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Kindly submitted by speardbeardedclam

Mantastic: When your sperm are live rattlesnakes "

Mantastic: When u have a masturbating pet monkey who helps solve crime in your city every night. You go CuMMonkey !!

If at first u dont succeed, your not Mantastic ..

Mantastic: When LOTR Sauron is ur homeboy.

Mantastic: when your responsible for China's over-population .

Mantastic: When u win a Royal Flush : With a Joker, a Ace, 2 of clubs, and a Get Out Of Jail Monopoly card.

Mantastic: When chicks talk 2 your balls and not your eyes. And keep staring, and staring, even when you say, "My eyes are up here."

Mantastic: When your in France for holiday, the French will surrender to u, just to be on the safe side.

Mantastic: When you can name your CPR dummies as Adrianna Lima , and it becomes a standard.

Mantastic brain.. which is connected to the universe, which is connected to Bing. Voila !

Mantastic: When u fall in water. You don’t get wet. Wet gets you.

Time waits for no man. Unless you're Mantastic.

When you spell Mantastic in scrabble, you win. Forever. With any foe.. even if they are playing monopoly to begin with.

Mantastic: When u can kill 2 stones with 1 bird.

Mantastic: When u can eat just one Lay potato chip.

Mantastic: There is no CTRL button on ur PC. Mantastic are always in control.

Mantastic : If u have $5 and I have $5, I have more money than you.

Mantastic: When in doubt, ask yourself: What will Mantastic do?

Mantastic: When the boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks to see whether you are in his closet.

Mantastic, when each testical is bigger than the other.

Mantastic: When u dont get forstbite.. But you bite frost.

Mantastic: When you're in Spain, the bulls are running away from you.

Mantastic: When the trending topics don’t have

Mantastic, because they aint Mantastic enough to list

Mantastic in the first place

Mantastic: When u use Pepper spray to spice up your steaks.

Mantastic : when I do a pushup, I'm not lifting myself up, but pushing the Earth down.

Mantastic: When you have counted to infinity- THRICE !!

M is for Mantastic as is every other letter of the alphabet.

Mantastic: You're capable of photosynthesis

Mantastic: You dont hold breath, you just held them hostage.

You can start a fire with a bar of soap when you're Mantastic

Mantastic: When you speak in ALL CAPS, and everyone loves you..

Mantastic: When u can clap with one hand.

Mantastic: When u remove your tonsil’s , with a chainsaw.

I saw a man get shot through the bicep with a shotgun during an arm wrestling match and still win. Mantastic

Mantastic: When Optimus Prime is chosen as your stunt double to type this

Mantastic: When u pick ur nose, and find actual GOLD

Mantastic: When you cross the street, and the cars have to look both ways..

Mantastic: When your pee is a more expansive trade than AIG in the stock market.. Wait, everything is worth more than AIG these days..

Mantastic: When you can make water run uphill back to the mountains.

Mantastic : When you can kick start a car. With a real kick

Mantastic: When the only fun you know is a Funeral.

Mantastic: When you can lick your elbow.

Mantastic: When you beat the sun in a staring fight .. until the sun turns pale blue , shrinks, n become Pluto.

Mantastic: When you can unscramble an egg.

Mantastic: When you look in the mirror, and nothing happens. You see nothing. There is only one original mantastic.

Mantastic: When u donate blood using a handgun and a bucket.. No syringes for real men.

In the Bible, Jesus turned water into wine. Mantastic: When you turn the wine into beer !!

Mantastic: When Chuck Norris is your Homeboy

Mantastic: When you play Russian Roulette with a full loaded gun alone, and still win.

Mantastic: When it takes you 15 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

Contrary to popular belief, there is indeed enough Mantastic men to go around.

Mantastic: When you eat a whole cake, before u realize there is a stripper in it ..

Mantastic: When you can’t love, but can only NOT KILL.

Mantastic: when you can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night. In North Pole.

Mantastic: When you build Rome in a day

Mantastic : when u slam a revolving door shut.

Mantastic: When you kick a horse in the chin, and make it into a giraffe

Mantastic: When you dont read books.. you stare them down until u get the full story.

Mantastic: When you smells what the Rock is cooking... because the Rock is your chef

Mantastic: When you eat blackholes for dinner.. And u know they taste like chicken

Mantastic: when you can judge a book by its cover.

Mantastic when u can lead a horse to water AND make it drink

Mantastic when you brush teeth with a mixture of iron shavings, industrial paint remover, and wood-grain alcohol.

Mantastic when you use 8'x10' sheets of plywood as toilet paper.

Mantastic: when 4 out of 5 doctors recommends you as a solution to all medical problems in the world.

Guantuanamo Bay, Cuba is your Mantastic home.

Mantastic: when you single-handedly make India n China the two biggest population’s on Earth.

Mantastic: when you rode a bull, and 6 months later, it bears a calf.

Sweating bullets is what happens when Mantastic people go to gym

Two wrongs dont make a right. Unless you're mantastic.

Mantastic: When you dont use mantastic as you know you're Mantastic enough without it..

Mantastic: Others eat cereals, you eat souls for breakfast.

Mantastic are vegetarians. They dont eat animals until they make them go into a vegetative state..

Mantastic: When you dont chew gum, you chew bolwing balls.

When you give a hammer to a Mantastic person, he gives you Stonehenge

Mantastic: When you play Monoply, and lose, and make US go into recession.

The next pandemic alert is on a virus called Mantastic people. nobody knows where it originated from, but you do. From me.. Mantastic.

Mantastic: When you eat steak.... without killing the cow.

Mantastic when every street is "one way". MY WAY.

Mantastic: When you went to school with Chewbacca.

Mantastic: when you want an egg, you crack open a chicken.

Mantastic: when you know the last digit of pi !

Mantastic: when you make onions CRY!!!

Mantastic : when you put the laughter in manslaughter.

Mantastic people invented the question mark

Mantastic : when you bench-pressed the entire state of Japan, and all of its residents 30 reps, an be responsible for their quakes.

Mantastic : Its me who let the dogs out

Mantastic when you stared the devil himself in the face, and he backed down n goes crying to his momma.. who comes to say sorry

Mantastic ppl just radiate kryptonite gas 24/7

Mantastic: Ability 2 pee, dump and read a book at the same time.

Mantastic: singlehandedly draft the new US economic policy

Mantastic: when u spit, and drown the whole neighbourhood

Mantastic: when you eats lightning and farts thunder, and pee tsunamis

Mantastic: The ability to make other laugh till their sides hurt, until they spit out their collarbone n die

Mantastic : When you use Tabasco Sauce for eye drops

Mantastic: When your blood is actually red hot magma!

Mantastic: When you create a flamethrower by urinating into a lighter

Mantastic: Kenny G is allowed to live because Mantastic doesn't kill women

Mantastic when your pulse is measured on the richter scale.

There is no such thing as a lesbian, just a woman who has never met a Mantastic man

Mantastic- when you officially ban rainbows from the state of North Dakota

Mantastic- When you sleep with a pillow under your gun.

Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, but Mantastic guys beats all 3 at the same time.

There are two types of people in the world... people that suck, and Mantastic.

To be or not to be? That is the question. The answer? Be MANTASTIC

Everybody loves Raymond. Except Mantastic guys.. We love Adrianna Lima

When you're Mantastic, you can touch John Cena, and MC Hammer

Mantastic- The ability to order Big Mac at Wendy's and get one in 15 minutes- or its FREE

Mantastic- The ability to pee Uranium in liquid form .. Seriously

MANtastic - The ability to divide a zero

MANtastic- The ability to sneeze with my eye open !!!

Remember the name, I am MANtastic
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