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Supersexy Yupha & d Drag Queen that (nearly) fooled me FUNNY

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Supersexy Yupha & d Drag Queen that (nearly) fooled me FUNNY

Postby admin_pornrev » Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:22 pm

Hello readers,

This is the story of the “Kathoey”, the Thai word for Ladyboy, or "Drag Queen" as we call them, that (nearly) fooled me.

Pattaya Thailand has 1,000’s of them, most, can be spotted a mile away, AFTER, spending some time in Pattaya.

But many a man has been fooled by them, and taken them back to their rooms, only to get the SHOCK of their lives.

Of course, amazingly, a few men go to Pattaya just to pick up Ladyboy’s.

Although many look JUST like a woman, usually Kathoey’s never quite get the “mannerisms”, right, they can never quite “move” the way a woman moves. They tend to move like a gay man.

But the most obvious sign that a bar girl is really a man in Pattaya, is their voice, only a very small few can talk at the same pitch as a real woman. They try but it never sounds right.

When I would walk at night, down the many, dimly lit, backstreets in Pattaya. Lined with 1000’s of girl bars, I would call out to them, “sa-wat-dii-cap”, which is “hello” in Thai, and then listen, for the pitch of their voices.

Sometimes, the voices would be deep, or clearly men trying to sound like women, so I would quicken my pace. Walk on bye, ha ha.

Had heard some funny tales of men who got caught, but never thought it would ever happen to me.

I often walked a few kilometres, north along 2nd Pattaya Rd to go and see my young spunky “head job princess”.

She was an absolute DREAM, 20 years old, tight, sweet tasting, meaty firm body, titty’s that were perky and a nice handful, very tight shaved pussy, gorgeous innocent face.

She grew up on the streets of Bangkok, her family had moved from a very poor farming district, and set up a “table” on the streets of Bangkok to sell food. A table, that’s all their “shop” was. And their whole family “lived” at this table.

SLEPT, beside this table every night, as the young family grew up. WILD HUH!

BUT most children in Thailand get a good education, Thailand was one of the 1st countries in the world after western nations to enforce compulsory schooling.

But Yupha never went to school at all, NO education. But WOW, could she fuck and suck. Actually I have never known a woman who could suck cock as good as her. SOMEONE taught her to suck cock, every woman needs lesions in how to suck the cock. It’s a VERY special SKILL.

Yes Yupha never went to school, but she passed the school of life, WITH HONOUR'S!

Buy the time I meet her, she had moved her entire family from the Bankok streets to a nice little house in Pattaya. Her older sister worked in the same bar as her, and her younger brothers and sisters were all going though school. All thanks to the 2 oldest sisters.

Soon they plan to buy a family house. Good for them!

Her Mum and Dad now had a "fancy" table, with a cooker and wheels to move it around, and they set up "shop" right behind Yupha's bar. She took me to meet them the last time I was in Pattaya. What an Honour!

They were beautiful, couldnt speak english, but the body language and good intentions, between us all, crosses all barriers. Yupha's Mum looked just like her, only 20 years older, have you heard the saying, "if you want to know what your girlfriend will be like in 20 years just look at her mother"? Well I was pleasently supprised!

Anyway getting back to cock sucking, any woman who thinks they can just teach themselves how to suck cock, without, at least, STUDING porn is a fucking IDIOT!

Sucking the cock is a SKILL!

No different to any man, who has never seen another person kiss, lick, suck or fuck in his whole life, if he really thinks he is a stud and a good fuck, he too, is a fucking IDIOT!

And unfortunately, THAT, is MOST people; at least, MOST westerners.

Because at least people who grew up in one room houses, got to see how Mum and Dad had sex. That’s a heck of a lot more sex experence than most westerners.

DEAD FUCKS! Is what most of us are! Sorry, face the truth; we all NEED porn, and some of the better sex books, to TEACH us how to be a good lover’s.

Don’t run away from the issue, LEARN to be good lovers. Anyone can be a good lover, with the right information and pratice.

REJECT falling into the endless cycle of being unsatisfied, fucked in the head, ANGRY FIGHTERS!

Mom Dad Child, Mum Dad Child; generation after generation, fucked in the head ANGRY FIGHTERS!

Yupha could put my 8 and a half inches of wang, right down her neck, without choking. Her head would bob up and down on my cock with amazing speed, while forming a tight “vacuum”.

That’s what “sucking” is all about, sucking like a vacuum cleaner, while pounding the cock; in out, in out, hard and fast. And NEVER tiring, she could suck like that for half an hour, while looking directly into my eyes.

She would even put a bit of a “twist” into her fast bobbing. In out, in out, on my cock. FABULOUS!!! :D

And she would let me cum in her mouth, and then after my passion had fully subsided, she would go the bathroom and spit it out and brush her teeth, and then gargle with “Listerine”.

She loved me so much she would have even swallowed if I asked her, but why do that to the poor girl?

I fuck heaps of girls, why put her though the, “slight risk”, ( I get regular STD checks, ALWAYS use a condom, and take many “precautions”, I’m not an asshole, I’m a DICK, ha ha )

Are you listening white girls? Are you learning something?

Or are you just getting angry with me and thinking of criticisms to throw at me, and say to you man about me?

Cos so many of you are too bloody LAZY to even try!

Really hope not, you need to learn this stuff, and pass it on to your children. Cos if we remain too SELFISH to take the time to truly GIVE pleasure to each other, we will forever be, a land of LOSERS!

Of course, MEN TOO, lift your game!

Yupha was as “clean as a whistle”, She had a perfect understanding of hygene, and I had no problems licking her gorgeous, sweet wet Thai pussy, and could ALWAYS make her cum, and LOVED to feel her little love box quiver in my mouth. And loved to drink her sweet LOVE JUICES, which in case you didn't know; LOVE JUICES, male and female, are, THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!

So anyway I walked out of my room, at The Apex Hotel, ( highly recommended ) on 2nd Pattaya road between soi 10 and soi 11 and headed off to soi 6 at the northern end of town.

But every time, I walked down this street no less than 100’s of girls would try to drag me into their bars. Nearly always I would stop a few times to meet a new girl that caught my eye, and have a chat and 1 or 2 Jim Beams and Coke.

But this day I meet some extra interesting girls, and stayed and drank for too long.

I left my hotel around mid day, and by 3 pm was getting quite “plastered”. So by 3 pm I was “on a mission” to get to soi 6 and was walking at a quick pace.

I had finally passed North Pattaya road, and was half way there. I could have got a baht bus, but I liked to walk, and enjoy the city.

I was managing to palm off girl after girl, until this seemingly HOT girl. On the other side of the road spotted me and walked out to the very busy road and flashed her tits at me, 1000 cars a minute passing by this road and she pulled up her top, and flashed her tits to me on the other side of the road. Her tittty’s were small but real, and give me small and real to fake “pump up’s” any day.

She seemed slim super sexy and HOT.

Being quite drunk I couldn’t resist, without a second of hesitation I crossed the very busy road, and she put her arm in mine and walked me into her bar.

She was rubbing my dick though my shorts, the moment I sat down, and by the time I had a drink in my hand she was “dry humping” me.

All the best girls do this in the bars, and I love it, so she’s backing her ass into my cock as I sat on the barstool and we were “dry humping” like rabbits.

We still sat very close to the road and if I wasn’t so drunk, I wouldn’t have been so lewd; within view of the traffic, that is. There were only 3 other men sitting at the back of the bar and they were LAUGHING their heads off.

I just ignored them, I had seen the men laugh at my behaviour before, and usually, well, in more private go go’s anyway, couldn’t give a fuck. So long as everyone is happy, what the hell.

But these men were REALLY laughing.

In stiches!

The girl started saying “you like to fuck my “airp”? ( thats how their accent sounds when they say ass ) I said “well I’ve never tried it before, but, why not”!

But she kept saying it, again and again, "fuck my airp", "fuck my airp". I was rock hard, and if we ever stopped dry humping, she would constantly be grabbing my cock, not directly in her hand, but through my shorts.

10 other girls were crowded around me also, as it always is in Pattaya.

After 1 drink I said my usual in these circumstansces, “right you”, to the dry humping girl, “you and you”, to 2 others, “let’s go”.

Suddenly the dry humping HOT slut changed. She said “NO, you go with them not me, me same”. With the thick accent, I wasn’t sure what she was saying, and was thinking she was getting jealous. So I started trying to convince her join in and gangfuck me, 4som, LOVE IT! He he he.

“NO”! She started saying even firmer, “me same!”. “What?”, I said. “Me same you”, I still wasn’t sure what words she was saying, with the accent she had. Then she pointed to my dick and what I thought was her pussy, and said “ME SAME YOU!!!"

Well, it finally clicked, and my eyes popped out of my head. “OMG. You saying you have a dick?" Just did not see THAT comming!

“Yes” she said for the 10th time, “ME SAME YOU!!!"


If she wasn’t KIND enough to warn me; and most don’t, I would have taken her to a nearby room.

I nearly FAINTED !!!

So that’s why the 3 men were laughing so hard... MAN, how EMBARASSING !!!

Well after that near catastrophe, I then took her 2 friends to a nearby room, and fucked their brains out. I was very horny, cos all afternoon my juices were stirring, expecting to meet Yupha.

In their room they had a picture of this lady boy, In an evening gown, receiving a 1st prize award for a lady boy beauty contest. So HEY guys she was one of the best in Pattaya.

Gimmie a break, for fucks sake!

The two girls and their lady boy friend shared this tiny room together.

He took female hormone’s, and had REAL tittys, small but very REAL... FUCK !!!

His voice sounded just like a woman... FUCKEN HELL !!!

I was sooo lucky he was good hearted and showed me mercy.

Most don’t fellers! They will insist on "lights out", and if your drunk enough, you will be having anal sex with a bloke!

Some men fall for it and their not even drunk, so beware!

Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

So I never saw Yupha that day, and after fucking the Ladyboys 2 girlfriends, ( women, they WERE women, promice :lol: ) I walked home in the dark, had a meal, sobered up, and went out to Walking Street, the main "action spot" in Pattaya. At the usually time, around 9 pm. Party party some more, found another 3 girls, in the morning hours, took em all home and kissed, licked, sucked and fucked their brains out too.

Ohh Pattaya, never a dull moment, and all the pussy you can ever handle, and gays and ladyboys also, if your into that sort of thing..... Me NEVER!!!! PUSSY is what I love.

Bye for now my friends,

Fuck don’t fight.

Join the revolution, the pornrevolution!

Dick :D
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