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  Puppetry of the Penis - Dick Tricks!   Sanjiv Patel BACK TO VIDEO ALBUM


FROM: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Puppetry of the Penis is a performance show. The show was initially conceived by Australian Simon Morley as the title of an art calendar, showcasing 12 of his favourite penis installations (known as Dick Tricks). On New Year's Eve in 1997 he had a garage full of calendars to sell, and with requests for live demonstrations mounting he finally decided to create an act with fellow Aussie David "Friendy" Friend.

The theatrical contortion of the male genitalia (penis, scrotum, and testicles) into various positions along with comedic narration has since spread internationally. It is humorously called "Dick Trick" or "genital origami," referring to the flexibility of the human penis, testicles and scrotum.

The act was first performed on the international stage at the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia. The show involves two nude men who bend, twist, and fold their penises and scrotums into various shapes. The show has appeared in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Canada, the U.S., South Africa and Argentina. It has also been the subject of Australian comedian Mick Molloy's 2000 documentary Tackle Happy. The duo has recruited teams across Australia, the UK and America, allowing performance demands to be met. Due to the overwhelming success of the show the business was expanded to cater for private parties around Australia.

A Puppetry of the Penis TV special has aired in Australia on One.[1]

Their tricks include:

Wind Up
Atomic Mushroom
Hot dog
Fruit Bat
Loch Ness Monster
The Guy Pierce
Wedding Ring
The Woman
The other Woman
Baby Bird
Flying Squirrel
Jump up ^ "Comedy nights on ONE". TV Tonight. 2012-03-27. Retrieved 2012-08-04.
Further reading[edit]
Move over, Bacon! Puppetry of the Penis meets male nudity taboos head on, Sacramento News & Review, 2003-02-06.
Puppetry of the Penis website
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2017-07-02 09:42:46
LOL Go Dick! :-D
2016-10-25 05:50:55
Yes Dick Amateur. Listen to your girlfriend.
2016-10-01 12:28:28
5555! Dick Amateur you need to learn this! :-D
2016-08-05 03:36:49
Man what a riot! I'll have to learn these tricks too :-D
2016-07-17 07:32:24
haha I need to learn some of this :-)
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