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Male Idiot Theory proven? Men make up 90 percent of ‘stupid deaths’

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Male Idiot Theory proven? Men make up 90 percent of ‘stupid deaths’

Postby admin_pornrev » Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:15 pm

Male Idiot Theory proven? Men make up 90 percent of ‘stupid deaths’


Published time: December 12, 2014 17:22

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It has finally arrived: concrete evidence to support Male Idiot Theory (MIT), which states that men are especially prone to serious accidents and fatal mistakes because “they are idiots and do stupid things.”

A recent study into the 20-year history of the Darwin Awards, doled out for particularly stupid and unnecessary self-inflicted deaths, found that 90 percent of accolades were given to men.

The awards, first distributed in 1994, draw inspiration from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which states that species develop characteristics by self-selectively weeding out members of the community with undesirable characteristics.

In this case, the undesirable characteristics include extreme stupidity and the ability to remove one’s self from the gene pool by performing an unprecedented accidental snuffing.

There have been 332 Darwins awarded since the prize’s inception, but when analyzing the statistics, 14 were ruled out as they were jointly given to men and women – mostly couples trapped in adventurous and compromising positions.

Of the 318 remaining fatal blunders, 282 were awarded to men – a staggeringly high proportion. Just 36 were given to women.

Previous winners of the Darwin Award include a terrorist who opened his own letter bomb.

A thief, who attempted to steal cables from a lift shaft, cut the wires supporting the elevator beneath his feet. Although he plummeted to an untimely end, he earned a posthumous honor.

The extraordinarily high proportion of males killing themselves in banal ways directly supports Male Idiot Theory (MIT), a highly scientific theory which theorizes that men are more accident prone because they are “idiots.”

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Charles Darwin (Photo from

Dr Dennis Lendrem of the University of Newcastle discussed the definitions of the proverbial male “idiot.”

“Idiotic risks are defined as senseless risks, where the apparent payoff is negligible or non-existent, and the outcome is often extremely negative and often final,” he said.

“According to ‘Male Idiot Theory’ (MIT) many of the differences in risk seeking behavior, emergency department admissions, and mortality may be explained by the observation that men are idiots and idiots do stupid things.

“There are anecdotal data supporting MIT, but to date there has been no systematic analysis of sex differences in idiotic risk taking behavior,” he added.

The British Medical Journal said it was “puzzling” that men felt the need to perform such hazardous feats for social status or “bragging rights.”

They made a special mention of the man who lost a testicle by attempting to use a belt-sander as an auto-erotic device. He narrowly missed out on a Darwin Award as he managed to save his crown jewels (or one of them at least), using a stapler.

Lendrem said intelligence levels and alcohol consumption could be to blame.

“Despite these limitations there can be little doubt Darwin Award winners seem to make little or no real assessment of the risk or attempt at risk management. They just do it anyway. In some cases, the intelligence of the award winner may be questioned,” adding that it would be “naïve” to rule out the effects of alcohol.

Lendrem made a special reference to the collective Darwin winners who played a version of Russian roulette, alternately drinking shots of alcohol and standing on unexploded land mines. One of the mines eventually exploded, killing all three men.

by Taboola
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Heinrich Schiller

• With women only, we would still live on trees like Chimps.
• 4 minutes agoReply
Heinrich Schiller

o Rudolf ! Why do you tinker with that stupid engine ??? Buy a horse already !
o 4 minutes agoReply

Mike Scalera

• The fact that men won 90 percent of the Darwin Awards does not necessarily make them "idiots." It has been proven that testosterone increases risk-taking behavior, and women - who obviously have won 10 percent of the Darwin Awards - only have 5 to 10 percent of the testosterone that men do. Whether it's a coincidence or not that the numbers match up is an open question.
• 5 minutes agoReply

Heinrich Schiller

• Once more Bankster Progressive Disinformation. "Men" have created 90% of our civilization from Aspirin to the internet or the Diesel engine. Go F*** yourself, femi-Nazis.
• 5 minutes agoReply

Joesph P Nightrain

• Examples?
• 10 minutes agoReply


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• 13 minutes agoReply

jay dub

• this theory has been proven by my self 25 years ago child hood . i wonder what idiot took so long to say and still left a lot out. i can go on and on from mountain climbing, hiking, surfing, skydiving, trying to find ware god live etc. today's largest is putting idiots in control of war that have an effect no cause. and to top that note, my study shows the percentage of all what fall in the idiot category are Caucasian. im not down playing any race, but the statistics don't lie in this matter. just an opinion
• 18 minutes agoReply

David Watts

• What refreshing comments. No mention of Putin, corrupt bankers, NATO,Jews or white genocide and the usual bulls hit that is on RT in abundance
• 43 minutes agoReply
Gustavo Josende

o You are the first idiot to bring it up. Darwin prize to you
o 15 minutes agoReply

Charles Jacks

• I once saw a study in which the females of the sickleback fish would preferentially mate with males that tried to drive off predators. I assume such behavior (both male and female) has a species survival benefit even if there may be a chance of loss. Sickleback's are very small fish and the predators were 50 to a 100 times larger. As some would say, bravery is just survivable stupidity. We measure the heroics not by the stupidity of the hero, but by the strength of the opponent. Still I think this drives the development of intelligence as a smart hero is more survivable than a dumb one. For every male that "culls the herd" there are several that survive their antics. We can also blame this on the female, lol, as long as we want to lay the blame on a gender instead of the species survival benefit, given it is the females choice of bigger, faster, smarter mating habits that tends to select for such behavior. The "heroic female" will tend to find themselves less able to survive such antics while they are laden with eggs and such, which would tend to select against those that didn't maintain a balance between bravery and ability.
• an hour agoReply


• That seems useless, if a person does something which he knows is dangerous and dies that does not make him into an idiot,, if he does something dangerous and does not understand that it is dangerous and dies, that makes him into an idiot.
• an hour agoReply


• Most human progress is done by males so...
• an hour agoReply
Charles Jacks

o Hummm, given it is generally the female that has the last say on mate selection, I would say most genetic progress in intelligence, strength, ect is done by females. Remember it was Eve that ate of the fruit of knowledge and gave the leftovers to Adam. (Being non-judgmental on the whole "be damned" thing. Which I think was a setup.)
o 35 minutes agoReply


• I was going to say scientists who died in the line of duty trying to push mankind forward should most certainly be exempted from the statistic. But it looks like they were careful about only including people who had little upside in their "endeavors", lol!
• an hour agoReply

Omar Gro

• Testoterone make us prone to take risks
• an hour agoReply

Evilballs Rule

• This is wrong. It is simply what is inherently ingrained in us as males. As the traditional hunter in the hunter gatherer relationship males and females had for millenium, it is ingrained in us to take much riskier behavior than females. We are hardwired this way. It is science. For example my step mother had two cats when she married my father and neglected to spay the animals so the kept breeding until we had 15 cats at the most. We lived in a rural area with coyotes, owls, eagles, and other predators that might want to make lunch out of a kitty cat. After finally neutering the animals, interestingly enough, after 2 years, there were no male cats left while all the females were still alive as they lived outside in a 'cathouse' we made for them after neutering them. This is simply explained because of the difference in behavior between the males and females. The females acted like 'scaredy cats' and hung around the house while the males would go out hunting like they were hardwired to do and ended up as dinner for another predator.
• an hour agoReply


• These days the powers that be are trying very hard to ridicule and put down the male of the species.Of particular concern is the trauma inflicted on boys.Trannies and gays off course do not fall in this category.
• an hour agoReply

ghat tar

• Is it a joke, or another propaganda by feminists at RT?
• an hour agoReply

Helvia Nqt'Weh

• What percent were black men?
• about 2 hours agoReply

o Such a large % that knowing it would automatically mark you as a racist by liberals.
o an hour agoReply

johnny Uppal

• This is so true .... only one point to make and that is many are stupid to die over a Woman !
• about 2 hours agoReply
Steve Rogers

o Stupid !
o about 2 hours agoReply
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