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Medical Tourism in SEXY Pattaya, Thailand

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Medical Tourism in SEXY Pattaya, Thailand

Postby admin_pornrev » Sun Apr 12, 2009 4:11 pm

Hi ya John,

Thanks so much for taking an interest in the site. Yep, sorry, It's still all in bits a pieces, but "slowly slowly catch a monkey" as the Asians say, ha ha.

Hope you enjoy the page and a half, so far. of free porn that we have uploaded to the site. Soon we hope to have heaps of top quality content, as well as Dick Amateurs stuff, and as the heading says, Dick Amateurs porn is 1st release, never been seen before.

But we still have some "bugs" to work though, so Dick's content can be uploaded to the site, so sorry for the delay. Believe me, I saw Dick the other day and he is "spewing" about the delays.

Dick has been a hard worker in his life, but he knows nothing about computer's, he keeps wanting to "reboot" the hard-drive with a good hard kick, just like those football player's on that commercial. He calls a hammer a "persuader", ha ha ha, sorry Dick, that way won't work this time. :lol:

Anyway Medical Tourism ? You have asked the right person !

I have had "extensive" dental work done in Pattaya.

Yes all you have heard is true.

I still have to return one more time to finish all my dental work, but starting to feel more confident about this Dental Tourism stuff, and I might even finish the job in another country, just to see another place.

But yes Pattaya is FULL of Dentists, in fact on South Pattaya Road, there is about seven different Dental Surgery's in about 200 meters.

But they're everywhere. It's a booming industry for Dentists in Pattaya with so many "Farang" (Foreigners) visiting.

Before the drop in the Australian $ you could get an Implant for around $500 to $2000 depending on the dentist. Our $ is going up again, so who knows, we might get back up their.

Anyway it does pay to shop around, most of them are very qualified, and Asians, I believe, all tend to make very good dentists, they have small hands, and a real "knack" for doing any kind of small scale quality work.

Just look at their carvings, paintings, arts and crafts for sale in the shops.

Myself, I started at the Pattaya International Hospital, but they are about the most expensive. Quality is 1st class, but they're slow and expensive compared to most of the other dentists in Pattaya.

Personally I wouldn't recommend them. I left after awhile, because they were just too slow.

Pattaya International hospital is more "state of the art" than any hospital I've seen in Australia. If you want quality and don't mind paying more (but still much less than Ozzzstrailia) go to Pattaya International.

But I would not go there anymore now, not even for other health conditions, because I discovered the Pattaya Memorial Hospital just cant be beat, it's not as high tech, but service is above anything I've experienced in Oz, and the prices are very affordable. Cheap as chips!

Pattaya has 3 Hospital's, it's a big city, The other is the Bangkok International Hospital, but they are THE most expensive by far.

The Memorial is were all the locals go and all the long term Farang prefer it too.

I finally decided on a small Dental surgery not far from the Pattaya International Hospital. I really liked the guy, I trust him totally, he clinic is called APC on Soi 5, but I think he's on his way out. I think he has some sort of sickness that is making his hand's shake, the last time I was there, it did get a little scary sometimes. If his "minor shake' does get any worse, I'm sure he will get someone else in to do the intricate stuff, and I really trust his judgement.

I don't trust many people, so if I tell you I trust this man, that's an approval that has been hard earned.

When we first met, he was unbelievably fast and skilled, with great knowledge too. Much better and cheaper than Pattaya International Hospital. Also, he's changed assistants a few times, but last time I was there, he had one of the hottest girls I've ever seen as his assistant, I was in love, he he. But hey come on, eyes on the ball, don't go to a dentist just because you like the assistant. Everywhere you look in Pattaya, you're going to see stunner's, in Travel Agent's, Dentists ( I've fallen in love with a few dental assistants, I think it turns me on the way they stick that sucker thing in my mouth, :lol: ) Hospitals, Hotel receptions, 7/elevens, mate, they are everywhere !

The Dentist's on Soi 2 are also very good, I've had a bit of work done there, And they're nearly ALL super hot females, reception, assistants AND Dentists.

Buy the way, while on the subject of females, the nurses in the Memorial Hospital and Pattaya International, are also DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

The absolute HOTTEST 2 girls I ever meet worked in a travel agent on Jomtian Beach. God I just HATE myself for not trying to get the 2 of them back to my room, but I just ran out of time. The girls in those sorts of places are more of a "project", takes longer to break the ice.

While in the bars you can, and I have, just walked in, picked a girl, and walked out with her within a 5 minute time span, heading off to my room for wild sex.

When all my dental work is finished, it will cost me $10,000. But if I did the same work in Oz it would cost me $70,000.

I got 5 extractions, 6 root canals, 6 crowns and 2 bridges. and a few fillings, also he put 4 "Implant" screws in, and a bone graft to strengthen my weak jawbone so it is strong enough to hold the screws, they need 6 months to heal, and when I go back he will attach about 8 teeth to those 4 screws, they call that a "permanent denture", it stays on always and doesn't "flap around" like false teeth

So finally after about 15 years I'm going to be able to munch into food again, and have a good smile.

Very pleased with what I have so far and looking forward to getting the 8 or more teeth attached to these 4 screws.

YES I highly recommend Pattaya for Dental Work, there is probably no better City in the world for a man to get stuck in also, while getting the teeth fixed; if you like beautiful girls, and non stop party and fun.

But me, well I've spent 4 months in Pattaya now, I absolutely love the place, BUT, life is short, and the world is big, I'm longing to see what else is out there.

I've heard that Thailand are the Medical Tourism Kings, But India also has a good name, and its even cheaper. The Philippines has been in the game for awhile. Vietnam is starting to get a good name in the field. Costa Rica is another destination. Even some of the country's that pulled out of the USSR, are now apparently as cheap as Asia, and are getting a good name for Medical Tourism.

I say do it, Mate, don't hesitate.

After the Dr. Pattel scandal in Bundaberg, Queensland, all those people he killed while pretending he was qualified, and the legal system backing Dr Pattel because the medical profession are quacks and legal criminals... Also the many stories I've heard from friends of medical incompetence in Australia. AND the friends I have personally lost, went in to hospital with minor conditions and died due to the local hospitals incompetence. I now have absolutely NO FAITH in Australian Hospitals.


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