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#PornProtest: Mass ‘facesitting’ straddles Parliament Square to resist ‘sexist’ porn laws

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#PornProtest: Mass ‘facesitting’ straddles Parliament Square to resist ‘sexist’ porn laws

Postby admin_pornrev » Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:27 am

#PornProtest: Mass ‘facesitting’ straddles Parliament Square to resist ‘sexist’ porn laws

FROM: http://rt.com/uk/213811-facesitting-protest-porn-laws/

Published time: December 12, 2014 12:01

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Some 500 protesters will gather outside Parliament on Friday to take part in a mass “facesitting” in demonstration against new “draconian” porn laws which have banned the screening of acts largely associated with female pleasure.

The protest will attract over 250 women sitting on men’s faces, after the act of facesitting, along with whipping, female ejaculation, spanking and fisting, were banned in online porn by the
Audiovisial Media Services Regulations in December.

WATCH LIVE: UK porn protest over sex-act restrictions in films

The new regulations require all online porn to adhere to the same guidelines as adult DVDs sold in shops.

Sexual trainer and organizer of the protest Charlotte Rose wrote in the Independent that the new measures came from “blokes who don’t understand anything other than straight, lights out missionary position sex.”

“Providing it does no harm to a third person, what happens between consenting adults is their business and no one else’s. And if someone wants to get permission to film this, and sell it to other adults, why should anyone stop them?” she added.

Her mass fake sex protest aims to rebuke the new laws as “sexist.” The Facebook event for the protest claims the regulations are “not supporting sexual equality,” as the banned acts “appear to take aim at female pleasure.”

One dominatrix attending the protest told RT the laws represent "the start of a clampdown on sexual freedom of expression."

Mistress Absolute, a dominatrix and fetish club promoter, said it was not right for women to be targeted.

"Why should we see countless women having their faces forced onto c**ks and ejaculated on but be banned from seeing this the other way round? Surely this is sexist bull***t?!"

Reuters - Andrew Parsons.png
Reuters - Andrew Parsons.png (332.77 KiB) Viewed 38437 times

The event on Friday has the support of the Consenting Adult Action Network (CAAN), a group of individuals who advocate the right of adults to complete sexual freedom, without government interference.

Jane Far, co-convener of CAAN England and Wales said the new measures would not protect people, and claimed they were ill-conceived.

READ MORE: #ThingsNowBannedInUKPorn: Internet reacts hilariously to ‘absurd’ new porn law https://www.rt.com/uk/210791-porn-uk-banned-censor/

“Far from protecting anyone, this is the usual badly thought-out mishmash of irrelevant measures and middle-aged male prejudice.”

“What they mostly dislike are women and individuals from outside the ‘charmed circle of sexuality’ having any place to explore what turns them on,” she added.

The group called the laws “ludicrous and hypocritical.”

Critics of the protest, however, say the facesitting stunt is a show for PR purposes, which will trivialize the issue of freedom of expression, fundamental to the cause.

Others have, unsurprisingly, seen the funnier side of 250 women straddling men at noon on a Friday outside one of the most important buildings in Britain.

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Shades shady

• As long as its clean and no funky smell, what is wrong with a good ol mustache ride. Best part of movember is growing a stash and offering rides to some of the women you fancy. 1 would think you will get in the world records for the biggest Thigh Pie eating contest.
• just nowReply

Al Leotti

• The internet as we know it has fallen. Not just for the reasons we see here, this is but a small part.
• 4 minutes agoReply

Tony Blair

• I expect a lot of these girls will be meeting up with politicians & MPs after this demonstration with appointments, in basement falts in Paddington & Kings Cross. To get an update dont miss the sunday color supplements this weekend, with the follow up court cases. Hence the expression as bent as a politician.
• 12 minutes agoReply

Robert Tan

• Well, yes, it could be because of the British stiff upper lip. ;-D
• 21 minutes agoReply


• You might try to sit on your own face one day and thus heartbreakingly discover that it is impossible to do.
• 41 minutes agoReply

Gevorg Khachatryan

• Can't you protest it in a more civilized manner, why do you have to facesit publicly to protest ??? Just when I think people can't be any dumber....
• 44 minutes agoReply

Greg Slade

• I believe they call her ...the hippo
• an hour agoReply

Greg Slade

• Strange I have noticed Putins schedule coincides with this event in the UK maybe he is attending we will reserve our fattest woman for him.
• an hour agoReply


• How bad have things got, and how arrogant have our worthless politicians become to think they can dictate how people conduct their sex lives?
• an hour agoReply

Kasim Khan

• mad i wouldnt mind abit of facesitting
• an hour agoReply

Franco De Plusworlds

• Sick UK! Sex addicts! All is abusive whether male of female! An to say not harming anyone?? Of course it is!
• an hour agoReply
Robin Morritt

o "No one is being hurt that doesn't want to be hurt." Really? Never? Some women get regularly beaten and go back for more. Do you mean that sort of consent?
o an hour agoReply
The European Dragon

o It is not abusive when both adults are consenting. No one is being hurt that doesn't want to be hurt. You can't regulate sex lives and it's wrong to try.
o an hour agoReply
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