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Swine Flu!

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Re: Swine Flu!

Postby admin_pornrev » Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:19 am

Swine Flu!
by HouseMD » Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:03 pm

Your opinion? Is it dangerous?

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Re: Swine Flu!

Postby admin_pornrev » Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:21 am

Re: Swine Flu!
by admin_porn » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:23 pm
Hello House MD,

Thanks for your post, very relevant, looks like you have forwarded some great info too.

Sorry was just about to sleep when i noticed your post, had a very quick look at your info.

Will read more thoughly tomorrow.

Can't really comment at this stage, looks BIG to me.

What do you think "House MD" ? ? ? ?

Would love to know your thoughts on this.

I was possibly 1 of the 1st in Australia to see this news breaking.

Was watching the Phillipino news, early morning on SBS a couple of days ago.

Only understand about 1 in 20 words they say, BUT suddenly I could clearly see some really BIG news was unfolding in the world.

I swtiched over to the Australian Early Morning channels, to find out more, and they were oblivous to it.

Australia seems to be right "onto it" now though.

WOW ! ! ! Thats my only comment so far.

What do you think ??? Conspiricy or just the "nature of the virous" constantly changing ? ? ?

Hey yea, did you ever see "DEAD MAN" with Jonnie Dep. Great movie. Also one of the few movies that makes a brief reference to the "blankets, laced with Small Pox, that the Trading Post gave out to Indians".

Does scare me, that so many Medical Labs are "playing with all this stuff".

Do you think that Germ Warfare is still alive in the world today ? ? ?

I remember in the news a few years ago, that Israeli Labs were caught red handed trying to invent a "geneticly specific" disease that would kill only Arabs.

Supprised me that the big corperation pig farm in Mexico. That is being blamed for this Health Scare is allowed to close it's doors, to seemingly everyone ? ? ?

A medical inspection team should have been their "yesterday" to run tests.

Could this be "manufactured" to "strengthen the arguement" anginst illegal Immigrants, comming up from the south, into the USA ? ? ?

Along with other "secret agenders" that I cannot see yet ? ? ?

Just because I'm paraniod, dosent mean they are "NOT" all out to get me, ha ha.

Anyway thanks for your post and very informative info.

And would love to hear more of what you think.

Sincerly Admin
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Re: Swine Flu!

Postby admin_pornrev » Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:23 am

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Re: Swine Flu!

Postby admin_pornrev » Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:25 am

Re: Swine Flu!
by SalmonCramin » Wed May 20, 2009 11:23 am

Hello pornrevolution.net and HouseMD,

Hey did anyone see the story on the news about the Aussie, Doctor Gibbs, who claimed that Swine Flue, DID come from a Lab?

For me, sitting in front of the T.V. I was cheering, YES!! Go Austraila, you good thing!!

Like to me, i feel without doubt, like OF COURSE, it came from a lab! Absolutely no doubt whatsoever!

Yes Australia, like many country's, has more than its fair share of idiots. BUT, and this makes me very proud, Australia also has it's STARS.

And this Dr Gibbs is one of them.

Yes good old "Owrrstralia" punches well above it's weight. For a population of only 22million on this HUGE, VARST, desart continent.

We have some brilliant sportsmen, moviestars, rock stars, and YES, some brillian minds also. And "gutsy", aussies have BALLS.

The greatest fighting men in the world, my dad used to tell me, with the worst leaders in the world, sorry Kev not you, He he.

See all the doctors and scientists, from the US etc, in damage control, saying "no way, no no, it did not come from a lab, blah blah, this ozzy Doc is wrong".

Yea right ! Well little Mr Me Dim Wit, oh yea, I believe you, and pigs fly backward too!

How can they say that crap with so much certainaly? ( $70,000 a year, thats how! )

To me the only question is, HOW?

Was it sabatarge from:-
A. an asshole employee
B. an asshole employee doing covert work for an asshole organisation
Or was it:- C. an accident

I really hope it was C. an accident. Thats what I "want" to believe.

BUT the realistic side of me, thinks it is B. an asshole employee doing covert work for an asshole organisation.

Assholes are out their, we have to realise this, while most people are good, well, nearly ALL people are good.

But their is this saying that has shaped the world "In order to get good people to do evil, they must 1st be convinced that they are really doing good"

Yes, few people are trully evil, most people act on the "information" they "believe' to be true.

Example, if a Government decides that a leader of an opposing country has to be assinated, do the secret agents assigned to kill this leader believe they are doing evil?

No, of course not, well rarely anyway, they think they are doing a great service to their country, and humanity. When the reality is MURDER IS MURDER. The most horrible crime on earth.

I think when, "you know who", tryed to assinate Castro of Cuba, many undeniably innocent people died along the way, and they still never got him.

And now (fianally) TV stations like SBS do doco's on the whole issue, which leaves, "you know who", looking very bad indeed.

Could this virous be linked to Government agency's? I think, very sadly, yes. Very very sad to say, but I think yes.

These sort of people, if caught, deserve 70 years in prison, with hard labour, on the rock pile with a sledge hammer. Whoever it was, if anyone is found responsible for this sort of global sabatarge, their should be no mercy.

But the death penality? No of course not, are we no better than these barbarians? Anyway death is too good for these kinds of offenders, the rock pile for 70 years is much more suitable.

Of course, I really hope I'm wrong... I really really really hope it was just an accident from a lab.

But why are these labs doing this kind of work in the 1st place?

Trying to devolop superstrains of virous's?

They are playing with fire!

It should be stopped.

The only way to stop these people, is offer them, alternatives. Like so many power people believe the world is vastly overpopulated.

I think what Dick is trying to say is brilliant, we now have room for many Billions more people, because we now have Mega-Desalinatied water technology.

Only 10% of the earths total land mas is useable, the rest is barren wastland, not any more with Desal.

With almost every decision we often have essentually two choises, the right choise and the wrong choise.

Do we make the choise, as described in the book "The Devil's Advicate" when countrys say we have no room for people, we have to have war to cut down the population, and gain more land.

DO we have to make breeding illegal? Call the primary function of the species, that is reproduction, evil and dirty and discussting? Or do we find a better way, like cut back on industrialision, and step up small scale organic tree cropping farming technic's, AND have faith in the future, BELIEVE, KNOW, that the more people we have the more brilliant minds are born amounst them, and yes we can live in harmondy with nature, while utilising the desarts AND the oceans?

Could we ever, reach such an advanced stage, with the GOOD technolgy we have gained along the way, while building WAR machines etc. TO live in or on the oceans?

Could we ever reach such an advanced stage, were we all worked together, and made the RIGHT choise about overpopulation, and acheived the "Star Trek" option?

To boldly go forth were no man has ever gone before. Outer Space? The last frounter, as the T.V. show states. Is that idea really that "tripped out"?

To break the speed of light, freeze ourselves, and carry an entire rainforest "tissue culture" in a test tube, ready to "plant out" Mars? Under a Dome?

Isn't that the Right answer to overpopulation? To all work together, instead of greedily killing each other, and making it a crime to have baby's. To sterilise our woman, and "cover up" the negative impact?
Isn"t that the right answer? To all work together and colonise other planets?

I wonder if thats one of mankinds problems, their is no more land to "discover" we have sailed around the world, proved it isn't flat, trecked into the deepest rainforests, dove to the bottom of the ocean. And found lost civilisations.

Really think realisticly, we are so close, we are, we REALLY are!! To going STAR TRECKIN! Two choices, crash and burn, the path we are on now, or STAR TRECKIN, a very achievable option.

Look how far our technology has gone in 40 years! Who would have believed we would break the speed of sound, make a computor smaller than a house, Have a permanent space station orbiting the earth.

We can do anything if we put our minds to it, any-bloody-thing. Just have to supress the urge to say "Yea but" as Dick says.

I'm with you Dick, you open my mind, you fill it with wonderfull inspiring thoughts, no T.V. set could ever give me, you keep me up all night on full moon's, just thinking about the endless posibility's.

Yes, I love my Dick too! ha ha ha

You go Dick!

Deepest Regards,


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