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High Deinition Video

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High Deinition Video

Postby Chepkisppoimi » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:01 pm

Can someone please explain this term... thanks guys

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Re: High Deinition Video

Postby admin_pornrev » Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:35 pm

Hello Toddy,

Thankyou for your question, I'm a bit of a novice at this but will try to give you a brief explanition, If anyone else out their can say this better please feel free to contribute.

If you need a full in depth explanation just type in ''High Definition Video" on google and check out wikipedia, they get right into it.

High Definition Video or HD Video (HDV) generally refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard resolution (SD) video. Most commonly at display resolutions of 1280x720 (720p) or 1220x1080 (1080i or 1080p)

To put it as simply as possible HDV has a higher density of pixels than SD. The higher the density the higher the resolution or clearer the picture.

Also HDV show more frames per second than SD.

Hope this helps to satisify your curiosity.


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Re: High Deinition Video

Postby admin_pornrev » Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:50 pm

Hello Pornrevolution.
Hope the site is starting to progress, Congratualations on getting this far and hope we see more of you for many years to come.
Wow, I checked out Wiki, they cover so much about High Definiation, its a BIG subject isn't it? AND possibly not all a bed of roses eigther.
Was supprised to read China and Brazil have opted out of the high def phernomina, thats a large portion of the world, 2 of the 3 new emerging superpowers, if India drops out as well the future of Global HDV might not look as bright,
Still it is at this point, the clearest crispest format, that most home viewers have ever seen. It is beautiful. I love it !
And some of the new big production movies shot in Hd now are convincing alot of people, That some very interesting effects can be done on HD.
Buy the way dickamateurshardcore.com looks like the only site you feature so far?
Do you know if they shot their video in the clearest HD of the 2 or so HD's out their?
That is; is it the higest pixel density HD or is it the 720 x "whatever it is", lower pixel density HD???

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Re: dickamateurshardcore.com and High Definition Video

Postby admin_pornrev » Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:23 pm

Hello John,
Thanks for wishing pornrevolution.net a successful future.
Thanks also for your questions about dickamateurshardcore.com
Yes pornrevolution.net is proud to present to you dickamateurshardcore.com ,all shot in 1980x1080 (1080i or 1080p) this is the clearest HD available to the public, as compared to 1280x720 (720p) which has slightly lower resolution or clarity, many fast streaming flv converters though, will only give you 720p though so far, but that should improve. So far Dick has made about 35 amateur movies in the higest quality HD, plus, 3ccd which was the clearest "broardcast quality" video available before HD hit the streets, so with both combined the picture quality is as good as it gets, although poor old Dick's camera plays up a few times in a few parts of a couple of movies, to us this adds to the reality of the whole thing, the travel knocked it around a little before it was stolen, yes stolen, Dick goes though it all to get you the product, ha ha.
And you are amounst the 1st few people to ever see it !
Here at pornrev we have been studing porn for a number of years now.
Were all fairly new at this,but over the years, we started to pick our favourite "types' of porn, and "amateur" was right up their amounst our favourites.
Some amature is so bad you just have to laugh, and some of it is very good, amounst the best out their.
Also we got a taste for "exotic" women. We think they are the hottest in the world. Super sexy, highly fertile, breeders. So many are porn stars without even trying, they are "dripping" in sexuality !
Why, do we think that?
Because amateur, we feel, is, good or bad, REAL, not scripted, just REAL people fucking.
And exotic women, do it better than any. In our opinion anyway

Now poor old Dick, very similar to many westerner men, hasn't had much sex in his whole life, well he claims he bonked a bit when a teen. Then life got him stuck on an isolated farm in Australia for over 20years. But no different to many westerner men, buy the time he reached 40 he started to realise life is short, and we can work forever and die, or we can start to enjoy life a little. 20 to 40 goes so fast,( hey you older guys? ) if 40 to 60 goes just as fast, just blink and its nearly over. Its time to "smell the roses" (or if you prefer, the pussy) to enjoy the journey instead of the destination. Gee, Dick's father died at 45years old. So many now, die young, in these fast paced times.

So as you can imagine Dick's 1st movies are not the best in amateur, but hey, its still interesting, the girls are tottaly hot. And he fucks ok for an old beginer, I guess when you have ridden that bike you never forget, and you can watch him progress through the movie's. Buy only his 8th or 10th video ever, he starts to "slam it in" nearly as good as a pro (excuse the pun) actually their is a few pros who cant match him.
His cameragirl is a 1st timer also, but a natural, and very quickly reaches an acceptable standard, no tripod! This girl is as steady as a rock, if only a few of you became members we could put her though camera school.
They are both very critical of their performance, And try to take things "half seriously" while they are having the time of their lifes!
Dick thinks he has cracked a few movies that are as good as anything in the porn industry, and we agree. Look out for "TOOM" coming very soon, this women turns Dick into a star, they have a threesome, and the "other woman", Tooms friend is the REAL sexpert, she taught Toom almost every sexy move she knows. The three of them just explode on the screen together. Its easy to see their is more than just a lust for sex between them, these three really "like" each other also, and are now good fuck friends, they almost love each other, dammit! (I just gotta get O/seas 1day !) Also the cameragirl was so mesmerised by the show, we feel it was her best work to date. Overall: 95%, our higest rating so far. Watch and let us know what you think !
Dick likes to bonk more than 1 woman at a time, most of his work to date is with 2 women at a time, sometimes 3 or 4 women, and his record to date 5 yes 5 women on the 1 bed at the same time, and he slams it in too! 1 after another, after another (sigh) after another, he not only gets through the "sex marathion" he trys to have a second round, only, in pools of sweat and puffing like an old dog, to blast his load on woman number 2's back, and, on the tits of woman number 3, dam, he and us wished he got to number 3 again, well, hell, wish he did them all a second time. But maybee he would have crocked it, ha ha. We love to knock Dick, hes not that bad really, their is so many good stars out their in their 40's, cos buy then they have really learnt to fuck. Not many premie ejectuator's at that age, he he. Dick usually fucks for at least half an hour at a time, sometimes an hour, Toom, more than an hour. Wooo were all getting wet just thinking of Toom.
Anyway, blah blah, enough talk and more action, check him out and see for yourself.

Cheers, love and peace. Or fuck dont fight, (whatever suits) :lol:
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Re: dickamateurshardcore.com and High Definition Video

Postby admin_pornrev » Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:58 pm

Hey their pornrev,

Whooaaahhh ! ! ! ! Is that your introduction ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Ok Dick let her rip ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha !
That last rave should be a whole new topic !
Ok interesting, cant wait to see it !
Cummon cummon, hurry up ! Show me show me ! :D

Cheers, Fuck dont Fight ! ha ha :D

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Re: High Deinition Video

Postby admin_pornrev » Thu May 07, 2009 7:36 pm

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