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The whole idea that we have no room on Earth for people and we have to wipe out competitor Nations, poison our own people with shit food/environment and sterilise women (or men) to stop population growth is insane beyond all belief. Sterilized people do not know love... 95% of white westerner women take the artificial estrogen Birth Control Pill. The western world is now "loveless". The western world are no longer Nations of love. Without love we are doomed. Look at the mess the western world is in. All of the wests problems can be stemmed back to the fact that it's now loveless. Look at the mean cruel heartless decisions the west makes. Look how quickly the west goes to war. See how quickly the west will lie, cheat and steal, even from each other. Look how the west is now the land of broken family's. From the breakdown of the family unit comes dysfunctional children, substance abuse, crime and even an explosion in prostitution and porn because most men still NEED some kind of love. And yet... look how the westerner women are at the forefront of the movement to shut down prostitution and porn. Sterilised women hate love so much the they don't even like the idea that other people are doing it... They want to stop it ALL... they're sickened by sex. They think love is just a word they can throw around loosely without physical contact. They don't even understand themselves, are confused, deluded and yet still overconfident enough to think that any hair-brained idea that springs into their sterilised brains must be right... Hormone imbalanced women have become loveless, hard and mean and this throws all of society out of balance and then the men become hard and mean too. Western women think they are somehow superior to men, they think they have somehow magically evolved into a New Age Goddess, when it's just a chemically induced hormone imbalance. ........ LOVE will find a way for civilisation. With LOVE comes the answers... We have a greed and stupidity problem on this Earth not an over population problem. With wise planing and education we have room to keep populating for 100's more years, and then... with LOVE and correct, healthy, unsterilised, chemical free minds and body's, we will have developed the technology to settle on other planets. ALL life is important! It's time for the human race to advance to the point where they know it's wrong to kill anything, not just wrong to kill humans but wrong to kill animals too. ALL life is precious... When we know that, LOVE will find a way. Yours sincerely, Dick Amateur 8th September 2014
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2015-11-26 10:26:24
PornRevolution! Fuck don't Fight! :-)
2015-11-26 10:24:56
My friend Dick. China has now lifted it's one child policy to 2 children per family now... They say they do not expect all that great of a raise in population because they say nearly 50% of their breeding age population is already sterile. That's how bad the world is getting my friend... Your so called theory's were not theory's at all, they were accurate assessments. You were right! You were years ahead of the pack. You fought though the ignorance on Twitter and woke up the masses and I LOVE you for that.
2014-09-11 13:52:44
Wise words Dick. Good speech ;-)
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