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The Craws story. How I found happyness :-)

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The Craws story. How I found happyness :-)

Postby admin_pornrev » Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:37 pm

Hello Dick,

What you say is very interesting; you’re on the money buddy. But I’m not sure if "they" will let people speak truth these days. The “Legal” Drug Company’s will roll you!

Yeap, I commend any man who can keep a family together in the western world, well, I commend any woman too! Any women these days who can “stand by her man”, as you say, is worth her weight in Gold.

Any family that can stick together, tends to be a well balanced family. I agree with you 100% on many issues. Yes humans are one of the few “animals” on earth that “mate for life”, well, yes, they "did" mate for life, since “the dawn of time”, as you say, and now in the last 40years, all of a sudden, “all men became bastards”; friend, you have worked it all out.

Women now, think, unlike any women in history. The only women in the past who ever thought like “modern” women, were “victims of war” or serious accidents. Women who received a spear, sword or a bullet, into their reproductive organs, and lived. Or were trampled on by an ox or a horse, or in a car accident.

Women who had their breeding organs damaged buy war or accidents, were the only women who thought the same way, as masses of women think, today.

And yet some of the more “hip” of these women, call it a result of the “new age”, they claim they are now “liberated women”, or “New Age Goddess’s"... I do believe in the “New Age”, but it will only come to pass when people like you, Dick, break though all this “dogma”, and the Birth Control Pill is BANNED, oh yea and when we start making decisions based on truth, no matter how hard it is to swallow, and what is truly right for humanity, instead of what is right for “bottom line profitability”.

Yes women now have been turned into a “resource pool”, for factory’s mostly, it’s the lucky one’s, Dick, who get to work in the “call centers”.

And here is a bit you missed Dick. In the 3rd world, once the woman takes the pill, and can no longer live life with her lifetime partner, and walks off the family farm. And takes the kids. and turns them against their father, and Dad can’t cope and becomes a drunk or drug addict. And then the woman gets a 1st world “Micro Loan” to make sandals.

The bit you missed Dick, is then big multinational farming company’s come in and take over the land, and clear fell MASSIVE areas of land, just like the company that has the Global Banana Monopoly in the world, no different to what they do in the Phippines and South America, and other 3rd world country’s. Maybe best to not mention their name, dangerous to my health to mention their name. These mega farming company’s then use Boeing jets, to spray these areas, causing unbelievable pollution, waist and erosion.

Anyway mate, you want sex stories hey? Ok, here is my little story, of how I found happiness in Asia.

Many ignorant people call these Asian women whores, but to me no whore on Earth is worse than the whore a westerner man gets married too. Who only has sex once every 3 months, then after 3, 5 or 8 years maximum, (6 months in many cases), takes the House the land, the kids, and then claims weekly “child support” fees for the next 10 or more years.

Some cruel ignorant people say these Asian women are “mail order brides” and only want money.

Of course money comes into the picture. Women have always needed ‘security”, once they wanted the best warrior, now they want a man who is financially secure.

BUT the reality, is there is no creature on Earth more “money motivated” than a woman of the western world. If you truly want a “Gold Digger” marry a westerner woman.

Yes I am one of the many who worked like a dog for 20 years only to lose it all, have my children turned against me AND get called a bastard, just to finish the process off. And oh yea, I pay child support too.

Having a good life is the best revenge; Don’t crash and burn fellers!

Yes I drank too much for a few years.

And, out of desperation and loneliness, I started seeing local prostitutes.

This often made me feel worse, seeing prostitutes in Australia, is a pastime for the superrich only.

Because 7 years ago they charged $250 an hour, God know how much they charge now, and most of the pro’s I saw in Oz were shocking, absolutely shocking.

Could only afford 1 pro every month, and I went through heaps before I found a few that were ok. Often it’s the most dysfunctional women in the western world who become pro’s, the ones too “loopy’ or ugly to find a husband, to “fuck over”.

Most of the best whores, go for the BIG bucks, they get married. Ha ha ha ha.

After many months I learnt to read the “escort’s” section in the papers, like a gambler who read’s the racing guide.

Here’s my “rule of thumb”, to find the ones that are ok.

If they don’t say their age, skip em, even when they do say their age, they are often lying.

If they said they were 18 to 30 they are usually not as bad as the rest, cos at worse they will be 5 years older than they tell you in the papers. But hey, some of them will try anything.

If you pay for an hour you will rarely get an hour. Only a very small minority will give you any kind of service. Most will give you 10 minutes.

Prostitution is such a boom industry in the west, most pro’s don’t care if they don’t satisfy you and never see you again, because there will always be another “sucker” walking in the door, straight after you.

There are just so many lonely westerner men; that is why hookers, porn and sex tourism is booming.

You’re not alone Mr, all of us men are in the same tragic situation.

You have to really search before you will find a good hearted pro who enjoys her work.

And these few woman make an absolute fortune, and get a lot of LOVE and attention from the men. But the other 90% don’t give a fuck, because they all have “men issues” anyway... Yeap, bastard’s we are, with those “horrible” dicks that we want to use. The "dud root" pro’s still make all the money they need.

Your right mate, The Birth Control Pill.

I meet some shockers, you don’t even want hear about them, but I will tell you a little about the worst, so you can get an idea of how tragic it is for men in the west.

I never had an “eye” for Asian girls, at 1st; but these girls generally give “service” and they are taking over the prostitution industry in OZ. They often, will turn up at your door on time and will give you the full hour too. And they often enjoy their work to.

After many dud ozzy girl’s, 20 or more. I started calling up Asian girls, and they were fantastic. I didn’t have to look anymore, I found 2 or 3 Asian girls and didn’t have to go any further.

The worst Ozzy girl I ever called up to visit my house, called herself “Madonna”.

Again, no age in her add. But I fell for the name. When you hear the word “Madonna” you think, OK, GREAT.

If you call them up its very hard to knock them back when they get to your door, and if you do knock them back they will often yell and scream outside your door, and cause a scene.

It was dark, but first glance I could see she was shocking, and about 40 years old. As soon as she opened her mouth, it was even worse, and she never shut up eighter.

She spoke and looked, as “rough as guts”, fish guts.

Blah Blah. Then she said “give me the money”, they always want the money straight up, unlike girls in Asia who you pay after.

And if Asian girls want money straight up, in Asia that is, not in Oz. You just refuse, because that’s a sure sign that you won’t be satisfied with them. You always have to pay pros before sex in Australia.

So like a fool I payed her the money and said, “just a head job thanks”. “Oh I will give you a really good head job” she said.

So she put a condom on me 1st, and started sucking, for about 1 minute, then stopped to talk, just shit about her tragic life, then would suck for a minute then talk for 3 minutes, over and over again.

Needless to say i went limp like spaghetti. Then she took her clothes off,,, ohhhh gross! And laid on the floor in my living room and pulled her pussy apart and said “fuck me”.

Ohh GROSS !!! She had a horrible body, made from a lifetime of neglect; booze, drugs, cigarettes and crap food.

This disgusting stink, wafted though the whole house, NO JOKE, the entire house, a bit of her juices dripped on the floor, and even Glen20 wouldn’t stop the stink. My living room stunk for a week, TRUE, a whole week.

When I looked into her spread pussy, she was so “yeasty”, she had “chunks” of yeast in it, the size of peas. White pea sized balls of yeast.

So many westerners have yeast infections, coz of their poor diet and lifestyle.

Blahhh! Enough of that huh? Gross hey. But you have to learn white man. Don’t waste your time and money with them, they will fuck your head up. Go Asian. You have a choice, so choose HAPPYNESS.

The 1st Asian girl I ever called up was called Lily, a darling, she was at my door right “on the dot”, the time she said she would arrive. But just before she arrived my ex gave me a surprise visit.

So I told the ex I didn’t know who she was, and we ignored her, didn’t answer the door. I feared she would start screaming but she didn’t. And I listened to my ex whinge, complain and criticise me for an hour. While begged her to come back to me, on my hands and kness.

As soon as the ex went I rang up Lily to apologise, she went off at me, very understandable.

I tried to explain, and she forgave me! Unbelievable, a woman who understands. She came back! Incredible!

When I answered the door I was pleasantly surprised, she was a meaty built Thai girl aged around 27 years, with BIG tits, never thought Asians, ever had BIG tits, oh how wrong I was.

She smelled sweet and clean, and she was well dressed.

She stayed the whole hour, sucked me without a condom, and spat my juices back on my cock, so she was still watching her health and, it felt and look great, just like the porn stars.

I played with her big Thai titty’s and fingered her, her pussy was sweet, the way pussy’s should be. She was healthy.

We didn’t kiss but we “smooched”, faces touching and “sniff kissing”, something the Asians are right into.

I cum, about 10 minutes, before our time was up, and instead of racing out the door, she stayed in bed with me a talked with me. Sweet talk, not rough as fish guts shit. She was refined. A REAL woman.

I called her up another 4 or 5 times over the next 2 years.

Still have her number, and we wish each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year etc, even now, 5 years after I last saw her.

Good heart woman, is how the Thais say it.

Then I found a Japanese Sex Bomb. I called her up about 4 or 5 times over 2 years also.

Her tittys were smaller than the Thai girl, but gorgeous, the Japanese women have beautiful Titty’s

She was beautiful too. And very Japanese, poor English, Japanese style haircut and clothes.

She was an INCREDABLE fuck, she would love it, but I never could quite fuck her hard and fast enough to make her cum. I could get her close, but lacked the strength and stamina to get her there.

Both of these girls were “screamers”, all my neighbours would know what we were doing. But the Japanese girl especially, she would scream “come on”, ”fuck me fuck me”, “harder”, “faster”, “more more”.

I would plough into her with everything I had. But after half an hour, would be exhausted, and she ALWAYS wanted more. More more more more, ha ha. She was very affectionate too. And always insisted I took the condom off, to cum on her pretty titty’s.

Then I decided to go to Asia, to find out more about these beautiful creatures, everything Dick says is true, they are wonderful. Oh yea sure be careful, you will meet a ‘few” that will try to con you, stay on guard, don’t get too idealistic, but generally when most white girls are bitches,(and lazy too) Asian woman are a dream, and will treat you like a king.

I spent 2 years in the Philippines and Thailand. I fucked about 200 incredible women. About 5 were permanent girlfriends, before I found my 2nd wife, Nok.

Strange name you might think but I “Noked” her up in no time, now we have a beautiful daughter.

We live in Brisbane, for 4 months and Thailand on our farm for 8 months, every year, we’ve been blissfully happy for 3 years.

My ex wife is not so happy and overconfident anymore. She enjoyed seeing me all messed up, it drove her onward. It feed her BLACK soul.

She agrees Nok is a beautiful woman. Well she can’t criticise to our faces anyway, she has no justifiable reasons.

My wife works in a supermarket checkout now, and Nok finds part time work as a solicitor. Nok makes more money than me. She tries really hard to get along with my ex. Well she goes that extra mile for everyone. My kids love her. Next year we are taking them over to see our farm.

A mate of mine told me he spoke to my ex at the checkout 1 time, as soon as he mentioned how well and happy I seem to be, she start dropped all the change and stuttering, she turned into a clumsy half wit. Well, she was always a half wit, ha ha, ok shouldn’t say that.

I bear no grudges anymore. She’s doing what she wanted and I’m now doing what I want. I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled in my entire life.

So that’s my story Dick.

Cheers Mate

Goodluck to you

The Craw not Craw, Craw
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Re: The Craws story. How I found happyness :-)

Postby admin_pornrev » Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:58 pm

Re: The Craws story. How I found happyness :-)
by admin_pornrev » Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:26 am

Hello Mr.CrawNotCrawCraw,

Great story Mate, I enjoyed it very much.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Pea sized balls of yeast. OMG ! ! ! Gross ! Blaaah ! ! !

But a HAPPY ending, good for you friend.

Yes, I agree, its good to know about these things, your right "yeast infections" are widespread in the west.

Excessive sugar doesn't help, it just FEEDS the yeast.

If a person has a white coating on their tongue, they have yeast, its everywhere! And a person's health is severely compromised because of it.

You know Mate "Urine Therapy" is the best way I know to beat yeast.

Just as long as the person doesn't have Aids or Hepatitis or any other serious virus, OR already have "excessive" amounts of uric acid in the body, from eating too much meat, a condition that brings on "gout" a serous disease. Urine Therapy can be the cure, not just help, THE cure!

"Urine Therapy" has been used in India for 1000's of years.

Poo is filled with bacteria, but urine, when it 1st comes out, is completely sterile.

It contains the "antidote" to whatever disease a person is suffering from.

It is FULL of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many many other healing compounds.

It thrashes yeast, diarrhoea, and other intestinal disorders, gives the skin a healthy glow, and makes the hair grow faster and shinny and healthy.

Catch the pee "midstream" and drink. BLAAAH ! I know what your thinking, but it works hey.

More about "Urine Therapy" in General Discussions Forum coming soon.

( Eds note: Just added to the Forum: URINE THERAPY: A Natural Healing Alternative That Works => viewtopic.php?f=5&t=343 )

Goodluck to you Mr Craw, not Craw,,,Craw! ha ha ha



Oh Yea, P.S. Dick sends his DEEPEST regards

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