Lee was always there, We all became GREAT friends, and after the fuck sessions I would take them out for a meal at a nice restaurant. Sometimes I took them to markets and bought clothes and jewellery for them. Every three days I would see my darling Lee. And I slowly fell DEEPLY in love with her.

She let me fuck whoever I wanted. That’s the best kind of girlfriend, for me at this late stage of my life.

I would go to Beaver. And two girl’s at a time would park their backs against me with hand’s behind their backs so they could play with my cock.

And I, now FULL of confidence, would play with their clits, two clits at a time, to the beat of the roaring load music, AND, I would give two girls orgasms at the same time, well almost the exact same time. And then another two would back into me, cum... And then another two and another two.

I got sooo popular, they really LOVED my dick, at beaver especially, because they got to understand me.

My dick is kinda big, sure dicks get bigger, but the average dick is smaller; this is thanks to MANTAK CHIA, and his dick stretching exercises.

My dick was average once, now thanks to MANTAK’S sexcersises, I have a WEAPON. And the girls loved it right in the bar that is Beaver, they would line up to take turn’s with my cock ,and lined up for orgasms from me, they loved me. And I LOVED them!

They would wave my cock at friends, who hadn’t seen it before, and their friends would immediately rush over to have a play with it themselves, they would pull it and kiss it with such PASSION and love.

Indeed the cock is one of the images the Thai’s WORSHIP, like I mean it is one of their GODS, no joke! No different to the Indians. They have shrines of the cock. It’s a very potent symbol of fertility. Fertility is something the Thai’s respect greatly.

The men working at the Apex Hotel loved me too, well loved me like a brother anyway. They would say to me as I would take three girls into my room, “POWER”, Thai’s are right into that word, sexual “POWER” and physical strength, is what all Thai’s want.

It’s about time western women had the same respect for the cock, instead of “grossing out” over it, wanting to puke from the sight of it.

It’s magical, the cock, respect the magic! Women’s pussies are magical too!

But of course "most" westerner men, already, have a DEEP love and respect for women’s pussies. But women who take the Birth Control Pill are sickened buy this respect. Just like, no different to, ANY other infertile Eunuch in the world, male OR female.

Anyway, I’ve been writing this story for the last 14 hours.

I’m beat folks, and have to wrap this up for now, and try to unwind and get some sleep. I hope you enjoyed my 100% TRUE tales of sex and adventures.

Bye for now.

Don’t forget,

Fuck don’t fight.

Dick Amateur :D
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